Bending blown away eyebrow

REVIEW: You Wang does not know of this world Wang soil, what they do not own it?He was not willing, such a beautiful person, if smile, certainly more attractive.So, play war lords had, daughter buy a laugh, and she laughed concubine.  Beautiful woman who always escape the people’s yo mouth.Has a peerless face, people will say she has a startling beauty of the landscape, do not know the praise is derogatory.However, the course of history, were always going to have some wonderful women, such as elves, the Empress Dowager occasion, showing the beauty of other clever woman can not have.So, sometimes for the people of the United States, but also requires a certain fate, and regardless of whether that is the most beautiful woman who’s a wonderful work, but in the eyes of the world, but they had not shake the position.    Chinese history records, probably the first concubine a recognized beauty.Her beauty seems so unique, because she does not laugh or smile because it is really difficult to speculate.I’m from her body, saw a glimmer of innocence is not stained mundane.As one of the princes of the country dedicated to the beauty of the Zhou Dynasty, she obediently accepted, no smile, no resistance.She gave birth to leave home lightly, treat it lightly unfamiliar environment.A bouquet of white roses, like Sudan, Sudan was a bit solemn.I think her heart is not happy, eyes often bathed with tears, eyebrows hidden trace of sadness.    Ancient woman, face no matter how good, after all, can not do their own master, and the more good looks, the more likely to play one more casualty, it became a quid pro quo between rights, money.Concubine at the expense of sacrificing money, but also political rights.Which girl does not want to have a beautiful love, Which girl does not want to meet a certain intersection and turned elegant dandy, this might be called magnificent turn, turned concubine has become extremely gloomy.Fourteen years old, she went to the Zhou Dynasty palace, everything shattered dreams.Her husband is sovereign over the people, she also leap into the royal nobles, renowned identity, and no one can, but she rarely happy.    Zhou You Wang concubine looked glum, so indifferent look, his heart was drunk.However, the concubine did not please his best to juggle high above the kings of the well-behaved.Clenching her red lips and eyes silently Tobacco, even if merciless also moving.Perhaps it was her wake-up call this cold Zhou You Wang desire for true love.Not the least bit pretentious, this is the life of the true.Natural state, captured his heart.Among the harem, no lack of beauty, Mei Yan to please many, but it is really hard to find a.Concubine true nature makes Youwang inevitably become a mild-mannered fellow, in love with his beloved woman, willing to absurd his best.    Zhou You Wang tried to make win joy concubine, was her smile.Proud concubine but never a smile.I thought concubine not not laugh, just a very young age she was away from home, give up their youth, dreams and love, being locked up in a cage of gold in gold, and my heart with unspeakable pain.Already the case, as time goes on, how can it how it.She probably thought that way, is not seen through, just an emotion to the extreme will numb.Experience more things, everything is seen through, unable to resist, let his spirit passed away, wandering body go with the flow.    You Wang does not know of this world Wang soil, what you do not own it?He was not willing, such a beautiful person, if smile, certainly more attractive.So, play war lords had, daughter buy a laugh, and she laughed concubine.There was a momentary smile, quiescence of the honored eternally.However, her laugh it just because that kind of tease and tease you embarrassed?    It is clear that things will not be like this.Ruoguo it is because of this, her hanging cheeks, long overdue and India under a shallow smile.She was laughing at those who have been playing with the power of life.Ancient always like power and beauty as their shield, and now look, how ridiculous is.    Concubine laugh, as a blooming rose, Zhou dynasty overthrown.Consumers meteorite in the swirling flames of war, the accessory has become the winner of another.Empress Dowager, and if she does not, the Western Zhou dynasty but also how long shall Happy.    Many words are always near, beauty is beauty, the extreme cold, warm to the extreme, Lengnuanzizhi.However, in any case, after all, did not blow away eyebrow curved a beautiful woman.That smile has become a concubine of life in the most beautiful exotic flower, barren numerous historical Jiaoqiao.[Editor: Can children]