Camellia Pass: Spring Chronicle

REVIEW Camellia Pass gives a child’s childhood, it can be said to be monotonous, even said to be barren.So, I camellia Pass in the spring of memories.Since the arrival of spring, gave me a colorful and cheerful.I seem to have a special color touch and sensitive.       What kind of steps walked the arrival of spring’s Pass, mountain plains.Camellia Au, Au scattered due to the growth of trees and the name of the camellias.I do not know, only a handful of several strains of wild tea, how to put a bright-known villages are up, and I had not had to research on Camellia Au ancient history ever to its name, whether there had been significant over the mountain a dazzling Camellia.Anyway, I can remember since when, just know that it scoured every corner of the camellia depression, it will not count more than ten to tea.    Naturally, Camellia Au is surrounded by mountains.Hill is not high, winding stretches of the situation actually was.When a child, I take advantage of the hill hug firewood, he had to climb a hill, outside the Hill want to see what happens.The eagerly overlooking tiptoe, but still only see a hill next to a mountain poly bag.Weekdays floor standing in front, came from the mountains outside to watch a figure keep me warm, that’s when the father of pedagogue rush tens of miles way home.Young at heart just remember that familiar figure in the field of vision of joy, and again in my eyes disappeared over the hill attachment.And indeed, I did not appreciate that too Bizhai a bumpy gravel road winding like a snake carried hardships.Because the barrier of the mountain, camellia Pass became a haven of peace, located in the cove of fifty families like a boat moored in the harbor, there is no storm winds bumps, together for the sunrise and moonset, and a crop stubble like a weed was blue and green and yellow of the years.    Camellia Pass gives a child’s childhood, it can be said to be monotonous, even said to be barren.So, I camellia Pass in the spring of memories.Since the arrival of spring, gave me a colorful and cheerful.I seem to have a special color touch and sensitive.Eyeful glowing green grass, scream your name or not by name wildflowers shallow smile.Side of the foot, a stretch of golden canola flower golden shining, the wind swept, dangling a piece of bright yellow, my eyes were lost to follow up.At this point, even the sun seems to me feel exceptionally bright.Pure air like a water clarity, no dust Xie Xie.In Camellia depression, or those most dazzling natural camellias, the col spring bloom very enchanting.In fact, camellias are not tall, they grow very slowly, which in the eyes of a child, they could not even feel the change from year to year.The most stout tree, known as the ridge Pass Master ‘old tea, “the tree said to have a hundred years old, and how many trunks are also bigger than usual depression in people coarse kiln bowl.The tea tree looks throughout the year so there is always flourish, regardless of seasons, luxuriant thick thick of a tree vibrant.More lush flowers, Ilex Ilex sober flowers, from afar, Jing Ru mountain smelled, dotted with seven or eight white clouds.    Camellia Au spring, colorful, red and green powder powder blue-violet purple color in vain, after almost smell the rhythm of the night two nights and three nights of rain, deeply shallow deep faint far and near, in Ridge, in a mountain stream, flowing merrily opposition diameter side up, like the beauty of the bumper year when a large section of country girls love pretty little daughter up early in the morning to put on new clothes colorful, sparkling smile mouth hanging over the edge the village ran as if have to put their own sense of joy is so fresh and bright like to let everybody see like.So the dazzling hang around the camellia has become inexplicable Au people or be envious of a cozy flowing landscape.    And there are very nice very nice voice mile.My ears in the dough and moist wind can not help but just to stand on.Like Boer Ye home bird clever little brown dog, like, little sign of trouble, that it was originally erected immediately pointed ears drooping of the melon head fluffy.My mother had scolded me Hande mountain ring does not respond to her call, her shortness of breath and even grabbed my ear said bitterly to be screwed down to feed small brown dog.And now, I simply can not not listen to those voices of spring.Wan warble of birds crowing, launched a winter depressed voice.Tits sub twitter, Brisk jump in just shoots out of bud branches, Oriole birds across the sky like a flower aunt, cheers splash in one place.Cuckoo beautiful language always makes agricultural people resist heartbeat.Even the birds play the symphony, I can blurt out what is “cuckoo,” the doves, which is “tweeted” the magpie, which is glib to starlings.As I even close my eyes, it seems also listened attentively to a weed ‘s breath, an insect sound whisper to capture a bamboo arch breaking land and a bud of a crash course in bloom movement.    