For heaven’s you

Out of the window, ” patters”’ It’s raining. I lean on the window and miss you, my dear mother – in – law, on the other side of the mountain..     Mother – in – law, the mother-in-law I once nicknamed’ evil wife’, has been lying on the other side of the mountain for the fifth year.. For more than one thousand seven hundred days and nights, I sat on the balcony holding the wine bottle during the day, imagining your little woman. Your cherry mouth seemed to be reflected in my wine bottle, chattering and comforting me. ” Drink less wine, while life is better now, how old are you, and people who are ill and take care of you, they have their business, don’t drag their hind legs …”: On the moonlit night, I held our beloved grandson and said to him, pointing to the brightest star in the distance, ” Love Sun, do you know? The brightest star is your grandmother. She loves you the most! She kissed and kissed you in her hand as soon as you were born. Now, she blinked at you in the distant sky and asked you whether you were good or not in kindergarten. She knew a few words, ate a few bowls of rice, and how tall you are . ”.     Mother – in – law, my mother-in-law with a knife and a mouth and a bean curd heart, I know you must also care about me, the lonely old man, over there on the mountain.? You’re thinking about how well I’m doing? Children are filial to me? Is my body okay? Did you find your wife? You don’t have to admit it! You gave me your dream last night. You said heaven is beautiful. There is sunshine, flowers and birds, no disputes, no troubles, no cheating, no cowardice and strong food, no inequality between rich and poor, only peaceful coexistence … Ah, you said you want me to live happily and happily in the world and have a great body.!     Mother – in – law, thank you for still caring about me and me in heaven! I tell you the truth, children are very filial, just don’t have time to accompany me. Born in the 1980s, they will struggle for houses, sons and tickets. On several occasions, the country nephew sent me dozens of local eggs. I said I did not like to eat them and did not digest them. I asked my sons and daughters to give them to their superiors. I said those leaders are popular every day and drink spicy food. Their stomachs have long been disfigured by the whitewashed so-called high-grade food, and it is better to eat these green and environmentally friendly things, just as people say’ eat eggs to mend eggs’, so eating these local eggs will help us to restore the’ beginning of life’s good nature’. Children hide their noses and laugh at each other. ” Cut! Hey, dad, you’re already out of this one. Who cares about those local eggs so far?? The somebody else want to eat foreign goods? The moon is a foreign circle! ‘ mother – in – law, you look at their virtue, forget is not? Who said the moon is a foreign circle? I think the moon in China is round and bright! You see, Malaysia’s moon was so round on the night when Malaysia Airlines lost its tie in March, but the round moon did not bless the plane’s safe return. It has been nearly 30 days so far, and 249 passengers on the plane have no news.. The moon circle in foreign countries is an illusion. We need to see the truth of the matter!     Mother – in – law, a mother-in-law who only considers others for the rest of his life, can’t help crying at the thought of you! You always said you were afraid that I would die in front of you, then you would be lonely and you would live a long life. You said you could not live without me, preferring to die in front of me rather than spend the rest of your life alone.!     Mother – in – law, you don’t know how sad I am without you! It is said that men have tears that do not flick, but now I have tears streaming down my face! I can’t let go of the problem that I have repeatedly taught and failed to correct. I seem to be missing something if I don’t compete with you. I’m such a jerk!     Mother – in – law, you said you want me to drink less wine. I don’t believe it, and the more I drink, the more fierce I am. I just didn’t hang the bottle around my neck.. Endless you kneel in front of me and beg me to live a few more years and have more responsibilities for my family and myself.. But I ” hum” under my nose, turned a blind eye to hear and didn’t smell, and left. This trip was half a year ago. As a result, I came home from Guangzhou full of vicissitudes. Cloth was stuck in my bag and all the hard money I earned was bought wine and filled into my stomach.. You don’t have any complaints, just say, ” You’re finally back. Eat quickly.”! ‘ I was ashamed, hiding in the room quietly sobbing. You motioned your five-year-old son to invite me out for dinner. My tears’ snapped’ fell into my rice bowl, and I swallowed it with my head down. Only I knew the taste in my heart..     My mother – in – law, I am such a virtue that I often forget the pain when I get the scar, ” the dog can’t change the shit” problem has no doubt been revealed.. After a week’s detention at home, I still couldn’t help sneaking into the store to drink on credit. I love wine too much. I love it too much. I love it too much. I love it too much. I love it too much. I love it too much. Besides wine, I love it too much.! Forget about your responsibilities and the existence of your family! Not lying in the hotel’ slurp’ or’ drunk’ or lying in bed’ whirring’ or’ sleeping with your mouth open waiting for the pie to fall from the sky..     Mother – in – law, I want to be rich too much, too much to make easy money. The result? Do pig cub business, pig cub died on the way, no return; Open the south food store, earn a drink, earn a fox friend shouted; Sell vegetables, vegetables rotten in the vegetable market, lost in experience or sense of responsibility? unknown. Finally, we had to go to the city’s grandniece’s son – in – law, and I got a job dragging garbage.What about you?? In addition to guarding the message office and cleaning the health of an office building, I also have to help a family cook dinner in the evening and pick up waste products on the way back … ah, granny, you are like a gyroscope, but I feel comfortable waiting for you to come back to cook for me. of course, sometimes I will cook a good meal on impulse, which are peanuts and fried loaches I like to eat. I never considered your feelings..     