[ Guide ]: Adaptation is a test of human nature and also a test of human intelligence.. A person with ability and character must be a person with strong adaptability. Only by adapting to all kinds of situations in life and work can we be comfortable in the face of numerous tests in life and work, and can we get more happiness and interest from our daily experience.     The first thing to adjust when you go to Sichuan for vacation is to adapt to the warm climate here. I have been used to staying in a dry environment for a long time, but I think it’s best there: no moisture, no sweat sticking to my body, and cool and refreshing in the morning and evening.. Think about it, people in this lifetime, that day is not spent in adaptation and being adapted? Life, work, weather; Natural, social, natural and man-made disasters and other changes. It seems that life can only continue if people adapt to the new life every day.. Such as climate, this is the first thing people should adapt to. My town is located in the frontier fortress and is famous for its harsh environment and climate since ancient times. However, such once desolate frontier areas are mostly strategic areas of the country and must be defended and guarded by some people.. In a place with a large population and few native-born people, it is only necessary to mobilize all parts of the country.. The ancient cloud guarding the border, now don’t call it that, the meaning is about the same. Therefore, people in the small town are all over the world, and the accent of the descendants of the small town is not the same as that of a native, and it has been unified into standard mandarin on all kinds of background colors, which is to make the old folks everywhere happy.. Outsiders, especially southerners with low altitude and sufficient oxygen, live at the border of northern Xinjiang, and when they are dry alone, almost everyone will suffer from dry rhinitis. As for the black and thirsty skin with chapped face and hand, it is just like’ sprinkling water’, which is too common. Since the 1960s, generations of people from the mainland to the frontier have been drinking salt water and blowing sand, slowly adapting to such a climate and living and working in such an environment.. Thanks to their adaptation and struggle, they have achieved today’s earth-shattering great success. The plum blossom fragrance comes from the bitter cold, and the sword front comes from the sharpening. This sentence is too commensurate with the history of the development of national defense science and technology in the small town..     Adaptation is every day and every hour and every thing. For example, if you travel to other places and look at the infinite amorous feelings in the distance at home, in fact, as long as you move forward, every place needs our adaptation: Qinghai Lake needs to adapt to its cold and high altitude, Changsha in Shanghai needs to adapt to its high temperature and humidity, and Hong Kong needs to adapt to its high cost … Ah, the old people who have adapted to the Gobi desert environment for decades in their teens are very happy to talk about going back to their hometown and looking forward to ” returning to the roots of the fallen leaves.”. However, there are many problems in implementation. When they go back to their hometown, they can’t stay – few people they know and no living environment. The hot and humid climate is drier and cooler in the morning and evening than the Gobi small town, losing its living climate and finally returning to the small town to say nothing.. ‘ Died in the Gobi Desert, Buried in Castle Peak”, I didn’t expect the commander’s words to become prophetic and become an inevitable choice for many border guards..     Things with great contrast are difficult to adapt to, but once they are adapted, they are hard to return and cannot return to the past. It seems to be a very funny thing..     In fact, everyone needs to adapt to different objects. If life needs to adapt to life, marriage is the most needed and difficult thing to adapt to in life.. Marriage is a matter of enclosing people from two different life experiences and living environments into one room. If two people with different customs, temperament and traditions are not compatible with each other, then there will be no next child-bearing and so on, let alone an end of life that promises to last forever.. If the adaptation of marriage life is a linear development, it can be gradually progressive and continuously adapted. The adaptation in that job is multifarious and changeable with each passing day. The situation of each job is different, there is no fixed content and requirements, and the cooperating staff are constantly changing, and they need to constantly adapt to changes in leadership, colleagues, work objects, work contents and policies.. In short, only by adapting to various situations in regular adjustments can we keep pace with the work requirements and complete the duties and tasks.     The theme of adaptation is active. That is to say, I have to adapt to all the things I face, natural and humanistic environment, natural and humanistic ecology, different people and different things. These things that are pouring in to you like water must be pushed and pulled to the right level in order to be properly adapted and adapted, gain profits, improve and realize the happiness of life and life.. On the contrary, if you are out of step with these face-to-face people, unable or slow to adapt, you will get hurt and pain, and your ability and value will be greatly reduced.. At the same time, you can’t wait passively for others to adapt to you, let alone for things to change and develop into your original habits.. Time and tide wait for no man. The development and change of many things is another world in an instant.. There is indeed a waiting list in the world, but for those who expect to be in this fable, it can only be a wishful dream.     Of course, adaptation is reciprocal. We should not only adapt ourselves mainly to other people’s affairs, but also passively adapt others to them. In this respect, we still need to ” take care of others”. Especially in life and work, don’t expect others to adapt, let alone despise others’ adaptability. The essence of adaptation or love is respect and the embodiment of good nature.. For love, we should return and love. We must give more respect to respect. For goodness, we have no reason not to be more kind and kind.     Adaptation is extremely subtle. Between people, from interest to ambition, from voice to tone, as well as hobbies and characteristics, are all content of adaptation. Even, a certain habit, a certain hobby, and a certain action all have the process of never liking to adapt and then liking to the habit.. If it’s someone you love, I’m afraid you’ll’ love my house and my dog’ ignore some of his little tricks. If it’s a type you don’t like, I’m afraid it won’t be too easy to adapt to some of his life contents and orientations. Adaptation is also extremely grand.For example, when you understand and understand the greatness of a cause, the wonder of one side’s soil and water, and the loveliness of one side’s people, the arrogance and prejudice in the past will naturally go away, leaving behind the will and spirit to dedicate themselves to the cause, add credit to the other side’s soil and water, and work together with the people here..     Adaptation is a test of human nature and intelligence. A person with ability and character must be a person with strong adaptability. Only by adapting to all kinds of situations in life and work can we be comfortable in the face of numerous tests in life and work, and can we get more happiness and interest from our daily experience.     Think about it. Have we had enough fun in our daily life? If the heart is depressed and feels unwell, it needs a good review. What problems still exist in adapting to the natural and social life and where to start practicing well.     July 29, 2013