These wonderful sounds of nature, I deeply intoxicated, he puts himself up as a note, camellia Au in the spring waft freely, flying.    Thus, in the depths of winter, I am eager eyes wide open, looking forward to the arrival of spring.Today, a few years later, my dwelling in the reinforced concrete forest, for the arrival of spring has felt increasingly slow visual, olfactory nerve endings and reactions.But Au camellia bud in the spring with a small green are constantly looking across to clearly and simply started.Then concrete to say that one day, when because of asthma, all winter only cat in the Boer Ye Huo Tangbian that old stooped figure in Ridge crept stumble, I know, camellia Au spring is coming , small brown dog hair a soft glow of light, chaotic wagging his tail behind before the Boer Ye body, scurrying around to the left and right, from time to time directed at four yelp barked a few times, startled stone paths side three, five wild birds have.At this moment, I am certainly sure, camellia Au spring is here, not one hundred percent wrong.    I really can not say, camellia Au in the spring what kind of steps walked by, as if in the night a Fleet of Foot WILDCAT general actually come and say, quietly came to the feet.    When I lay in bed, squirming trying to figure out this think they are worth to figure out the problem, I suddenly heard the gray tile roof “whining” or two dull low roar, then another “meow meow” two sound shrill scream pierced the night sky in spring Camellia Au.It was WILDCAT miles, does spring came and it was not so much noise footsteps sleeping?    N frogs bursts out of the window, such as a drum.    In the spring Guyu before running all the way, your mother as usual to me to get two packets of tea.Camellia Au where people know before Guyu tea taste is the most mellow thick cotton.Tea is your mother yourself, pass through a slow fire to fry, then tripled hand-made, then baked good bamboo screen.Several processes.And more particular about picking fresh leaves.No three-day sunny spring, you have to grab a sunny day, the best way in the morning, a rarity in that new new tender tea aces, three long leaves just enough, not old, but also too tender No, I go look translucent green too.I open the tightly sealed tea, an Qinxiang Youran spread out.Puffed, sweet incense will nourish yo straight into the heart.    Tea is the mother asked to open the shuttle passes him dahuai.Camellia Au hit last year launched a shuttle to go to the county.    Dahuai a partner when I wear pants, has seven brothers and sisters, a few of his old platoon, I have some mixed note.What impressed me most is that we go to the mountains outside of primary school more than ten miles away, often came home from school, just walked around the corner to see the camellia tree Pass’ old tea “when they heard dahuai your mother call out hoarsely atmosphere I do not know where to hit distant pass over: Huai Yazi, you squeak a grinding mill, O death, come on back to pull ragweed.But only heard and not seen, man looked around.Where is your mother standing dahuai heart strange, how we see, but can not see her shadow.Dahuai hear a Ji Ling, quickly put down my own cast of a foot gallop Deng Dengdeng to go through.This situation almost every day, I once summarized drop-dahuai: Do not listen to her, saw no shadow, she Mongolia How about you.Dahuai but did not dare listen to me, was as still as the Order of St Gamba ran all the way.Dahuai Mother loud voice, playing dahuai to be ruthless, easily touched what is what, bamboo broom, what Shaohuo, and he was right about face thrust Guiku wolf called, scurrying full col.    After that, I go farther and farther away from the Camellia Pass.Dahuai mixed barely finished elementary school, we almost cut off contact.I heard he later went to the coast to work, actually brought back a young girl child.Camellia Au-old bachelor Guituo Zi said: It looks Huai Yazi bachelor’s life, to take back a lie to think of juicy field Tangke.Gui Tuozi This is jealous of it.Dahuai did not go to abduct people, couple days were wonderful, went to the original work place and did a few years, he went back, built a depression in the first two red brick buildings house.Although rough bare brick, but particularly eye-catching in Camellia Pass.When dahuai mind active and more, see Camellia Pass Road outside of working to repair through the mountains, he thought played a open bus thing.    