Alumni Association

Do not know when, the students will begin to pop up, become a fashion these days to say you did not attend the Alumni Association, you are behind the times, from 20 years old to 60 years old to participate in Alumni Association. Students, in fact, really is a very friendly names, like the original, our youth, our dreams, our innocent smile, we cried together, laughed together, worked hard together, fall together, we know that piece of memory, verses and laugh, knowing smile, it is the memory, life is Nama blue sky, even if was overcast, but the memory is definitely blue sky, azure blue, leaving a mind a place where even the smallest heart space is definitely the purest cleanest place. Graduate, so we entered the community, running in the country, is the Sha Zhudao years, leaving only muster pockets, wrinkles and once the memory.In order to pick up the hearts of the Nama blue sky, so with the students, and long lost classmates, natural exceptionally cordial, one by one recognizable and declared noise and understand the situation, asking professional and family, came to our campus the past, see to a former teacher, the students met once, although we face has changed, temperament has changed, we have learned to run the campus also become a bit lonely and dying, people have changed a little, but we also can not cover a boil heart of. After some pleasantries will be China’s next Jiuzhuo culture, find a grand hotel, everyone you me a glass cup, not always fun, chatting about the previous embarrassments, the former Sentimental love something, let us feel back in the past, we just met from the binding becomes warm up, the atmosphere is rising up, wine on the table will be the most overhangs identity, standing, as well as the face, Haier did not identity the status of those who are not eloquence when part of the audience, winners were suspended river mouth provoke impassioned, talkative person ears. Feel back to the past, but people have changed, Sentimental campus simply can not find, can not find our past bookish, full of dreams you can not find past me, replaced by rights, for money, the worship of beauty, bad language, foul language full of them, it really is what we aspire to students, and dreamed that I would do in a dream homecoming? I think I was disappointed, maybe paranoid character, perhaps a little aloof, perhaps a little loner, had buried in the hearts of most blue sky instantly denied this atmosphere.Time goes by, but we want to get back in those days, nothing but nonsense, is passed over.