Bambusa Multiplex under the moonlight

[Editor’s note] essence of life is sad, everyone has side My Darling Clementine.Many times, we yearn for the romantic poetry of life, but, increasingly rich material and the fast pace of modern life, our hearts full of desire very taut, then stop and listen to music a soul hidden in corner of tenderness, to reproduce in time.    There are always some music, can in an instant, to awaken people returning to the soul of some bright.    Listen to a beautiful music, like a blooming wander in March, broke into it to the United States, between the kind of faint fragrance of alcohol alcohol, as long wine cellar moderately unsealed, but also be coming from high-altitude clouds in fall the spring rain, scattered, weak weak murmur filled up, caught up your mind, there is no end.Those that far away in the past, he was a music, tie him ahead of the pace of housing,.Looking back, inexplicable feelings, bleeding on the heart.There is no reason, people’s thoughts, following the rhythm of music, one after another, in which subsidence.Little musical notes floating into the ear, fresh Ming Cheng maneuver in space.Secular impetuous gone, the Red troubles disappeared, the heart of the hustle and bustle is gone, gone stale trivial.At this point, I held a cup of weak tea, cup of tea in the aftertaste, indulge in a song, hearing and taste intertwined, led by a ray of light smoke stir worry.I just want to slow the tempo to stop, look back to that once myself, do I can remember?There was something fleeting, but also how much, alas, is worth more than leaving a dash of nostalgia?Red Dust, but also how much Love, playing a few drops fall out sigh?    Listen Bambusa Multiplex under the moonlight, I put my mood, spread out in Hulusi music, so that a melody to smooth wrinkles stacked on my mind.Feeling of quiet and Sensation, instantly occupied the height of my soul.A cold heart, and thus had settled, and then again overflowing warmth, waiting for a rhyme mood, as if waiting for a wedding day of visit.Away from the heart of the earth, to miss departed, through the storied fog, engaged in a bamboo forest green shadow whirling among moonlight blurred, like water flowing slowly.Bright moonlight, a boneless real estate broker, jade green gently stroked, but also hidden in each of the blade under the night, Wang a milky white halo surrounded by rushing around the Fengweizhu , gentle breeze from the floating green drapery, Bambusa Multiplex lightly stretch slender leaves, fluttering in green.Little moonlight penetrate deep into the bamboo, and the mottled light and shadow, swaying buildings layers of shadow, and the distance across the lake on a lotus.Grass slope shore, Chao Chao shadow image to become dark touch bottom halo, and whirling the bamboo, and each lining, mutually BACKGROUND.Fengweizhu raised slender show items, with graceful arms, test and assessed by the stars.All were King, enveloped in dreamy moonlight, the gourd has become a lingering euphemism song.Dancing with the wind bamboo together, as if tied to each other, but never separated, at this moment, a subtle move, expectations are sky against the earth.The moonlight was washed dirty bamboo, more ethereal and elegant, charming, bamboo wind action, Fengweizhu stunning mountain silence, destroy the wine warm pot of moonlight, stained drunk people tonight waiting yo!    What a charming landscape, how beautiful melody.Hulusi blowing music, with the distant misty and ethereal, as if gently beautiful little Lvsha mist filled the night sky, giving the mysterious hazy beauty, the kind of warm, moist with a slightly nasal sound, plump and lively, such as thin cold night dew oozing, collections of crystal clear, Emmanuel brilliance.Only Hulusi euphemism music, to be able to Fengweizhu thousands of style in the moonlight, and full of sad thoughts, represented the ultimate.The entire song, wrapped Wan Qingli, gentle enough, like the night wind and open flowers.In the night’s army, Bambusa Multiplex foliage, such as silk women’s hands shake, throw extension.The vast world gone.Some notes, turned into a mist dispersed.Clouds Chasing the Moon turned into.Turned into a gurgling springs.Turned into a bamboo Nongying.To say that women shy melancholy mood, all inclusive in Shoulong Hulusi – miss, longing!Music continued gliding, mountain climbing toward the top on the complex and return to the earth.What kind of a realm of?Resentment is a Xianchou Acacia yet?Last month is the willow, after the warm-mei you encounter Renyuehuanghun?Beauty is blossoming cloud of infinite yearning across it?I see more than charming Castle Peak, Castle Peak expected to see me and as you are aware of each other?This is a situation no account can be removed only under the brow but our hearts do endless Acacia?This oblique drag skirt roundabout, which fulfill the complex, according to Song of the venue, which sleeves low DW send shadow, shirt billowing into the mantle flow secretly Sheng.Originally, the Red synchronization is between you met me, know each other and spend the opportunity, in this beautiful moment, I will be in the form of a musical, with you across the other side of the vast smoke water, touch the bottom of this flame ring, I will be in a dancing pose, explain my feelings at the moment.Life such as water, flows through the rush, flowing more than a joy, and sad, because you care, because you are thinking about, those thin cool calm day, there will be warm lights illuminated me forward, though, you just me accompanied irrelevant scenery outside the window, but I can do, and only at this moment alone, with echoes of the sounds of nature, put your records, you miss!Until the advent of hours of the day, as it opened the fight with emotion, will quietly folded, slowly convergence.    That night, I put the beginning of May, in the southern town purchase length skirt, the color of the full moon night in the Park, barefoot, alone in front of music, dance.Cream skirt sleeve of a robe background, big flower big flower clouds drift looked around, a bon bon dark green vines, sparsely around the skirt, peacock open screen in the middle frequently.I love this dress, like I like Hulusi, Bambusa Multiplex under the moonlight like the same.Although this is a far cry from the fashion, outdated, but this is full of ethnic customs Rhyme, for a person, quietly sentiment, quietly enjoy.As I like the music, until it is fully listen to head into the heart.    The essence of life is sad, everyone has side My Darling Clementine.Many times, we yearn for the romantic poetry of life, but, increasingly rich material and the fast pace of modern life, our hearts full of desire very taut, then stop and listen to music a soul hidden in corner of tenderness, to reproduce in time.People are nostalgic, let the emotion of the music imagination to fill in the gaps of missing our hearts.Like now, I’m the opposite you, you next to me, and we did not meet each other, then continue humming light singing, intoxicated, decided to quietly listening to this song, even if the music stops, still Concert recollection of this thread, then turned to leave, their horizon, since then, you have your loneliness, I have my direction.