Or a few years ago, the villagers dug obstinately hands are hands that once was to broaden the narrow mountain road a lot, you can run the Azeri depression that is called the “grasshopper child” walking tractor.At that time the old village Murakami hanging in words is his opinion of the newspaper and listening to a word from outside the Hill: To the rich, first build roads.Camellia Pass leading to the mountains outside, destined to load local history, the first simple rough road has finally begun to take shape.Road repair was difficult, but in addition to buying some detonators for explosives, dickite, but they did not spend a penny.I dare venture to say that this must have been the cheapest tens of miles radius of a road.Camellia Au people in addition to money, if does not lack is an effort, in addition to hand in half with a coin hate outside, most of them at their own that is also a strength of the.    Some people walked slowly along this can only be counted as farm track road out, still hesitation or doubt, or frightened, more of a curiosity Chuaizhe also with a vision, after another out of the Camellia Pass.  Day passes quietly in the flat.Camellia flowers and flowers.Camellia Au spring season to season to tiptoe and, after quarter on quarter in the distance again and again to eliminate the distant horizon.    On this day, sitting in the old village “grasshopper child” “chug” come back from the mountains outside, feet not touching the ground on cried: Want rich, repaired road.He stomp your feet under the ground, half his face is dark happy, half worry.The joy is on top of a policy support, there are quotas allocated the road, I heard that you can make one hundred and ten thousand yuan per kilometer.I a Mother ah, eleven million, or so much, someone scream.Indeed, Camellia depression who have not seen this life so much money, eleven million and for them, is tantamount to a fairy tale-like myth.The old village chief worry is that funding gap, to the village raised.The village head when he was left without money demonstrated a meter home ah.Then dahuai stand out, a chest shot, said he donated fifteen thousand.Old village surprised a moment, I almost called stagger, then punch, beat in dahuai chest, he laughs aloud, his mouth even said: Good Sons Good Sons, Good Sons ah.Then the old village embarrassing face-like muttered: Lao Shu poor all his life, to put Sam better save the money of pro mat discuss it, no more dahuai of only five thousand.Sam ‘is full of his son, playing out of work for several years, hoping to save enough money to get married discuss pro.To face has always been a man’s soul guidelines camellia Au people subconsciously follow.People see all this, and who can sit tight as Shichen tolerant?This is not so simple look lively theater.To repair a four-meter-wide flat cement road miles.Everyone wants to get down to that level to go on the road as a mirror ah.With the old village head said this road, it is not worse than the city of his mother.To add the: Do no money to pull the chicken Pa Man asshole, and no money supposed?Contribute money and labor Well, not all the same?Although such arrangements down, but there are still gaps.Meizhe old village, had the cheek to the village town grind more than taking to the mountain of his stubborn three days five days people squatting office threshold.Several times early in the morning until Dundao county’s doorstep.    Three kilometers long by four meters of concrete road finally began running through the camellia from Au Village head, winding away outside the monastery.Quiet harbor camellia Pass because the dream becomes a totem of passion.Most remote poorest camellia Pass was first built a solid flat concrete road, which at one stroke rewritten the history of road Camellia Au.Across the board completed that day, camellia depression but also lively than extraordinary celebration, firecrackers, laughing noises sky.Gui Tuozi even dug out from the sandalwood box that the helium and his ancestral home na, wipe was Zeng light shine, “Ming miles uproar” will blow up.    Dahuai small 99 also dial a smug, he drew Sam ‘home village, Chen beard western end of the village, half Ridge “two gods” partner ran up the passenger.Shuttle traffic that day, but also some good natural heat inevitably grumble grumble downtown, the old people say, two days to go to the city road trip forward, pedal! Masticate, full of blood bubbles, three or four hours now arrived, with fairy-like mile, body bone tough, simply seeking played dahuai, what season also go to the city to catch t look, Dai Zong try when back Shenxingtaibao?    Mother care products with dahuai take along came before Guyu tea, I looked at green tea cup inside a root stretch, and through that thin layer of milky milky mist, as if to see Camellia Au angry germinating spring is the way to run the.    A colorful and beautiful tea, let me Pinza the Camellia Au dense taste of spring.    