Eat up again

If you eat again and support others, you will feel pain and happiness.. At the age of more than half a hundred, every time I go home, my stomach is fed by my mom from Mongolia. On May 13th, Mother’s Day, I rode my bike home to see my parents. Niang, I’m back.” Mother, who is digging the floor in the south of the kitchen house, heard my voice, dropped the shovel, came up to me with a smile on her face, stood on tiptoe and pinched Yang Xu on my head.. When I walked into the main room, I touched the tea bottle and poured tea. My mother took out a can of Wanglaoji from the back and said, ” Don’t pour the tea. It’s very cold. Drink some of this.”. ‘ When I drank Wanglaoji, my mother looked at me smiling all the time, her eyes were full of love, and her expression was no different from that of more than 40 years ago.. Put down Wang Laoji’s bottle, and the mother brought a small bowl of mulberries from the cook, saying you should try this. As soon as I eat it, I pour out my teeth with acid and hurriedly pull the handle. Mother put mulberries into the cook and took out an apple and said, ” Eat an apple.”. ‘ I said, ” Don’t eat, you keep it with me.”. Mother said, ” This is what your uncle bought. It’s delicious. It seems that you should come back and keep it for you.”. ‘ Say that finish, my mother took the apple to the pool, washed and dried it, and went into the main room and handed it to me. I ate apples and chatted with my mother about the family life of the villagers, the third generation of work and life at home, and it was half past eleven. I said, ” What food do you have? I cook. Mother said, ” You should be tired after riding all the way. Rest, what do I do and what do you eat?”. ‘ I went into the kitchen and my mother pushed me out. At 12: 30, the food was ready, with chicken stewed with flour, beef stewed with potatoes, fried bacon, vinegar fried bamboo shoots and cucumbers, and rice as the staple food. I said, ” Ah, I like it all.”. ‘ Mother said, ” Can I not know what my son likes to eat. ‘ When you eat, your mother is eating and urging you to hold on to bacon, beef and chicken as if I were a timid guest, saying and saying, a chopstick of chicken is put in my bowl, and saying and saying, a chopstick of beef is put in my bowl.. After a while, the meat base in my bowl became a hill. I said you should stop worrying about it, and my bowl won’t fit any more.. Watching me eat like a hungry wolf, my mother smiled comfortably as if I were eating like a big mouth, which was her greatest joy.. After eating the meat and rice, my stomach was already 100 % full. I just put down the bowl and my mother put the bowl on my bowl, ” snapping” and ” picking up a large lump of rice in my bowl.”. After finishing eating the rice, my mother just put down the bowl and put a box of pure milk with the straw inserted in it in front of me.. I said, ” I’m ruined. I can’t drink any more.”. ‘ Mother said, ” If you don’t have soup, drink it.”. ‘ drink milk, belly support can’t stand it, had to go out for a walk. The mother who came back from the outside and tidied up the dishes said, ” You can sleep on the bed.”. I woke up at three o’clock and wanted to pour some tea. My mother said, ” It’s cold herbal tea in the tea jar and I can drink it with a little heat.”. ‘ drink tea, and said to my mother for a while, I said I was in the city. Mother stood up, opened the refrigerator, took out a red plastic bag from the inside, and said, ” This pea seed, you take it home and put it into the pot.”. ‘ I took the bag weighing three catties and asked incredulously, ” Put it aside and get some pea seeds, which I bought last time.”? Mother said, ” I peel it myself.”. ‘ Three catties of pea seeds, how long will it take to peel, how sour will the waist be, and how tired will the hands be?! When she came to the gate, her mother said for no reason, ” I have to live well. If there is no mother, you will come back to relax.”. Looking at my mother’s gray hair, thin body, sour nose and unwillingly wet eyes.