Emotional Peshawar

Peshawar, a historic city.A city of Peshawar, Pakistan Asian countries; the city of Peshawar, close to a country, a country that Afghanistan.Pakistan borders Afghanistan and the country’s national side, the Afghan National has a city called Kandahar; it is you know. Peshawar is a city of people feel Choulan city; Choulan I thought to Pakistan’s national flag, the white five-pointed star Peshawar, Peshawar white curved moon, as well as a lyrical land colored green.Lyric green on that banner, green one, from Peshawar have been green to the capital Islamabad, the Pakistani state, green to the Indian Ocean coast city of Karachi.Sarvar white and green country, so I miss a country like Pakistan, a city thinking of the Pakistani state, and that is the city of Peshawar. I thought to Peshawar mood, beautiful Bailan melon, green grapes poetic, poetic green raisins!. Poetic Peshawar, as well as the poetry of Islam. Peshawar, according to a literal interpretation of Chinese characters: the days of black and white, so there are stars in the sun and the moon.Black is the night mean, is there in May and stars, no stars and a month, which is about to miss the bright lights, to accompany the night.White on during the day, there is a sun in the days running, so, at the foot of the land brightened; day, said day, day after day is night and day plus.Chinese people are thinking how interesting artifacts.Feelings, heavenly sun, was borrowed in the light during the day; did not say that the sun.Is a change in the well-being of the sun, knowing that some of the activities of the body.Forget the winter of cow dung heap, but also can be cigarette smoke warm steaming water mist, to warm the foot of the land.Again, the word sand Peshawar.He said sand and sand are the same meaning.Ordinarily, the water fishing for sand soil is different from fishing for sand, stone or sand of the sea fishing.Water fishing sand, remove the fish bone is water, there is a bone Shisha aquatic plants; dryland crops, dry, say that they run away moisture, also can be after a pound, and the remaining two of the few that soil to dry sand, to say how much is to compare different water and sediment.Besides, the water fishing for sand, how the soil may be able to scoop up sand shores na.You, for example, a sieve over the soil, that water can remain in the sieve eye how long na.Water and soil stream leaving their own way.Chinese earth and sand which is relatively water sand, heavy components.However, the word water sand sand, appears to be relatively active, live on live on how many there are drops of the.Activity, one that; there is lively to say, like a live Activity.There are too proud, leaves rustle in the ring.Then sand the land is the land of the living sand.This is how much consciousness, sand water to the water yesterday, today is the sand, the water is no longer.Does anyone know na, there is a feeling of pride in the water.Again, the word tile Peshawar.Tile in China on building things, Dongliangzhicai, tile is hung on the pillars in the house of the son of Renzi Jia, on purlins.Sand and clay tile is there whom the earth, made into tiles; and various adobe, brick and different; the tile is also said to have a graceful wave of soil, soil solidification waves.In the tile stove, with the fire burning, heat flow cycle of fire, grill out, you can wind is Lek rain watts.Watts, is in China’s ancient poems, to find some meaning, there is poem said: goose goose, white hair floating green, curved neck to Tiange.Saying, curved flexible long neck geese, there is a wave of some of the tiles mean.Watt station is like a ridge and furrow along the field after the wind and rain, horizontal, Bo Hou removed some solid earth, a ridge can be a ditch, a ridge can Shuang’gou, a double ridge ditch is it.A ridge on the slope of a ditch at the top of the house.House on top of the tile, there is a tile battens and sticky say.Tile, there is color, says the.Red, blue, yellow, green glazed tile.There are iron vagay na.Peshawar, so I realized that a different hemisphere and mosques Tile roof.Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province in winter, there is a cylinder sauerkraut cylinder, is that the famous sauerkraut stew vermicelli child, that sauerkraut; pickled cabbage that soil mud cylinder hat, also with Islam, meaning that the hemispherical dome.Peshawar, that river fisherman, who’s poncho, also a Chinese house-watt Poe mean.My country between China and Pakistan, not very easy to find, artistic culture, a small Italian Datong, there is a small Italian Datong.Peshawar, there is a meaning, that is, a Pakistan; at that hemispherical dome, hemispherical ball inside wall that, many years later, there is a swallow-like wings waves, white tile pattern, is there, Peshawar I mean.Pakistan is a beautiful country style.Pakistan is an Asian country, country western border with Iran, Afghanistan and northwest of the country is connected to the east and the country near India, south of the vast Indian Ocean.Also said that the South Asian countries; meaning that in a country in southern Asia, so that is the South Asian countries.Northeast China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region with access.Pakistan’s full name is the name of the country: the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Islamic language, or speak Persian Pinyin is: Pakistan Embassy Address: Beijing Chaoyang Beijing Dongzhimen Wai Avenue Pakistani Embassy in mind the blue, cloud-colored white, flag green, there is moonlight bend, the city of Peshawar on the Afghan side of the border, the Pakistani state of a city, the city of Peshawar.Peshawar, Islamic language?