A letter addressed to parents

A letter to parents: Hello! I haven’t written a letter since I got my mobile phone and Internet.. But on this business trip, I miss you very much in my days away from home.! Miss mother’s sweet food, miss parents’ nagging, miss father’s kindness and love!   Remember the golden autumn of October is your mother’s birthday. Your granddaughter suggested having a hot pot. I looked at you with concern for fear that you would criticize me for wasting money, but I saw the eyes you longed for.. You are looking at me anxiously at the moment, your face is full of longing, and there are two expressions of joy and worry in your eyes. So I swallowed the topic of rejecting my daughter and nodded and said, ” OK.”! OK! I recently went online to have a meal. The next day, I turned to my friends, who recommended a meal for me directly on the Internet. It was a very abundant and cost-effective meal..   On Sunday, I came to the hotel with you and your daughter. First, a dry pan was covered with crispy and spicy prawns and chicken legs, and when I looked at it, my appetite was aroused. The potato chips mixed in it were your granddaughter’s favorite. In addition, it should be accompanied by fragrant cold skin, large pot of soya-bean milk, and we eat a mouthful of oil.. Then, after sweeping through the dry pan, the waiter continued the soup, added seasoning, and then began to rinse the pan. You did not eat fish and floated in the spicy boiling soup with an attractive fragrance. With all kinds of green vegetables in the pot, you seem to have finally had enough of your mouth addiction, and your eyebrows and eyes are also laughing. Last but not least, the waiter pushes the car and takes out the dough sheet, pulling and shaking it in the waiter’s hand. The dough sheet dances in his hand in a rotating pattern, like a dragon, swimming, flying and rotating. In a short time, it stretches out into a thin long shape, slides into the soup, rolls and boils, and becomes the tear noodles you love to eat.. The entrance is delicious, smooth and sweet, and can be added as needed until the belly is round. And this meal comes down, after online group buying discounts, it only takes over 100 yuan, which is really much more cost-effective than ordering meals..   You also feel the food’s sufficiency and benefits, nod and praise, and begin to recognize the charm of the Internet.. Therefore, with online group buying and affordable prices, it is really a great joy for parents not to blame me for their financial expenses. I smilingly thought, ” Later, I will continue to find opportunities for you to experience this kind of affordable and sufficient group meal, so that you can feel the essence of food with a small amount of money who are frugal on weekdays.”. I remember my mother who has crossed the age of 70. You saw the promotion of curling iron on TV shopping the other day. Under the sensational advertising effect of TV, you associated me with the feeling of beauty and idleness if you use it for me.. So he bought me a curling iron worth 300 yuan. You have been nagging me repeatedly: ” I will pay for this money.”! Even if I give it to you, you can roll your hair anytime and anywhere, and you can dress yourself at any time.. ‘ When the goods arrived for payment, mother, you rushed to me. You can’t help but advise your granddaughter to experiment first to check whether the magic of the advertisement is true or not. So, plug in the electricity, start the machine, get involved in a wisp of hair, and then the wrapped hair is wrapped around the body and can’t be pulled out any more.. The end result is a cruel pair of scissors cutting off a long strand of hair. Daughter finally cried very sad, mother you also very sad, I also began to fret. Mother, this is how your kindness becomes bad and embarrassing. I can’t understand what you’re doing. I don’t understand the meaning of buying me a curling iron. Do you want me to change my mood and treat myself well?? Or relax the life pressure and let the mood relax? I don’t fully understand your mood, but what could have made you proud has become a mess.. I know that kind of sad feeling, in exchange for despair with a kind of expectation. What kind of loss and sadness is it to end up in chaos.   You left my room in low spirits. I turned to comfort my daughter and sat alone in the corner fiddling with the curling iron, pulling out a little bit of wrapped hair and gathering it together to become a tangled knot, tangled and tangled.. The curling iron was cleaned up, and I thought to myself, I can’t let my mother grieve so much. I always want some white lies to comfort my mother.. So, I picked up the phone and dialed the telephone. Your cautious voice came from the microphone: ” Nothing serious, is it?”? Mother, your voice contains grievances and worries. I quickly said, ” It’s okay, that is, I cleaned the curling iron just now and plugged it in myself. It’s very easy to use and the effect is good.”. ” Mother, you are delighted:” Really, well, I said that TV is so magical that it is not good for me to get there. ”. Yes, the effect is good and the hair curls naturally. ‘ I continue to cajole you. Mother, you laugh: ” I can have a good sleep now.”. Otherwise, my heart will suffer and die. ‘ my heart sighed and hung up the phone gently.   