Drink alone

[ Editor’s Note ]A pot of wine in the home can be freely poured with one’s own discretion. A dish of peanuts, plus eggs and cakes. Look at the news with your eyes, put your hands on your glasses, drink with ease and enjoy tranquillity. Drinking alone, drinking turbid wine, tasting the taste of life, feeling the warm and cold of human feelings, understanding the philosophy of life, and having a different taste of life.. Although there is a saying that one does not drink, I often drink alone at home.     If you drink alone, you don’t have to worry that someone will intoxicate you under the guise of’ encouraging people to drink, and there will be no malice at all’. You don’t have to be in a quandary over which seat you should sit because the two sides are superior to each other. You don’t have to take pains to flatter your boss with flattering greetings, and you don’t have to look elegant for fear that you will not be looked down upon for eating decently or gaffes. You don’t have to worry about watching many delicacies be pulled down and dumped without touching a few chopsticks.. If you drink alone, you can drink as much as you like. What you drink is a free, relaxed and spontaneous drink..     A pot of small wine, a dish of peanuts, and a salted duck egg or a small dish of five-spice tea can be drunk by one person.. Although there is no weddings, the flashy and lively, but there is a cool and magnanimous when alone. Although there is no full table of delicacies and delicacies, there is a sweet taste of homely dishes. Although there are no luxurious rooms, there is warmth of home. Although there is no style and lofty sentiments of entering and leaving restaurants and restaurants, there is integrity and calm in keeping with poverty alleviation.. Drinking alone is like traveling alone and enjoying the scenery. It is a quiet atmosphere and a dull state of mind..     Drinking alone is not a hard drink, let alone a drink to relieve sorrow, but a nap and relaxation after a stressful job or after a hard day’s work.. I often turn on the TV when I drink, sip wine and watch CCTV news programs. Although I live in a humble room, I can also look around the world with a bouquet of wine and look at the current political situation.. Looking at all kinds of important events at home and abroad with three points of wine is like having a big news meal, with an open mind and a full spirit.. Seeing places of interest, I often forget the wine in my cup and meditate for a long time on news events without myself..     Drinking alone, drinking turbid wine, tasting the taste of life, feeling the warm and cold of human feelings and realizing the philosophy of life.. This kind of drinking method can be compared with the one with many guests and large numbers and five drinks and six drinks.? ( 689 )[ Responsible Editor: Butterfly Lovers[ Original ]