Late autumn

Late autumn or late autumn is a problem. I haven’t wanted to understand their similarities and differences for a long time. Looking for a dictionary and saying that the depth is far, the distance from the surface to the end or from the outside to the inside is long, and so on. Late is after the sun sets, or later in a period of time, after a certain period of time. After comparison, it is still deeper and more exact. Autumn has come to the present and is nearing its end. The distance is long enough and the time is long enough. Of course, it is also the latter part of autumn and it is also late..     Of course, late autumn has brilliant splendor, which is often praised by everyone. Autumn takes harvest as its essence, and the harvested fruit can shine brightly and brightly? Even if those substances have no luster, they are all sprinkled with warm sunshine and joy and contentment in people’s eyes.. When I was a child, when I went to harvest autumn at the end of autumn, I only felt tired and bitter and wanted to escape as soon as possible. I didn’t know this was the most beautiful day.. Because every grain of rice, every wisp of cotton, every Elaeagnus angustifolia, and every turnip collected into the house is a year’s prosperity, a winter’s enjoyment, and peace of mind. Only the adults are working full of wealth. No matter how tired or busy they are at this time of year, their mouths are singing.. The most popular song of my mother is’ members are all flowers to the sun’: the commune is an evergreen vine, and members are all melons on the vine. The melon is attached to the vine, and the vine holds the melon … Ah, the hand does not stop. Although the autumn wind blows, the sweat on his face still crackles.. I don’t know how much sweat on my mother’s face and how she never knew how tired she was. I couldn’t keep up with the corn cob behind her.. Maybe it’s a drum beat in my heart, and my father’s usual grim face pushes up a smile, and he doesn’t seem to be able to collect mature things overnight, and he will lose them.. Everything must go ahead and everything must be done in front and never be delayed behind. This is the biggest characteristic of father. There is no change from spring to autumn. If there is any change, it also wants to go further ahead.. He will definitely ride his bike to the village to stay ( watch ) for a few days after driving out his work.. I’ve been there with a huge crowd of people, and when older people sit under the stage and concentrate, it’s a good time for young girls and boys to gather together to talk and hold private meetings, and for vendors to buy and sell.. I couldn’t understand the play. I followed the stream of people and was extremely happy when I met my aunts and aunts and uncles. I ate a piece of corn and met to play in a place like a festival.. Father’s play is not a white one. The play is over and the drive to go home and work is even stronger.. There are also times when the father can’t endure the drama addiction and takes several younger sisters with him to prepare for the field.. The sisters worked with emotion, and it was hard to avoid the bad movements on their faces and hands, and the father did not care about them either.. Because between the farm work and the theatre, he never knew which was the most important and which was the least important..     The autumn harvest always ends when the sunset receives the last ray of light. Mother came home earlier and already cooked the meal about the same. We went home to wash and wash. Father followed in the final check to see if there were any missing shovels or anything. He took his sheep from the edge of the ridge and went back to the yard.. The well-fed lambs ran over to crack and sprinkle sheep dung and eggs on the floor, and rushed out of the smoke from the simmering kang to return to the circle.. At once, the crowing of chickens and sheep was heard from the circle, and the pigs outside the gate also hummed vigorously, knowing that it was time for dinner.. Mother heard the pig’s greeting and always melted into the glow of the sunset before eating and poured a bucket of pig food into the trough..     In late autumn, it landed on the fields that did not have special awareness one day, on the farmers walking on the country roads, on the pigs, sheep, chickens and dogs that were kept in the farmhouse, and on the sensitive and lustful trees.. When my father leads the sheep past, my neighbor will envy me, saying, ” This is the only sheep that can kill 40 to 50 catties in winter.”. Sheep don’t know that their hard life is becoming people’s full expectations. The father looked back and said to the little lamb behind him, ” It’s about the same.”. Father divided the sheep in his heart as he walked: children gave them and left them for himself … Ah, the sun painted on everything in late autumn.. The crops in the fields were almost packed up, and the leaves on the trees that had become brassy began to fall rhythmically, from slow to fast, until they were shaken off in the wind.. The leaves began to stand still, and the fruit on the tree was no longer well hidden, and the red and yellow ones looked at people’s eyes mumblingly.. The wind of the solar term will continue to dress up its subjects for a while, and the remaining leaves and grass trees will change color every day, jumping out of the green with deep yellow and orange. The fruit of the tree grows like rouge.’ Red Ears’ come. The fruit of a tree looked at Xi Xin, and it was not so easy to pick it up. The old trees and new branches were all planted and grafted by father, and every leaf was closed. Pick up the trees in baskets, one by one, and then put them into boxes. Let’s take the ones we picked out, and the rest is hers and father’s. In this way, autumn gradually came to the inside in the falling leaves.     As leisure people in the city ran around looking for late autumn scenery, the newly built brick house in the countryside was flickering with disturbing lights.. In the depths of autumn, when all the harvest came into the house, my father was lying on the kang and couldn’t afford to be ill.. Father said that when the season comes, the fruit will always fall when it is ripe.. We can only hate the sadness of the autumn wind behind our eyes that we dare not look at him openly.. Father quietly left in the shortest day of the year, and the winter has ceremoniously forgotten where he came from. Two more years later, when she was leaving in late autumn, her mother floated on the clouds and went to heaven together with the sunset down the mountain..     Therefore, every late autumn in my heart is absolutely the same as that seen on the slender stream in the river of weak water, rippling with shimmering light spots, floating with patches of colorful leaves and reflecting mountain clouds, flowing from yesterday to today. Just like the image that always appears in front of me every time I go to the Hu yang Lin by the river recently, the man, the sound, the smoke and the field all come in peace and agitate my mind.     ‘ Unconsciously, the leaves quietly withered and it was cold.Also in the spring, I thought that a year will certainly have many experiences. But in a twinkling of an eye, the season is approaching winter, and you feel disappointed by yourself. Every day of the year, every word spoken, every scenery seen, even every touch of the heart, comes to mind one by one at this time, jumping and ups and downs in the heart and sea.! Strauss’s music fell gently to the ears, and my heart seemed to be drifting away with the note.. The ice flowers in January seem to be still in full bloom, the wicker in April is green, the sun in July is still baking overhead, and the vegetation in October is covered with frost.. This is all the past time. Looking back on the past, all memories are empty! I very much agree with the nephew’s feeling. Yes, what’s not empty? That won’t be the past?     But where is the truth? What is not something that actually happens to us and touches our hearts?? Can what we left in late autumn or late autumn really go away from our hearts and disappear completely?!     October 26, 2013