Faint fragrant gardenia

Gardenia fragrance faint text / Mizuki leaf every time someone asked me why I was surprised at the Gardenia in May, and this time my eyes always with nostalgia of my eye, soak in the memories of those years.         The story is like the sky clouds, looked up some pictures vividly, as if being played photocopied piece, coming and going on the lake swallows accompanied by the occasional passing of egrets, weaving a string of beautiful dream, sunset west under tight wind, waves up willow leaves, unlike with a touch of catkins floated in March and felt as if falling in flowers.I quietly lying on the grass, tilted his legs, smiling at day, tilted his head sniffing around picking long gardenia, I do not take it lightly in the chest pocket, just waiting for a gust of wind blowing, I You can smell her fragrance.         Gardenia fragrance inspired me, I think about the pros and cons of impermanence of life, it does not care about the secular language of the cynical, carrying a book clip a few slices of white petals, open until the night will certainly full of fragrance.Life is not sad, not for the snow-white petals yellow day, Yu Hong consumption loss also instant nostalgia earthly vanity, maybe one day that will remain handful of shallow loess aroma.Alarm bell sounded for fools, as if screeching halt the moment wake-up call, dusty book signing the grid that page I carefully nostalgia, when open dusty, pale yellow petals now black, not the aroma, but accompanied by memory pages open and gently remove dust, the dust already settled.         May rain floating in my head coiled round and round white silk, there are twelve cobwebs between lotus, knowing I squint, a slight breeze lotus leaves, drops of water along the lotus leaves fall, the bitterness as if a gentle veil wearing woman accidentally left behind a pearl, but I want to pick up panic.Lotus fragrance make people feel myself comfortable, but suddenly I was obsessed not far from a clump of gardenia, they are so quiet in the flower garden, the fragrance drifting across the nose, the story of those years daydream.         Today, I continue to wander about the gardenia’s memory, to bring blessing soon as the man alive.    [Editor: easy to get along essays online] welcome you