Chen Zhihong: the more difficult, said the more chance

It is still very early, when I saw those very difficult thing always think, as so difficult, it is better not to touch it.Certainly not understand.But now, generally not a.Encountered even in difficult thing, I always think there are ways of. I will think of a way to turn him into a simple matter, because I know, the more difficult, he said there are opportunities. Friend said, intends to leave a month, and then learn a trade.He asked me what kind of skills you can learn a month of Xue Daoshou.I say, or even think about, even if really learn a craft as long as a month, we do not go to school. Because we want to learn should choose high gold content of science, it is best to learn six months a year, three to five years.A year too shallow. We ourselves learn easily, others will learn very easy, no technical content, not meant to be envious. There is no way a higher technological content, so no more money.Core competencies, technical barriers is not strong enough. Several times also quite often hear people say, this thing I will learn.Will not be too difficult, too difficult, I can not learn.I think things are generally not very difficult.And the more difficult things, also said that the more chance. For example, a piece of clothing, he is very expensive, but we also bought.To buy back, we will definitely cherish the. Think of this, I thought of one of my friends, home, go back to the last, still talking about his dad a little sad. His daughter used to do sculpture, doing well.Also the people are very nice, simple, so many people are chasing him.Of course there are a lot of chasing very hard.Especially in a home environment in which good.But also in the urban car and house. But the friend is worried that she married into it would be looked down upon, their parents will be looked down upon them. So friends do not talk to him, but the choice of a home, as his work with. Of course, now they have two children a.But really it is a little hard.Because now they have not.So her father saw she was very distressed, is to say, if I had to choose the money, then certainly not the same. Many things are hard to explain really rough, and perhaps he himself would say this is life. But I think, if someone can guide him at that critical point so what, then perhaps his life will completely not the same.So, we have nice to everyone around us, we want them to know for sure next. Perhaps, no one pointing, maybe we will go their detours, it was pointing, we will be happy lot. Just this year, I would like to say that when we choose to do things, especially those things difficult.We want to do more.The more difficult, the more represents an opportunity, and if everyone can do, it certainly is very limited income. And in fact, in a small time, each of us is very timid. But gradually as we get older, we also want to learn, go to sensible, get used to the.A lot of things we can not know, but we want to know how to ask someone.Especially in these difficult things, we must try to do. A few days ago a friend said his company intends to move to places farther away, his boss wants to lend him money to buy a car.And buy a car, this for him, even before the unthinkable.And although he has a license, but never ventured to open. And he also thought life, had his own quiet life on it, I never thought the car. She is a very quiet, very natural girl.I said, this is your chance, you want to know how to seize. She said she really did not dare even on the road, and a car to keep a car, how to do this how to do that. I say we go people are hard-up.You’re so worried, others are not so sure of fear. But if you do, you certainly others is admirable. I really hope she can grow, and when the opportunity came, we’re going to catch.I rather like the article above this friend.I did not catch.Hard his life, family life regret. And others can do better, why do not we do it.Like a person, the same as 24 hours. We feel that there is something difficult, in fact, the opportunity to represent the more. The easiest way to make money if the most short-answer, what can the opportunity to grow, it really is fail to get us. She should be caught.Other simple like his boss is really her that way, but also know that lend money to her safety because she no effort to do things is a simple thing to do, when it comes to other things kind of face will be red. Above that friend is, before we really just love her share of simplicity and nature.In fact, these are their strengths.But they never think these are his own shortcomings, and then take their own shortcomings than with others, so afraid of. So when we learn, but also to learn to like this.Because this society, we are all the same social.Just why some people have come in front of us to go, but still some people are still in place even backed off. That’s when we are quiet, others in desperate things.They are also difficult.They also stay up for a long time, they also experienced a long, long time of loneliness.Among the difficulties that they sublimate, so there is a lot of opportunities for them. Like a butterfly, they came out, and ultimately became a beautiful butterfly. Their general direction is the same with us, but they really are doing better than us.At least they stay up all night long period of time than we are, they stick longer than we.But think of this, we think, is so hard to stay up late. So, fear is difficult, there is no chance.No chance, no way to also grow. This year everyone says not to do a network, the entity does not have done better, it is also this year the economy does not work.But even like this, we still see a lot of people have developed a.Some even after 95. A few days ago to chat with friends, one of his friends is 95 years, he opened a company is doing decoration. That used to be his friend and decorating origin, has been behind their own orders, then back to being their own boss. A few days ago he bought a BMW. I asked him, is there a feeling this business is difficult, he says, no, all the same.No matter how kind of market, since we try to do is to.As long as this world, as well as the process of doing, but also decorating.He will try to take. He said, the more difficult times, but also represents the more chance.Because many opponents have been eliminated. After listening to his chat, I am really feeling.I really really feel too outrageous.He really is a master. In fact, life is really a lot of people like them that way, so they really can do super well.No matter how they like our environment, we are trying to do too.Environmental worse when it is their time to outbreak. Crisis, crisis, danger and an opportunity. Just want our own, sometimes the brain really is not too bent turn.So, when we are still fortunate, in fact, what others have come up as early as we went to the front.There is a difference between people, believe it is a lifetime. Like the top of that friend, a miss a turn, and then you meet the beautiful, the next life is to. For us, it is to cherish every opportunity we are now.The more difficult, the more chance.The more we should strive. On the QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.