Drunken sun twilight Wind

Twilight shadow oblique floor to the enemy, the Red Road, a sum of tenderness, a touch of the setting sun flooded.    - Inscription For fall flower setting sun drift, pavilion and Smoke pale shadow twilight.Pavilion, the afterglow broken, Chapman ajar, Indus Yela.Country roads, villages simple breath ran aground who study on three, fascinated eyes forget the tender grass of the morning, wind blowing through hair, the accumulation of nostalgia in mind for a long time, and now vanished.    Unmatched in the shade on the road, lonely soul will feel fresh, natural green whitewashed walking season, full of trials and hardships on the green leaves, engraved with a legible veins, to tell people the vicissitudes circle around the ring bears witness to the passage of time, in verse literary character, and fill the gap of tenderness.    Higurashi Western Hills, broken in one place lingering, floral floats, Yao Yao who is missing, a seat breeze, blowing off how much loss, but also blowing wake itself, slumbering hope.    The enemy has road, sunset is magnificent, but near dusk, good things always too short, suggesting that we all have to cherish, do not wait until the lost time, until I have what is happiness, people say the end is sunset horizon I overlooked the endless distance, but he found her gone, the end of the horizon, I saw endless sand, think back once the hand of the girl, now, I do not know the tears in the eyes, or blown into the sand.    Grass ruthless, but also in the setting sun outside, everywhere, street prostitution, with less than tactful back to sunny, the shadow of the bridge sunset, sunset stretched humble thoughts, forgotten horizon shake off the pain of hidden memories hands dry eye drops falling tears, I could not help looking down, looking forward to for a long time, as the afterglow sprinkled on my eyebrows, eyes flooded, too late to end, has already pulled the curtain call of tears, memories stop, sadness continues.    Country road at the foot of the spread, connected to the sunset horizon, the evening wind, dim the season, messy cicadas.    Flowers, scattered Yin Hong fight had not met.Flowers and the world, lost in the colorful mosaic, dying a bright past, my world, now leaves room to spend, you can not find paradise, started to write a brilliant spring in confusion, watching Yingyingyanyan see Liu fragrant green, everything at the moment, or with rhyme in poetry, poetry thick, Red fragrance you my world, or with ink painting, painting, such as peach-like color, decorate your dream.    To cover the floor oblique hint of worry, he was stealing sunset, twilight shadow pavilion lost epic story of a paragraph, but only pay a gust of wind, blew Banzhan heart light, so I carefully looking at the rainy mortal world, time strings lost on those notes, those memories eroded weathered.In the face of memories, if I was a beggar, to find their own food, but also like a rain of people, looking for a suitable umbrella, it is so in life on the road, in the mortal world, I have been in search of.    After you go in search of the figure, searching for clues belong to you and me, but also in search of another world, that there is no agreement to meet, and quietly let go.    Your footprint left in the years of the branches, I looked up, bright sun prickly blinded me, your breath, follow the simple village day and night I do not know how many, maybe thousands of years, perhaps even longer, but, has not changed, I’m marching petals scattered trails, follow your breath, walked in the million flowers, carefully listening.    Ramp outside the building, drunk sunset, twilight wind, scattered flowers, rustic charm of nature gives me, I’m already sad attitude to accept the setting sun gives me unlimited sigh, but I use it awaken slumbering memories, twilight wind blows away the hearts of hidden pain, but I put together collections falling the past, Red, I promised my tenderness, but I missed you, too much, powerless to save, cherish become insignificant, since then, the end is the end of the World sand.    When the memory is awakened again, how can it be covered with dust, stopping the spread between sad heart, the pain of breathing is missing, miss the taste is bitter.When twilight, Wind inclined floor, came to realize that almost all of the past come the night, hang some circulation, the seasons change, but can not wait for the next encounter.    Evening the wind had met the previous quarter.And blowing unknown next, the curtain dancing pavilion where to stay in my pen, destined to meet last season, drawing a perfect end.    Sunset, people have to go, long shadow, not the extension where you are.    To sunset, is still building, mixing Ting Wai, faint smoke tree twenty-three.    QQ: 286705626