One spring day the pain away from Camellia Au, always feel the heart is wandering.For example, even the Spring Festival are nice Guadan water.Camellia Pass should be the real New Year Spring Festival.That year was filled with the taste, mixing with, intoxicated.No delicacies, fine wine on the table, there is a heap piles of chicken, duck, fish, meat, there is pure rice wine mellow, more lanterns, dragon, lion dance, and take the string West home club “New Year New Year” flock I heard the sound of blessing.That year is by no means behind closed doors off their own side, camellia Au people become like family to a nice bumper year.Grandpa t-milk three Peter Sishen Qi Gu eight aunt, men and women, young and old all face filled with festivity and share intimacy Jin, who stars this is that people Which is Which man?    New Year, camellia Au migrant birds such as homing like to come back, comfortable comfortably after the New Year, and then after another RBI simple outfit, went their separate ways.    Fine uncle told me that on the early years after going to a construction company to work.Fine uncle just two years old.By five years younger than me.He is my grandfather left the family after the reorganization of the blood, and my mother half, he just why my uncle.And because he was younger than me, so I never call him cry uncle.My mother would discipline: how not to shout, fine uncle also grandmother Cubs.This is a depression in the Camellia popular slang.Grandfather at the age of six Sashouxiqu fine uncle, I believe that when most worried about leaving the elderly is certainly a fine uncle.Because with the camellia depression, childhood and my uncle fine to play together quite a bit “teenage nephew as brothers” feeling.Fine uncle stayed in the Camellia Pass to two years old, no longer sit still, never too far out of the door he decided to go outside some battles.He was introduced to the construction site work, come home hastily years ago, he put the news excitedly told me.Standing in front of me uncle fine, thin stature, handsome face neotenous.Buckle down heavy manual labor, a physique that makes me a bit worried indeed.I remember when I was fitted with a cigarette to him, he took a look, resting directly on the ear.In fact, he was a big kid, not smoking.    I can live in this small town New Year’s bored.Thereafter retrospect actually be used to describe some uneasy.Lunar January 8 in the morning, I heard in his sleep a burst of rapid ringing of the phone, lift the handset drifted Denden, choking choking choking pass over the mother’s words: you fine uncle had a car accident.I give a start, loudly asked: What did you say your mother.Mother sobbed but it is so clear to say: you fine uncle had a car accident.I slumped on the floor, his head went blank.    Fine uncle is the seventh day starting early in the morning, take a large truck tarpaulin construction company, he was sitting with two dozen workmanship and cargo compartment.Said to be sitting, and no seats, will each bring the luggage compartment placed on the board, that is, sitting or lying or leaning up.After a dozen hours of bumpy night has been deep, we will spread the quilt, pad half cover half of the body roll in, asleep in disorder, all the way to stop the car and go to Guangdong Mercedes-Benz.When the road to Hengyang, has had zero late at night, someone yell urinary inflation was dead, they beat fierce rear window of the cab, the driver managed to finally hear movement inside the car, is to stop the car, they have jumped off the carriage, or local solutions to curb the problem, or find a nearby store to buy some closing has not yet eat and drink, one opportunity some exercise, nest in the car for so long, who does not say no aching muscles, froze uncomfortable.Fine uncle spent the money to buy a bottle of mineral water, and then took out a cigarette from him to find people who smoke on the point of asking for a light.Others surprised, and asked him: Do not you smoke it?He smiled and said: This is the stone ya (my nickname) to him, a good smoke, white sand cards, reluctant to lose the.In his first pumping mouth, choking cough up tears, his mouth grunt sentence: too good smoke choking miles.But still I could not bear to lose, try shallow second suction port, the third port.When he was still in his first cigarette smoking products in life, people began to climb Sa Sa so they both went to the car.Fine uncle was the last one on the train.This is a final, it became the last of his life.He says it is really fate, somewhere who can not tell who can not turn a twist doomed.Fine uncle could have been lying in the middle position, due to end on a car, the original position is accounted for as early as others.The car seat is not by the rules, but it was loaded cargo compartments, the seats do not have to say neither order.Thin uncle is so shy off duty honestly not even a big boy.He still fall far short of those even more powerful domineering men near the village of vulgar standard.Fine uncle climbed the cabin, only to find the dim lights looked around at the gap big enough for their own.He found his bed cap as early as people had been moved to the far right, then, in silence gingerly across several dead body has been both lie down, close to the compartment tailgate sideways clothes.This lie down, fine uncle simple and short life from this failed to stand up again.    