Army newspaper: Military Films ideological content, texture and aesthetic needs sustained exertion

Data for: "Red Sea action" creative team campaign trail。
 Linan Xuan photo "Red Sea action" has a realistic war scenes, rich characters, reasonably rigorous story structure; more importantly, the inherent pattern of "Red Sea action" Broad and deep heavy Theme。
The film is certainly to promote patriotism as the theme, but the theme around elaborate, but also into a richer quality of thought。
For example, the film "dragon" in addition to doing everything possible to rescue commandos hijacked fellow, also found that manufacture a "dirty bomb" raw "yellowcake" There is the risk of falling into the hands of terrorist organizations, the rapid adjustment of mission objectives, at great cost after crushing the conspiracy of terrorist organizations。 This set of circumstances beyond the existing story line, highlighting the distinct humanitarian feelings and just stance, it is the artistic echo power advocates "building a human community of destiny", effectively extends the work of the weather pattern。 In addition, this transcendence is also reflected in the characters' inner world to create。
"Dragon" commando members of different characters, in the tragic battlefield environment, both people show fear of death, some people insist on chasing personal glory。
Rich character set, in addition to preaching gas, but also let people more flesh and blood, can sense amiable。   Films States military has always been important to carry forward the national mainstream values of the carrier。 At present, the continuous exchange of cultural products in various countries, the general pattern of the collision, the United States has been export their values through the movie, passed American patriotism and heroism to the world。
In this process, by virtue of Hollywood's leading production technology and global marketing strategy, a variety of audio-visual experience will concentrate on the theme of war film type, to convey the position of the US war and military ethics。
From the 1930's – 1940's "Thirty-nine Steps," "Casablanca" to the eighties and nineties, "First Blood," "Top Gun", and then in recent years of "Captain America," " Allied Indiana team "and has been true。 These include the action, suspense, romance, youth films and other types of military themes of the film, the American national consciousness has been escalating intensity of elaboration and output, where the shape of the American hero was especially successful。
  In the 21st century, China is the main theme of the movie, especially the type of military Films attempt, it has become mainstream。 Military action film "Wolf" series success is based on the Chinese film "Modern Peking Opera," "Assembly" and other works on the continuous accumulation of the products of digestion。
Types of foreign film production Experience and the introduction of such multiple military theme movie released in China in recent years showing a high level and a new look。
As released soon, "she explains," reflects the mid-seventies to the early eighties army art troupe life。 Where the intense thrill of battle scenes carved into the context of the story, the audience has a more proximate perception of dedication to the brutality of war and contemporary military。
  Indeed, military themes and genre films have a natural link, action movie is the first choice of military themes Genre process; but should also be seen in recent years taken Hollywood war films, it was an anti-types of trends: wonderful good-looking than the story, the general strengthening of deep thought and inquiry on war and human nature。
With the theme of World War II, for example, from "Saving Private Ryan," "Windtalkers" to "bloody Hacksaw Ridge" "Dunkirk", "dark moment" and other films, their creative aspirations generally concentrated on ideological rather than entertainment level of。
These works, although there are some war scenes, but more out of the need to render the subject matter, rather than simply focus on audio-visual shock and attract attention。
Only "Raiders of the Lost Allied Force" and a few other works are more purely commercial films, genre。 At the same time the type of narrative patterns and aesthetic elements, high-tech shooting and post-production tools greatly enhance the movie to watch, but also makes the audience superficial sensory stimuli easier to produce fatigued, and thus more inclined to ideological content of the film and aesthetic standards as a judge scale; and the mature Western film artists to be more conscious and fate of the characters through the course of the war, expressed profound philosophical speculation and profound thought。
  It is foreseeable that after "Wolf Ⅱ" "Red Sea action", China's domestic military theme movie audience expectations is bound to rise, regardless of the type or drama are so。 This requires that the creator must be more demanding artistic vision to look at their own creation。 Only a more superior quality, more heavy connotation, in order to work more effectively carry mainstream ideology and value system, in order to win the favor of the audience more。 From the development trend of China's military theme movie watching, genre for a long time will lead the creation of the trend, but also need to create the main ideological content in the film, the aesthetic aspects of continuous hard texture; the need to create the inner world of characters, themes aspects of the rich, the story of sophistication and other processed more accurate place。
In other words, once we have more film artists have the ability to create high-quality military themes feature film, genre-class upgrade is naturally a matter of course。 We should clearly see that globalization has been configured in the movie resource, the openness of national film market rising in the moment, in order to occupy a more favorable position in the pattern of international film depth exchanges in culture to enhance the effectiveness of our output, we should establish culture convincing on the basis of artistic expression on the need to create more ideological, artistic, ornamental superb work, because only then can we get more mainstream values profound exposition and more powerful means of communication。   Rise of great powers, the need for robust rich with echoes of mainstream literary and artistic creation。
Under the "Red Sea action", "Wolf Ⅱ" and so as to patriotism as the theme core films, widely extended in the country care for citizens, the international status of the country's rising and overall national strength growing realistic background to match the image way of expressing the law and establish an unprecedented degree of social concern among the audience, provides a fresh experience for the development of military themes, including movies, including the film's main theme of the new generation。 Military Films masterpiece after another come out, is bound to attract more talent, capital intervene to promote military theme movie to high-quality drama continued development of high box office genre, in order to achieve the organic integration of the two at a higher level, the Chinese Contemporary Military movies onto a new artistic peak。


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