a familiar stranger

Everyone there is always a period of time a person; section of the road, always a man slowly walked; some of the scenery, always reward a person slowly; some stories, always a man slowly taste.We have a period, I would like to return but can not return to the past.To understand life in the most quiet beauty of time, forgotten, the most painful scars.In front of wind and rain, and that is the direction of the rainbow.Learn to forget, no recall..I love and loved, just one more word, but it is separated by a once.Like a quiet man listening song, loop a music very sad; like freedom, unfettered.Remember do not let life, lost to the mood.The mood is not all of life, but it’s about all of life.Good mood, everything is good, bad mood, everything is messed up.    In the tomb bound for life on the road, whether you think of classmates and friends, or familiar strangers, even passing, these are your life experiences, are the right people, no matter what happens it is unique thing.Seize the moment!In the memorable past is past is recalled, the future was as good as always never come.No matter whether you are happy, do not let let lonely wait, lost time..Message to love flying hearts dream!