Bam, suddenly a burst of loud noise impact, the car in a sharp area, and another car oncoming truck collided violently.At that time, people did not Yang car turned, just heavy impact will still look fine uncle sleeping high toss, the whole body flying out of the car, banging on the cold hard cement road.    Fine twenty years old uncle on the way to go quietly.Bloom of his life has not even had time to bloom, it is sad to fade, by an invisible clutches brutally strangled.    That loess on the slopes of Camellia Au has since become a lonely wandering soul of the habitat.Fine uncle starting from Camellia Au life cycle to the start of the final journey.He will never get out of camellia Au warm embrace, and get out of Qiannian Au camellia plants and trees.Perhaps, for a life, even though there are too many grudge, nor has it not a blessing.Camellia Pass this spring made me deeply aware of the pain.    Au uncle out fine camellia day, February 04, Lunar New Year, the beginning of spring, a spring rain to send him on the road.Or rhythm of the rain all the way to greet him return home.I clearly heard his retreating footsteps, the camellia is a depression in the spring fragrant camellia spend, but wet a large, a large sky.    A sad Camellia Mother had long been keeping watch at the kindred “old tea,” I came all the way to see the familiar figure of Mother.At this point Camellia Pass still chill, I do not like living in a small town, from a trace of wind blown face, that feeling can get spring approached, replace the feel of the season.The temperature of the wind, and that is obvious replacement season barometer.Camellia depression is different, though already in early spring, people still wear bloated, Boer Ye rind plush cap still can not come off, the mother breasted jacket still tightly bind tightly to her weak body.Now, I vaguely saw Mother standing under the “old tea” is not even wearing a jacket, her arms crossed over his chest buckle, tighten shoulders, Su Zhaotou, in finely divided paced, whose demeanor clearly felt howling cold.I can not help but wonder, normally your mother is not the case, she knew the older people are most susceptible to cold in the spring and fell ill, so she is always careful care, would rather wear more, do not cover their infiltration into the wind today is how friends?    I tightened a few steps and saw the old blue cloth jacket surface of the mother actually sat wrapped in “old tea” tree of a woman, and that woman looked sluggish, eyes dispersed, his face but his head was clean and tidy, muttered something in his mouth alone, I recognized them, who is also her sister not camellias?    See me go drew near, camellia grin cry silent smile, exposing a row of white camellia-like teeth, and then just keep playing a hand of camellia.She seemed unusually careful of Chuaizhe camellia, Camellia was apparently just “old tea” off the tree, and still better in full bloom, I saw her head tilted toward Camellia look left and right Chou Chou, and Duqi flower gently toward the mouth Oh the air, and then “hey” to giggle or two, nothing camellia once bright and lovely slightest trace of.    I see a look of surprise, Mother exclaimed: commit a sin of it.She bent Chanqi camellias, coax fine Yazi as saying: go Luo, camellia, home to Romania.    Camellia house just behind the “old tea” tree in the way, however far back Ridge.”Old Tea” is the oldest camellia Pass a wild tea tree, Au Azeri call it “old tea” like each other “Presbyterian”, as ‘Pharaoh’ title, which would have put the mind Au Azeri one of the oldest camellia camellia as a depression in humans.Camellia home from the “old tea” recently stools, Camellia “quack” when landing, “the old tea” just full of flowers of a tree, camellia illiterate father Liu seven black daughter was only four years old, he was from the window one saw the bright camellias, happily blurted out: called camellia, Camellia called.    Camellia So loud call open.Small camellia growing up day by day, and camellia general Nende catches the eye, to recruit people love and affection, camellia longer like his mother, which poured out of a mold, where the old bitch said Au.Camellia Mother has epilepsy, should not the disease, depression Azeri said she would not marry came from outside the mountain, but not a patch on that now too poor to fold clothes patch, touch the pot lid jingle, and bigger than her whole the petty-year-old Liu described the black seven live.    