Whatever you do have to pay the price, they see there is an invisible, there are psychological; also have to pay on the action, whether good or bad results have.As if God created things are flawed, like the Big Apple looks a tempting sweet and delicious to eat up some sour and sweet; some of it is difficult to have a little bit bitter to swallow, like life.    People engaged in business lines, from morning to evening every day, run around for the cause of the rise and fall.Some left their homes and child, in order to prosperous business often go late at night, the hotel is like home, there is no feeling of home, but also a sharp decline in the feelings between husband and wife, children get the care their loved ones hurt the young minds, slowly children become indifferent, as strangers.Earned a lot of money, the family can gradually fade in, from day care to the phone all day complaining, beginning with the eyes of love and hate today is the vision, inseparable from indifference to, the child is indifferent scary home cold simply icehouse.    Some for business is more developed, Jiuzhuo turn around all day, the court in the best of spirits of wine, home himself suffered, due to the excessive amount of alcohol, lack of sleep also, together with the big mouth all day, smoking, too much for the body gradually , the body appeared discomfort, for the cause of takeoff, or hard carrying as usual.When heeded his wife’s persuasion, that his wife was something more, in order to escape nagging wife to go home later, and even the late night return, his wife look in the eyes of anxious heart.Slowly finding more and more obvious discomfort, accompanied by dizziness, chest tightness, feeling weak, do not think of food, no effort ignores his career up.These symptoms again after his wife let him rest, he just laughed or said nothing is too tired, I rest for two days just fine, so is the end of the factory to the hotel, just go home relatively early.Until one day he fainted at the hotel was taken to hospital, realized the importance of the body, had his internal organs are subject to the dangers of alcohol, the most serious is high blood pressure, heart is not good, and also liver and kidney lung subject to varying degrees of damage, no longer stand the storms.All day accompanied with drugs, no freedom of life, and think to take care of their own business really powerless, abandon it!So many years of hard work and not willing to find a successor to it, has not the right, this thing is he is very tangled, but to the side edge treatment business, we know that Business is war, are invisible psychological warfare, surface calm, always have the great storms to hit you, let you keep track of.    The company there is some accident, to deal with difficult events, forgotten to take medicine, fainted during the processing of.Fortunately, this did not last, though life is spared, but paralyzed in bed, no matter how heart also unwilling to give up.Weak wife carry the heavy responsibility, in order to prevent disease in fear of her husband, while wait ailing husband in the hospital side of the business management training knowledge in this area, she carefully planned, communicated with the upper and lower levels and staff in the company and communicate what their ideas are and discuss their subordinates, when everything is ready.Her husband and her husband feel at ease recuperate at home, take care of their own company, surprised her husband have to say: “You can do it, take care of business is not easy, it is now too late to learn, and there is very complex, very thrilling, I fear too much for you.”She said no problem I tried it, and also the company’s staff contact, but also to discuss some issues, I think the problem is not to say you can not go to the company though, can I have a problem and you do not?Husband reluctantly agreed to let her husband at ease, she changed course work in order to care for her husband to adjust working hours, try to work with computers, it is not only out at his colleagues use the service of security through the storm.    After negotiations with business partners when they put into the hotel coffee shop, talking about business.Sometimes talked about her husband only come this far because of ignoring the health of the body, to discuss makers are also very considerate of her time to shrink the bottom, sometimes just a phone call on the success of the negotiations.Although tired, in addition to take care of her husband, himself always pay attention to work and rest, and even to learn the care, then pass on this knowledge to her partner, did not do business because of the law of life, the body more or less have some problems, by she alleviate some pointing, some fully recovered, these partners have benefited.She returned to introduce new customers through these days of operation the company has played a dead resuscitation, sharp increase in turnover also day and night.In order to take care of her partners have altogether to her house to discuss business, which is more convenient to take care of her husband, and free up more time to appease her husband Fengyun lonely heart, became her home office, but also to discuss business and the old finish Friends catch up, so good for her husband’s recovery, slowly husband also relieved, although her husband is sick, she is also a haven of spiritual information.