Mother – in – law, I always complain in front of you that I have neither face nor hard work. If it weren’t for the future of a pair of children, I wouldn’t be able to pull down this face.. But you did it with relish and always encouraged me, ” the old man said, and we risked stealing, robbing and eating with our ability. what’s so gross about it?”? Stand up straight and do things. ‘ that is, because of your channel, I gradually gathered pace and dragged the garbage truck up and forward.     Mother – in – law, I can’t imagine what I would be without you? How can I forget your tolerance, your magnanimity, your meticulous care for me? No other woman in the world has been so kind to me except my mother! I often hold your embroidered pillow, smell the woman you left behind, and gradually fall asleep … Ah, my mother – in – law, I have a knot in my heart that has never been untied, and I have always suspected you are committing’ deliberate’ suicide.. All kinds of signs show that you are creating the illusion of’ cerebral hemorrhage’. You always say you can’t sleep at night, so you often have to prescribe sleeping pills.. I have never noticed how many sleeping pills are in your bedside cabinet drawer. I only know that when you die, there is not one left in the bottle and you fall asleep in the toilet. And your embroidered cotton-padded jacket pocket for 20131. 4 yuan’s passbook, you changed your name to my name a week before your death, and the number of passbook is still so meaningful, originally you are an old fashioned thing in my eyes, I didn’t think your heart was so romantic and you still loved me for a lifetime. The most incredible thing is that on the night before your death, you slept with me specially. innocent girl leaned on my thin shoulder and said a lot of things that I hadn’t said at ordinary times. You said you wanted me to keep fit, eat whatever you wanted, and try not to cause any trouble to your children. You said you never regretted looking for me this” embroidered pillow”. You said your son was under a lot of pressure in his next life, and the mortgage VIP of RMB 2,000 a month also . Ah, I” um, ah” should be kept tight..     The next morning, when you woke up, you kissed me in front of my forehead and said you would go to the toilet and ask me to go down to make breakfast. You also reminded me again and again to keep quiet and not wake Aisun and Sun.. I have listened to you obediently in history and went downstairs softly to make breakfast, waiting for you to go downstairs to have breakfast..     ‘ Mother – in – law, Mother – in – law, have a meal . ” I gently shout your love, but you are silent, my in the mind a nervous, opened the toilet door, but you foaming at the mouth fell unconscious on the ground.     ‘ mother – in – law, you can’t die! You’re dead, what should I do! Son, get up quickly, your mother fainted . ” I was shaking all over, kneeling on the ground to hold you, tears pouring out of my eyes.     It’s a pity that it’s too late. Your ” stratagem” is in favor, leaving the old man you’ve loved for 31 years forever. Leave the children you love; Leaving the beloved Sun Sun, whom you fear to melt in your mouth and hold in your hand, Ah Tu left us living relatives to repent for the rest of our lives.!     My mother-in-law said, ” Come on, let’s get married. You have the heart to leave me at the age of 55. Your goal has been achieved and my partner is gone.”. You said you didn’t want to bring trouble to your children. Your kidney disease and high blood pressure require expensive medical expenses. The medicine cost is more than 1000 yuan a month, and the children can’t afford it.. I understand everything you said. I know you have lived for everyone all your life, but you shouldn’t have traded your life for the so-called happiness of your children.?     Mother – in – law, you are too silly to forget yourself! What shall I do if you go like this? Do you know?? Your words and deeds have long been deeply branded in my mind. No one but you can really walk into my inner life.     Mother – in – law, how lonely my heart is, you know? I have promised you that when I earn money, I will take you to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, visit the portrait of our great leader Chairman Mao, look up at the five-star red flag flying high, and set foot on the historic Great Wall … Ah, feel the great rivers and mountains of China.. However, my purse has never swelled since I retired from the post of people’s teacher because of illegal family planning that year.. I regret it!     Mother – in – law, I haven’t told you how much I love you. I didn’t know how much I love you until I really lost you.! It is said that meeting is fate, and loving each other is happiness! In our 31 – year marriage, we loved each other but never said love, and our love was hidden in daily necessities, sauce, vinegar and tea, and in each other’s hearts.     Mother – in – law, now our beloved Sun Sun is going to school. He often holds my hand and points to the brightest star and asks me, ” Grandpa, grandpa, guess what grandma is doing now.”? She was dressed warmly. Did she eat well? She blinked at me, asking me if I was good or not? She was asking you too … ” I answered with tears in my eyes,” Aisunsun, your grandmother is the best in the world, and she lives there very well. ”! She will keep us happy and safe, and grandpa will accompany her someday … ” Sun Aisun clapped her hands happily,” Grandpa, I will fold many stars for grandma, so she won’t be lonely. You must take them for me then.! I was moved to tears! How sensible our beloved Sun Sun is!     Mother – in – law, tomorrow is Tomb Sweeping Day. I, a lonely old man, will take my children and grandchildren to the mountain to see you, miss you and read you!     My favorite mother – in – law, if there is an afterlife, I would like to be your old man again, no longer oppose to you, take good care of you, love you, love you, and love you all your life.!