I remember Camellia is the most loved Au Azeri girl, not only looks like her child delightful, sweet and small mouth, mind also real, cattle, pull ragweed, laundry, cooking is not vague, help Which aunt through a needle eye, ran four or five miles outside match supply and marketing cooperatives to buy kerosene or something, a call went to, she used to buy pieces of the hard change can not bear fruit sugar.So cute but ill-fated camellia, more than a dozen years old, Liu seven black patients died of liver cirrhosis.He is simply a drunkard.Often unconscious drunk in the street, and once also fall in the streams where, thanks to Camellia come all the way to seek early detection, blubber shouting the big people move over before his Jianhui a life.After his father left, camellia in the neighborhood who fiddled West under the lining, read-only finished primary school, no longer able to go to school, and how eager she was reading in the classroom to ah Li Langlang.Her academic performance has been good.Time to leave the school, camellia been crying lounged back home, a pair of clear watery eyes crying straight red inflamed swollen for several days, Camellia Mother of a radical, epileptic seizures suddenly scared Mother holding daughter Camellia , torn throat like tears, burst into tears, shook her mother’s arms crying: I do not read, I do not read the.Depression in young and old looked sensible little camellia, could not help but shed tears followed, Boer Ye tears: commit a sin ah, commit a sin ah.Has always been a “sharp tongue” Mother of dahuai clutching camellia, he kept stroking her face with tears of flowers.    Since then, the camellia often seen in the “old tea” in a daze, much less smile, even laugh with you laugh, but also so stiff, like squeezing toothpaste.Ten-year-old girl, this is carefree, loves jumping laughing when camellia and mother had to depend on each other, propped up Liu’s father died young black seven left that broken home.It was kind of a family, ah, is simply a tilting at any time may wreck the precarious.Every time in the past to go home, I always give your mother something Shaoshang fruit, snacks and the like, your mother will not forget to take some camellia sent Niangliang.Mother always nagging me with, is a hardy camellia nan.They just keep saying, the good girl, but unfortunately in the wrong home and hope she marry a good big family, seven black soul of the devil really want apparitions, in relation to bless camellia marry a good family.Au Azeri has always been the big girl marry a good family so important, that’s a lifetime of happiness and rely ah.    Did not want to, have become ghost fine juicy camellia pair now looks miserable, watching your mother helped camellia hobbled walked ahead of me, camellia nervous gait.That depression in full gallop, fern mining azalea pull off the mountain camellia tea seed gone, under the bass bass to climb down a few “old tea” break a budding camellia, then stuck it in the window glass bottles , watching a bud to a blooming camellia gone, that cried to refuse to read, but also in the mountains after busy preparing the soil had to take care of sick mother camellia gone, that adorable sensible reason to tender shoulders supporting a crumbling house of camellia gone..My eyes full of rock that once camellia or lively splash tears or smiling or even spend solitary shadow.Now instead of this one then ran back Wood.I glance back to the “old tea” tree, still gorgeous camellia bloom bright, smiling face like the memory of Camellia.    I actually could not bear to try to discover how camellias will look into this today.I do not know to explore camellia must also clearly experienced how heavy and bitter ordeal.It must have been a deep trauma, enough to destroy with as pure camellia camellia girl.Mother told me that we do not know how to say hey camellia crazy went mad, she just went alone to a far away place to do things in less than ten months, so come back to become the.Of course, no one knew she was playing outside what specific work.Camellia tough after all, did not survive her bloom like a rough life again.Understanding of the camellia, did not even tell her the last part is subjected to the cruelty of people camellia Au.Maybe she just bear with a man alone.She’s crazy, depression Azeri became a fan speculation but puzzling.In addition to people sighed with regret, but only sympathy and helpless.    Camellia crazy but cry no trouble, but lone sitting under the “old tea” every day, quietly from the side of the face, staring old tea tree branches and leaves, as if to “old tea” quietly pour out her smoke cloud cover lock mind.The “old tea” Can understand her deep and shallow sadness?    