Melancholy and bulk polymerization edge margin of the silent

In fact, everything is uncertain fate as water, Ming Xia knew back to this town, and he wanted to touch her, afraid to touch her, she has chosen to run into the autumn wind —-.Small bridge.Sunset.    His heart burst of fright.She does?Shot from the side looked: to bypass, can no way around; to turn back, hesitant; his face clearly reveal a awkward embarrassment.Or clear initiative to meet her: “You come back?”In fact, he was Meihuazhaohua this, he would have learned that Xia’s husband —– a unit directly under a director guilty of the crime of corruption in jail, while Xia because the case has been implicated expelled from public office.    ”Ok.”Xia eyes looking straight soles of the feet of the road, rhetorical:” Are you still in school?”” Well, lifetime teacher!”Then just exit out of apathy and regret, blunt tone.    Xia slowly looked up, look woodenly.At this time, only to find out, she goes flushed face had become not a little color, eyes moving past also lost luster, recovering from illness completely a look.In the past, a luxuriant graceful girl, and now, alas —- a surge of pity welled.    Ten years ago, they admitted to the city with a Teachers College.Fellow classmate plus four years of friendship forged on the eve of graduation sublimation for love.However, love is not blooming bud, but withered wilted —- the last time they “negotiations” broke down: she had a uncle working in municipal government, wanted to stay in the middle of this bustling city development ; and he was reluctant to raise their homeland, I love the teaching profession.In this way, they love their work and chose to work, fate let them meet, friend, relative to expectations, but let this fate such as water, everything is uncertain and reluctant goodbye.He clearly remembers, breaking up, she tears Yingying…..    Later, I heard Ming Xia uncle through relations into a civilian party and government departments did, and then later, he heard that she was married with a civil servant.    ”Kids these days?”He asked with concern.    ”Fortunately,.”She forced back tears, do not let it flow down.He hastened to divert attention.    Silence, silence.Under bridges, water whimper, such as resentment, such as v..    He finally could not endure this long silence: “You are still young, still a long way —-” Her mouth formed a trace of smile, looking up and looking at the western sky falling clouds: “ah, I have to go, your future We should take care of themselves.”Looking at the weak skinny Xia back in the twilight fades, you can not help out the weird smells.    Well ——– fate gather water and scattered how forlorn rash of silence who is complaining about life there will always regret Mo.