Another graduation season

June come again, is the time to graduation.    We can see sister school seniors were wearing clothes bachelor, he traveled to every corner of the campus, looking for the memories they left behind gave.They keep hitting the camera capture key, do not want to miss any more than one place, and more hope forever frozen in time here.When they threw the caps in the sky, far more than declare his own school of liberation to the world, we should also declare the liberation of their own youth, right.    We could hear the cries of seniors sister school, four years of college they may have no real shouted over his own mind, and this moment, after a moment, some will not, this time we must say goodbye, or what the true face of yourself, even sad, or to shout “we graduated.”.The meaning of these five words, who can understand, who can truly appreciate them now seemingly crazy shout.    Downstairs to the street and the emergence of so many stalls, sister school to own things four years have moved out to bid farewell.Four years to be able to praise those things up, it includes a number of memories, but at this moment it can only sell due to various reasons, can only say goodbye.Is not no need, is not care anymore.Everything is still there, just too many things change in four years, but very few can leave things.    Many seniors will shout the name of their favorite girls in the girls bedroom downstairs, he shouted his feelings for four years.I do not know the count as romantic, I do not know if this is the best way to express love, perhaps in their view, to have this opportunity is better than to regret later.Also, at least we are able to fight for themselves when there are tried, regardless of the outcome, that also considered worthy of his own heart.Perhaps, this is really young and frivolous move also become a way to pay homage to their youth it.    There are always such a sister school seniors every day, dragging their luggage bid farewell to this campus gave them grow.Some of them went to the school gate, could not help but stop and look back at the memories of four years of leaving the place, I did not hold back the tears that immature; but some were went straight away, not no feelings, love is too deep, so scared he did not let his stop courage to leave.    For most people, college is the final reading of the career.Engaged in more than a decade this thing, so from life disappear, the result is all kinds of pressure, all kinds of frustration.Luggage going to break their own world, to fight for their own piece of blue sky.Unforeseen thorns on the road, the road is bumpy.In this confused time, some really disappeared, only knew that he should leave, but in the end where to go, what to do in the end, but really just a question mark.This should be their farewell to the youth in it, those young time, those good memories, can do is to face with memories.    Four years later, the long or short is not a short time, in the end or later.And himself in four years, how many times their own unexamined sigh, sigh own mediocrity.True to the end of time, but found that, in four years, leaving little or no memory.Those people here, after this meeting should be in the foreseeable future it will.While everyone inside the mouth says: married when I remember to inform me, I will come; I remember something else later told me, it will definitely appear immediately.But we all know, it just want it all.I not have forgotten that part of the friendship, but everyone has their own thing, with each tie him down.    Before he left one day, or taking the time to look at this lovely campus bar.Look at life’s bedroom for four years, this is the place to stay up to four years of memories; school buildings to take a look at those who are still sitting in class, the students in the classroom, but it is no longer a graduate of people; go to the cafeteria to taste taste those dishes, like a curse for four years, also accompanied by four years of it, really afraid there is no such a cheap meal; go look at those quiet library books, and perhaps this is the place least four years to go this is even more reason to give up now; even sit in the South lake, South lake beautiful, perhaps this is the last time to see you, let you in the memory more deeply some of it; take a walk on the road to school, we have not felt this way in a hurry, it also allows us to end it at a slow pace.    Graduation time, and bid farewell to the school, and students bid farewell, farewell and their youth.    Play a wave, or do not say goodbye, say goodbye phrase, appreciate the might never see.   Rain in June, down in my heart, stay in the moment of graduation in.