Autumn ray, Mu Yin month

Magpie Bridge Tianhe far the vast, vast night gazing thinking to do.   Christians have no place to send feelings, and forbearance Gu return two of Love.- Inscription night, still silent, the tower alone, the breeze lean on a railing, looking at the sky, you see, the sky was bright waxing crescent, like autumn leaves eyes, clear Ying Che.Dust outside world a hue core, the suspect is drunk Yuee sky.Milky Way, such as training, the sky water, which to me what kind of feelings, Chanting Angela comes Tanabata?Cut some streamer, with affectionate gaze, it would be folded into the thoughts, to measure the distance filled the eyes of love, like the dim starlight sky, shiny, long far, trance.    Wind dancing emotions, whether in the branches of the season, the vicissitudes of mature, lonely piggy bank secular dust, splashes a crisp, exhorted the past.Quietly floated the waves of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, among hesitation, suddenly found that it is already part of the fall season.And from afar, under the walls, a lone sweet-scented osmanthus trees, leafy, lush, full of clusters of golden osmanthus that vague.Decorated in green leaves, especially enchanting.As Zhu Xi osmanthus praise poem, “Melaleuca dense green leaves, yellow flowers million points.”.Chad also warm in the cool light of autumn, wanton exudes its fragrance, to whisk the wind, heavy atmosphere a little bit open, it seems to be absent, close your eyes, breathe deeply, sucking the faint fragrance filled up, refreshing , it brings the aroma and gives the harvest is another look.    How many sleepless nights thinking of flying, how many times a dream to stay together.Long night, let your thoughts through time and space, cut through the quiet night.Faint fragrance filled the air, like an emotional intertwined, continued continued blooming in my heart, as in swing back in time stream in.Leaf through the gap, look mottled scattered on the ground, swept over Autumn swaying branches, a touch of shallow smile, as if clearly visible in the halo, alone with a person sitting covered with moss Longbridge on the stone steps, gazing into the depths of the Organization frown years, seeking a bloom, twist some affinity, fragrant, brewing on the mind, and soul on the TV, you will form a chord I affectionately moon with your fingertips thoughts aside move, whether rich through the night, parked in your pillow?    Heart throb, even if with some drunk, dim little drunk on very hot cinnamon courtyard, enjoy aromatherapy bath.Wind, in autumn stillness wander, bring a ray of Mo Siang, floating in your window, shijian on leaves, dip ink, pen peak between the thrill, the roots reproduce, stick with this persistent dream nostalgia, a sadness wine, sprinkle blue sky in the Milky River, the Cowherd and the other side of the horizon, only tenderness tenderness, only vague idea of the return water boat.Send this study, is thought, it is resentment?Guarding a timeless promise, relaxed and graceful, Magpie Bridge overlooking Hunmeng phase pull, the homesickness whisper.    Shallow autumn, shallow depression, bleak Whose eye?Smart and elegant heart that sail, the wind Splendor, already lightly into the sea.Dim the clear shadow graceful dance, soft fingertips dialed rang bells, beautiful dream has gentle moonlight, huddle to warm the soul, reincarnation sketched freehand, haunted by thoughts crossing each other mutual support of memory, over the Galaxy meteor, pursuing the footsteps of yesterday.Collection as graceful smile black hair, is so faint and cleaned up, swaying the direction of your dreams.    Time flies, memory, past wind, floating leaves, season after season.Looking back, you will find a warm period of the past in the soul, I miss the melt, jade three thousand tears, Yingying fly swing, a ray of Autumn, Mu Yin month, like a pool of warm attachment, refer to He pointed to bypass the beautiful fleeting, spilling the poems of ancient.Pure Lotus a pool sections, any flying water, clouds lengthy volume Nisang.Pull off the sun, water Huanhua one thousand.Fangcaoqiqi, precipitation all the green, in a wave of thin clouds breeze outside, watching the chaos downtown, walk the Red Room.Miao Miao clear water, flowing with the shadows of years of floral engraved forever through the ages.