Grandma, my mother

Grandma, my mother! With your blessing, in the second year after you left, I went to the provincial school and became a national cadre. I was the first person in the village to eat commodity grain and won the honor for you.! After graduation, I was assigned to the county commercial system, and my name was on the honor roll every year.!      In this world, there are many women.   In this world, there are many people with grandmothers.   In this world, there are many people who lose their grandmother first and then their mother later..   In this world, there are not many people who lose their mother first and then their grandmother later.. And I am one of them.     My grandfather and father were not at home in the evening of the 11th November of the lunar calendar in 1967 ( the 12th December of the Gregorian calendar ). My mother, with a big belly, ran up and down in front of the hearth, busy preparing New Year’s cake, and my grandmother helped to burn the fire under the stove.. When I grew up, I often imagined the day when my grandfather, with his father and a man carrying a pair of bamboo baskets on his shoulder, was walking against the cold wind somewhere in Duchang or Hukou or one of the four counties of Pengze or Boyang, and was walking through the village to sell yellow croaker from Poyang Lake.. The fish is dry and salted, and will not be bad no matter how long it is stored.. On that day, the two top men in the family did not think that Liufu was going to add another man! I must have wanted to catch up with my father in my mother’s belly at that time, or to be more realistic, I smelled the smell of steamed rice cakes and was in a hurry to come out because I was greedy and delicious.. So, I hurt my mother to wallow in pain. Fortunately, the midwife is in the next village. Please come here without a cup of tea. With the earth-shattering first cry, I, a little man destined to be extraordinary in this life, came to the world.   Because my mother was thin and sick, she naturally gave birth to less milk. I began to feed her in my infancy and often had a full meal and a hungry meal.. Helpless, only with rice soup and sugar to supplement. It was just difficult for my grandfather, because it took a lot of trouble to buy a kilo of white sugar in those days.. I was severely malnourished due to lack of breast milk. My whole body was skinny and my eyes were closed all day. The person standing opposite me when crying could not hear my voice and only saw my mouth open and close one by one.. My mother left me in the winter of 69 because she had the most common blood sucking bug disease on the Poyang Lake. What do I do? Will I be given to someone else for support or will I continue to be autotrophic? For this reason, my father and grandfather hesitated. Release Maybe I have a chance to live, not release Maybe I only have a dead end. My grandmother shook the three-inch golden lotus step and said a very philosophical word: ” if the son does not die, the money will not be scattered, the child will be handed over to me, and my grandson will not be willing to let him change his surname.”! So my 53 – year – old grandmother became a mother raising me from now on.!     Grandmother, my mother, you broke the thick ice in the pond at the door every day and washed my clothes with diapers on a few cold days. Grandmother, my mother, you are sweating all over in the summer heat, but shaking the old cattail leaf fan to fan the wind for me to repel mosquitoes. Grandmother, my mother, you held me in your arms during the day, ignoring the numbness of hands and feet, walking slowly from morning till night. Grandmother, my mother, you can’t help sleeping at night and keep your eyes wide open to see me enter the sweet dream country. Grandma, my mother, how many times have I wet my bed? You put me in a dry place and slept on my urine stains. Grandmother, my mother, how many times have I had a headache, a hot brain, a cold and a cough? You stayed up all night, cooking soup and decocting medicine for me, and tasting both hot and cold. Grandma, my mother, how many times have I had diarrhea and diarrhea, and you are sitting in front of my bed with a snot and a tear. Grandmother, my mother, how many times have I belched and puffed up? You carry those calloused hands to feed me water and caress my back. Every time I sneeze, you will lose your mind. Grandma, my mother, sometimes my whole body sweats, you wipe for me over and over again and change into soft dry clothes. Grandmother, my mother, sometimes my whole body chills. You put me in your arms and feel the infinite temperature of your evening glow. On that day, I could speak. I took my grandmother’s hand and called you ” Niang” with the first voice.! Due to overwork, your head is full of white hair, and your teeth have already fallen out. But as long as you see my thin and short appearance, your face will immediately spring breeze and smile.. You stood by the window with your face facing outside and your mouth calling my mother’s name, ” Golden Peach, I finally helped you form your son into a human form.”! My grandson is not afraid of hardship since he was a child. He will certainly be a human being when he grows up.! Grandmother, my mother, although no one has said it to me personally, in my young heart, there is more than a million cries to you: ” Grandmother, my mother.”! ‘ I have been with my grandmother and my mother from the first day of my birth to my sophomore year in 1986 ( except my days in high school boarding school ). When I was a child, I slept in her arms, and when I grew up, I slept under her feet. In winter, I will burn a warm stove for my grandmother during the day, and warm the bed for her in advance at night. I always love to put her three-inch golden lotus under my armpit with one left and one right, and let her cold feet warm up slowly. In summer, every Sunday, during the day I fish in the river and catch shrimp and ask my grandmother to cook fish soup. In the evening, I will fan and scratch my grandmother’s skin.. Grandmother said, ” My child, I’m so blessed that I didn’t hurt you in vain.”! I smiled and didn’t make any noise on the surface, but in fact I cried out in my heart, ” Grandma, my mother.”! Compared with your kindness and kindness in raising me, I can’t compensate you in the afterlife and beyond.! ‘ The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, while the child wants to be raised but not close. Only sigh that there is no banquet in the world, there will be many helpless things in life that are difficult to avoid.. In 1986, another winter afternoon, I was in the classroom at Jiangqiao Middle School. One of my cousins hurried to the school and told me that my grandmother was probably the lamp that used up the last drop of oil for her children and grandchildren..   Grandma, my mother! You must wait and let your grandson see you at last!   When I ran to the village as fast as I could, I heard firecrackers’ crackling’ from a distance, and then many sad cries echoed in the cold wind..   Grandma, my mother! I’m here. I’m a little late! Where do I know you are walking so fast!If I had known you would be away from home, I would rather be absent from school for a week than stay with you every day..   Grandma, my mother! You think of me everywhere, maybe you have delayed my study, so you endured the severe pain before you left without saying anything about it.   Grandma, my mother! If you want to walk all the way, your grandson will stand by your side and he will always take you to the mountain. You will sleep next to your grandfather. The graveyard will sit north to south with plenty of sunshine and good feng shui..   Grandma, my mother! With your blessing, in the second year after you left, I went to the provincial school and became a national cadre. I was the first person in the village to eat commodity grain and won the honor for you.! After graduation, I was assigned to the county commercial system, and my name was on the honor roll every year.! I became home in 1991, and your grandson’s daughter-in-law is virtuous and beautiful. Now, your great-granddaughter and great-grandson are smart, capable and healthy, and are thriving in the cradle of the motherland.!   Grandma, my mother! Once upon a time, during the Spring Festival and Qingming Festival, I worked in the county seat. No matter how busy I was at work, I also went to your grave and kowtowed to you to greet you.. In recent years, I couldn’t help myself in the south. I couldn’t go back to my hometown and pay a visit to your grave.! Grandmother, my mother, the tomb-sweeping day in the year of the rabbit is coming again. tonight, I am in the south, facing the direction of your rest for many years. with all my thoughts, painstaking efforts and tears, I will write this essay to miss you. may you enter my dream tonight. May you be happy and well-being in the kingdom of heaven, free from disease and disaster, facing the sea every day and blooming in spring![ Responsible Editor: Tian Shaoyu[ Original ]