Acquaintance over the world, few people can be intimate?

The most popular is the rainy night of silence, standing at a window in silence listening to the rain, this feeling makes me feel like being in Wonderland, feeling wells up floating in the air if sen, this moment, just a moment, I will forget the surroundings, forget the earth in all mundane affairs, greedily indulging in the rain and I was the only world, enjoy the fragrance quiet time at the moment, there was a text.    Drizzle, for nourishing the heart, but also for writing.Look crowd crowds come and gone, and I shall draw water cloud, pregnant with a Zen, alone, hiding text in heating.Wang Shu Yu a curtain, read episode, his thoughts went free, every scene are written.Often think it would not be so for some time, I can take a quiet walk in the landscape in pen and enjoy a love affair, Yin period of brilliance, do not ask that hazy sunset, not to watch the flow of time.If you can, I just want to do a character in a woman, for water to clothes soft heart, not for the passing of autumn sigh, no longer dying flowers and weeping, Enron quiet poise, placid.    Vast world, day and night cycle, I always take one of the most extraordinary gesture, standing in a big crowd, hesitated, removed.Haitian moon, alone on the West Wing, twisting a thin pen, do Yin breeze, flowers all over the song, Looking back, a blooming, sleeves sigh.Acquaintance over the world, few people can be intimate?Since ancient times, the end of a mountain stream, Concert hard to find.The worth of the world, after all, but a “margin”, if destined, to become friends, if missed, the opposite is not always true.I hope also cherish this fate, according to Sansei Sansei stone, whose son might have gone through a difficult to find a friend, I do not know past lives destined, or afterlife marriage, this life to meet you, destined to be the most beautiful love of my life.    We encounter do not seem so busy glamorous, but circuitous turns, the United States has shown signs of dying heart, soul-stirring.A look, a word, a paragraph of text, you can read between the lines of my mind, even though I speak for you, without a word, I uphold you able to walk into the building from the Secret Garden, into the depths of my soul, always inadvertently I gazed stranded between touch a chord, a heart song waves from your eyes in gentle enough to store the warmth, the warmth of a pregnant book do my fingertips ink flowing with tenderness, since I Fuqin grinding the ink, you read poems painting, painted an idyllic, keep a peaceful and let you live in my heart, accompanied by silence, the silence of love.    Love does not necessarily understand, but know it must be love.Sometimes can not help but thank fate, thanks to fate, with one friend, this life is enough.To you, I am willing to Lin, maybe my past life is really in front of a Ching Lin Buddha that, in order to meet with you, off the mortal world, just to spend with your friend in this life, doom comes, you and I each for the day.And I will not regret, affection in this life, warm heart, no regrets no complaints.Lin’s mind, countless, helpless and chaotic, you and I party End of the World, one of the Cape, Xue Wu of the season, turning a plum for you for ages, I hope Jun heart like my heart, I live Acacia Italy A Acacia, Xianchou.    Friends not more, already sincere, intimate hard to find, there is a sufficient.It has long been accustomed exposure between mountains and streams, Dan Yiqu soulful, so you minds, fly in the sky.This life I’m with you, do not envy the duck does not envy cents.This life, Haitian apart, looking forward with slight soul dream, the afterlife even if you do not then I have such a look, but if my spirit tied to your soul, you recognize that my past life love, it would be adjourned I love, are like in a dream, that you and I are still on Shenxianjuanlv, extending the world’s most beautiful legend, friend, Xiangxi, love, life after life.