In fact, think about it, mother, you always treat your children in a flattering way, as if the older you are, the more you want to rely on and please, as if you will forget the strength of your past and only remember timidity and hesitation..The elder brother who is far away from home became the angry son of the stranger because he misunderstood his mother and you were far away from home. This also cannot completely blame brother. He has gone through divorce and remarriage, missing his ex-wife and son and not being able to meet each other. Now he is in his 40s and wants to raise a newborn child. The pressure and burden of life will strain him.. However, no matter how hard it is or how hard it is, it cannot be the reason to blame your parents. Old parents, you are looking forward to the reunion of your son and the reunion. Mother, you miss your son more and more, and always can’t help telling me what happened to your brother when he was a child.. There is a word ” childish” in your mother’s name and a word ” peak” in your brother’s name.. When my mother begged me to add a QQ to you, and when I asked about the net name, she said, ” Watch it.”! ‘ I then silently wrote” Feng Hui Zhi Nian”, which became your mother’s net name. I hope my brother who is far away from home can understand your parents’ affection and care, and understand that no matter where you are, you can’t escape from their parents’ kindness..   Now, mother, you carefully bought a hair curler that you thought was valuable, and forgot the everyday concept of’ loathe to give up’ just to make me boast once, but did not think of it but performed a mess.. In fact, this kind of thing is useless and redundant to me. I stared blankly with a curling iron, but this useless thing is very heavy, heavy, pressing on my heart, heavy and heavy..   Hard – working mother, you have inherited Sichuan women’s competence and aggressiveness. As a young man, he devoted himself to his work, fighting for skills, wages and leisure time, embroidering beautiful flowers and mandarin ducks and magpies, knitting sweaters and trousers of various colors, and dancing and singing. He was a lively and lovely and capable woman.. When you retire, mother, how can you be idle? Therefore, I obtained the kimchi formula from grandma’s home in Chongqing, pondered it over and over again, practiced it over and over again, and finally, the pickled kimchi became the favorite of people in your residential area.. And you put kimchi in a clean and transparent glass jar and push it out with a small cart. As soon as you get to the playground, you are snapped up by the neighbors who have heard of it.. From then on, when it comes to mother you, you know very little when you mention your name, and every time you suddenly say, ” Oh.”! It’s the lady selling kimchi! ‘ In this way, this kimchi will be sold for ten years. Now you are a 70 – year – old mother, but you still don’t change your busy character.. Mother, you can’t buy radish and cabbage by yourself. You can’t easily move the glass stall to the playground. You have already shown difficulty in selling kimchi.. So, you also called on the old father to raise rabbits with you, saying that if rabbits get rid of rabbits, they can be sold to children. The killing power of cute rabbits to children is an absolute advantage.. If you do what you say, you will buy back a pair of big rabbits and take good care of them. However, after all, your parents are old and lack energy. When the mother rabbit quietly gave birth to eight rabbit pups, they froze to death in the early winter night.. You are all very sad. Tell me, I am very sad to see the dead small and fleshy rabbit cubs..   Up to now, people in the community still love your mother’s kimchi and often see me and ask, ” When will you sell it again?”? I can only smile apologetically: ” Mother is too old to do anything.”. ‘ So, everyone went to your parents’ home to buy it in person.   You can’t help being a capable mother. You always think about doing something. Although your body has surrendered in front of aging, your heart still refuses to be old.. You feel confident and happy from everyone’s love for your kimchi, and you forget about aging in your busy schedule. You often say, ” When you are young, you have been bitter, but when you get old, you are not used to leisure, and when you get busy, you will forget the worries and pains.”. However, your parents are not as healthy as before in recent years. Your mother’s waist and back plate highlight the pain of the oppressed thigh root and you can’t walk smoothly. Your father is also thin, becoming a lean old man, and you can’t find a strong figure in those days..   So, I thought, accompany you to do what you want to do. As long as you are happy, I will support and encourage you. In my eyes, mother you are the most capable and vigorous Sichuan sister, and father you are the most kind and kind thin old man..   After writing so much, my brain still keeps showing little by little with you. It is so warm and makes me miss you so much.. It is clearly a few months of business trip, but it will be full of thoughts and worries, accumulated in the heart and become turbulent thoughts. So I took out my pen and paper and gently wrote this letter in the quiet night. I hope you parents will not blame me for my long-winded words after reading this letter. I miss you in a distant country and hope you are in a good mood.! Pay attention to living and eating, don’t save too much, don’t ignore the pain because of saving medicine.   Wish you good health!     Love your daughter from April 27, 2016