” Confucius with character”

In Qufu City, Shandong Province, where Confucius came from, there are many tourist attractions, public places, government schools, and many enterprises that take Confucius, Confucius House or the shop name that is close to Confucius as their brand name, all of which will create a Confucius Statue as a symbol of humanity and region. There should be more than 1,000 of them.! This year, the newly-built Confucius statue in Nishan, the birthplace of Confucius, has reached the highest level in the world, up to 72 meters. However, most of these statues use the portrait of Confucius from Wu Daozi in the Tang Dynasty as their female parent, and they are only of different sizes. Only Confucius’ Six Arts City has a sculpture of’ Confucius on the Road to the World’, in which Confucius is tall and dignified and has a great husband’s spirit, especially to be admired. The Confucius in people’s mind is probably elegant, steady and wise. The image of Confucius displayed in this statue is strong and powerful, overturning people’s ideas.. In fact, if you study Confucius in depth, you may find that this is the real Confucius, a man full of ideals, perseverance, active accession to the WTO and very ” personality”. Not long ago, guanxian’s youth Yu Huan’s ” assassination of insulting mother” aroused widespread public opinion. Here we don’t talk about the definition of the law or the reasons for it, but just ask a very old question: What should we do as a son when someone insults your parents?? Coincidentally, Confucius specifically answered this question more than 2,500 years ago. According to the regulations on the bow of sandalwood, Zixia asked Confucius, ” What are the enemies of your parents?”? Master said, ” if you sleep and sleep, you will not be official. if you share the world, you will not fight against the army when you meet various cities and dynasties.”. When people are at enmity to kill their parents, they should sleep on straw mats and sleepers so as to remind themselves at all times not to forget revenge. If you don’t be an official, you won’t share the world with your enemies. When meeting an enemy, don’t go home to get weapons and fight with each other. It’s best to carry weapons of revenge with you at ordinary times. Once you meet an enemy, you can kill them directly.. Another thing that can be understood today is to be ready and kill him all the time! Confucius was so bloody. But there are also scales, Zixia asked again.’ What is the enemy of Jukun’s brother, please? ‘ yue: ” Shi fu and the whole country, holding the title of king, did not fight each other even if they met with each other.”. Confucius said that brother’s enemies can be officials, but they can’t fight in the same country or meet enemies on business.. In Confucius’ mind, the hatred between parents is inseparable. For some people who are not good for themselves or have hurt themselves, people often take Confucius’ good for bad’ and say things. If people are not good for you, you can endure it and treat him well. He will change one day.. Did Confucius really say that? On the contrary, it took part in the Analects of Confucius’ constitutional question bill, or said, ” what if you repay your grievances with virtue?”? ‘ Zi said: ” Why do you repay your kindness?”? Recompense injury with justice, and recompense kindness with kindness.. A disciple of Confucius asked him, ” Master, if others beat me, I will not beat him, but I will treat him well and use my morality and upbringing to shame him and let him repent, ok?”? Confucius said, ” You complain about virtue, why do you repay virtue?”? ‘ When others treat you with virtue, you need to repay others with virtue. But now that someone else has hit you, you should ” complain straight”,’ explain straight’ bias ”,’ on the merits, justly and rightfully, honest and frank”, not excluding the meaning of picking up a plank brick and flying past.! The fiery Confucius is not just gentle, is he. When it comes to rights and wrongs, Confucius is not stubborn or rigid. In the present words, he is ” not pretending to be forced.”. Ye Gong said to Confucius, ” My party has a straight bow, whose father is busy with sheep and whose son certifies it.”. Confucius said, ” The straight person of our party is different from the one whose father is hidden by his son, and whose son is hidden by his father. It is straight in it.”. Ye Gong told Confucius that there was an honest man in my hometown. His father stole sheep from others and he denounced his father. Confucius said that the upright people in my hometown are different from the upright people you mentioned: father conceals for his son and son conceals for his father. Integrity is in it. Ye Gong, an official from Chu State, boasted to Confucius that his village party had an individual who testified because his father stole sheep. He was a model of integrity.. Confucius refuted Ye Gong’s suggestion that it is just for father and son to conceal each other in stealing sheep.. Confucius is a straightforward person who does not hide. He thinks he has the ability to say, ” If he is useful to me, he can have three years of success”. He is confident that he can revive Zhou Li through his official career: ” If someone uses me to govern the country, he can have initial results in one year and great results in three years.”. ‘ Wei Linggong’s wife Nanzi is a beauty, but she is also very arrogant. When Confucius arrived in Weiguo, she sent someone to say to Confucius, ” If you want to be brothers with a few kings, you must see the few kings, and the few kings will see the original ones.”. ‘ want to and my old bus friend, will first come to see my nanzi. Confucius had no choice but to come to see each other, but Nanzi asked Confucius to wait until he had enjoyed his bath.. After Confucius came back, he was not happy, but was told by disciple Zilu that you are greedy for beauty, like beauty, and Confucius is very angry. ” If you do not, you will be disgusted and disgusted.”! If I do something wrong, I have that kind of idea. Heaven strikes thunder and lightning. The temperament of the middle-aged man is alive and well.. Confucius is such a person, living in a world of chaos, full of the talents of the world and ambition of governing the world, running the country to save the world for the sake of running the road, lobbying between officials and officials, living in fear, and finally failing to be satisfied, but his thoughts and theories have influenced that era and spread through the ages.. For the sake of ideal, the old Confucius traveled around the world for 14 spring and autumn periods, which can be described as tenacious and tenacious.The designer of the bronze sculpture in Confucius’ Six Arts City is Professor Zhang Dedi of the Central Academy of Drama. He is ingenious and may be well versed in the essence of Confucius’ thought.. Confucius with character is the real Confucius. Li Fuchun on April 7, 2017