Camellia looked glazed eyes and a look of helplessness, my mother said: It should take her to hospital ah.Outburst, I knew sheer empty talk.Yes ah, who spent Songcha heal, she’s your mother that you fall ill?Mother took the topic and said: yes ah, to cure the disease early good morning, dragged on for a long time, I’m afraid it really ruined his life, and now, for you Baier Ye Camellia “alms” to go, and so on to discuss some money, and then every household in Au Coushang point, let the county take her to see a doctor dahuai.Alas, these days you Baier Ye also suffer miles, coughing coughed out of the mountains to go, can not do anything Yo.Mother sighed heavily.    Camellia screwed her face into the side of Zi looked at the hands of the camellia flower, focus on face.It was a dazzling white camellia, Camellia Au in the spring eyes, the combustion into a sad, as wisps of smoke, smelled anything in the mountains.   Under cruising flowers as if one or two of rain had started falling rain, will slowly soak the soil dry crack was sparse soft up, seeing sowing spring day approaching day by day, camellia Au where people sit still.Elderly seem to be more irritable, Boer Ye watched his fifth sub-dallying over the Cubs to move out of the iron ploughshare tools like rakes and casually wiped the way from the back yard, he was about to Firelight Upward toward fifth child his beard: doing things like taking too one to do things, you do the next life cattle not pull a plow.    Large cattle byre came the inexplicably long moo is heard, as if in the opinion should and Boer Ye.Even cattle have not stay.It is the smell of that kind of promise from the fields of restless excitement and let it breath.    A violent cough after a Boer Ye to complain immediately, the fifth child of the Father only white one, do not answer, did not dare talk back, hand movements obviously were using force, but also to speed up many.The silence of those over the winter iron in his hands, began to glow bright cold light, tinkling sounds so crisp sound of the collision, and agitation.    Camellia Au few paddy fields, but per capita fifth field.So, people spring farming season to see critical, and even can be said with evident anticipation of ingredients.    Plow turned over, after a harrowing, thick field head covers over the original milk vetch is completely pressed into the soil below, they would soon rot steep, so that paddy fields become more fertile.Field of the planarization layer of the reservoir about forty-five cm deep and shallow water, as a mirror, a bottom to thoroughly understand.    This time of night, between Tianchou camellia Pass the number of points they swam fishing boat, it is the people, “according Loach” to the.Loach At that time the most hi drilled mud, quietly, almost motionless, prostrate in the field, like quietly waiting for something, even light fishing boat totally covering their surroundings, it did not the move, they’re probably listening to the sounds of nature that spring night in nature, such as the portrait of singing frogs, insects such as crushing whisper, or are obsessed with the intoxicating smell Pinza from the depths of the season, while oblivious to the danger of coming.    My t-called “photo Loach” inline master, a child, my favorite stooge like carrying a creel child and he went “off”.Tert lug fish lantern with a long bamboo.Said lamp, but is made of very simple fixture, the low stomach filling glass bottles in the cans with some kerosene, drill a hole on the cap, inserted in a lamp few flax twisted core on the line , then the long arm of string fastened on the lamp long bamboo lug, far and near facilitate convenient shining jagged, so it is also called “photo loach”.As a tool to catch the loach, camellia Au is probably unique human invented, rural, then called “loach essays (sound)”, and an elongated small cone, but separated into sharp front “Ah” shape, iron, long wooden handle.Once spotted, suddenly plunge down towards the waist loach, up there, they lived fork of the little guy jump.Tert-foot light sharp-eyed, clear-cut action, not dragging its feet, despite the fine loach ghosts ghost fine, a little ring that is quickly escape the mud occult, but nine out of ten men in tertiary escape.And efforts to tie down the line perfectly, and the result of excessive force, sharp iron “Ah,” will “capture” fork into the body of the first two points, the force of light, slippery loach is swiftly escapes.I was bored to go with Uncle “according Loach”, but the main reason, it can be a real treat, greedy self addiction, loach delicious fresh meat, fried, fried, fried Jieke.Mother is the best at doing, “Loach drill tofu”, or raise the water dating back three to five days loach, and fresh and tender piece of tofu into the pot and simmer gently, as the temperature increases, they could not carry loach, have to drill into chunks, the clearly audible inside the pot steaming with bustling burst forth, and then slowly, slowly loach hear the sound of stampeding wildly, and only opened the soup of “Gulp” spit the sound of bubbles, then added garlic seasoning or the like, can be.That soup stew was thick thick thick, the smell of all people watering.    In the eyes of a child, those fishing boat in the cove swimming ridge edge, no doubt full of novelty, it can be said, “according to the loach” became my childhood most tempting thing.Those fishing boat cruising, like bright eyes, blinked a few times with, I actually make the dull taste of childhood shining spot.    I is to the fishing boat but there is another layer deeper memory.In retrospect, it now makes one remember when I read the fishing boat, there will be a lot of different feelings.    Read the next issue of the fifth grade, the school came just picked a “stinking ninth category” hat teacher, surnamed Chen, is Chen Wu Health.I remember very clearly.He was fifty years old, not tall, thin Qu face, not at all like the old over fifty age, gray hair.It looks like a kindly face, has chosen to be impatient.In fact, not that hot temper, but since we can not wait to teach a lesson as three classes, anxious to put all fell out of his mind all the stored knowledge of an ancient brain child teach us.So for those naughty naughty student, he is always a turn iron into steel to the point where almost wringing, definitely more than the child’s biological mother also anxious not Qindie.And often visits at night carrying a fishing boat, take the bumps of the club West home string, I remember him most dahuai home, and started to talk dahuai your mother is, “because it is cattle ass, read so many books did not have to handy “at that time, he was anxious aside and let him lying and speak fine words go into detail, but dahuai Niang cross straight BU.But also thanks to him many times to your door, your mother finally dahuai to his face, let dahuai stumbling finish primary school.    Chen Wu this student teacher is to teach mathematics, but at night time whim taught us played a language class.We had dinner at home from the name of the fishing boat back to school, that’s quite the Great Revolution described the peasant movement out some comic scenes do night school.Two dozen children twenty Jizhan fishing boat swam in cove.The children all the way before the call should be of high interest.The teacher wearing black-rimmed reading glasses child, a hand with a small lantern in one hand and a book.Mainly teach ancient poetry is not on our books, “What 春眠不觉晓, Everywhere Birds Are Singing”, “For a grander sight, a higher level”, “car resounds, horse rustling, pedestrians in the back of each bow and arrow ” A young idler, an old beggar ‘etc., etc..He first sentence by sentence to explain, with a hoarse voice and his unique take us read aloud together.At first the kids having fun, I never read poetry, catchy, and then listen to the teacher to explain the poetry of mood and background, heard some distant story, familiar with some, such as Li Bai Du Fu Po Chu-like strange name.Gradually fascinated, and thus one of intense interest, read aloud together, there is a really big voice than anyone else in the scene.Innocent children sound pierced the night sky in the spring, as if in the fields and that a Jiaozhen frogs, and even attracted large people joined in the fun to drive, and a few faces in the crowded wooden lattice windows, interesting to listen to us read aloud Yaotouhuangnao.    At that time, every night, at least to memorize a poem, and then we lit each night fishing boat touched the way home.Children in the mountains Daner big, no home pick-up.Most adults have already resting, because the next day there are piles of piles of waiting for them to live.    On the way home, we will thirty-five go hand in hand.On the road, often loudly recite poetry just learned how to get enough of.Fishing boat shines children innocent face and pure Tongmou.Grow up, I often recalled this scene, I thought I ever think of the fishing boat metaphor of the stars, is somewhat superficial, cliche.Those fishing boat all the way to shiny, clearly cruising flowers.Although there is no scent splendor, even without foliage contrast, it has made me feel warm, they bloom in spring Camellia Au night, the children one by one simple little face, reflected particularly moving, as beautiful as flowers blooming brilliant smile.  Since then, these flowers cruising obviously destroy destroy all the way with me, walking in the Camellia Au spring, walking on the journey of life span.    411400 Xiangtan City, Hunan Province IRS Xie Qiong pieces [Editor: Can children]