People in shallow autumn

Gradually bid farewell to the summer of wanton footsteps entered the threshold of the season early autumn, the fall of man into the light or feel some of the cool, autumn tiger did not let the mighty lax irritable mood.At this point, how eager to have cold air or a typhoon to affect this hot environment, let their feelings along with your body and mind to enjoy the coolness which shares the unknown.    Once, we have experienced during the rainy season, we are flying in the rainy season humid mood.Flying is a symbol of freedom.Flying ideals, hopes to fly, fly free, which is hidden in the pursuit of the goal of every conscientious heart.    The rainy season, the chaos of the sky, wash clean.A tiny seed of life twitching wings to make time fly.Rain is so ruthless, not only wet wings, and make life difficult seed wings.We are looking forward to be able to have a ray of sunshine through the clouds and over, drying wet wings.Standing of your window, without some sun can come in, only the wind, rain, mist.The mood is still damp heavy, good news is that some of the chilly wind, with fresh air into the heart, comfortable people gladly.    Nowadays when the rain break, shake off the rain on the wings, so cool dry, let a little wings spread their wings again.Gently wings to fly, heart slowly Shu.Looking, looking sway in home.In a strange place, you can store arbitrary sadness?Wandering, rooted in different places flowering.This may be a person’s fate.Even with the same day, same place, same air, where people with the possibility of receiving a charitable spirit mind wandering heart it?A place both familiar and unfamiliar, there are always some pull wire connected to it.Familiar is often call in a dream, strange that never go off to a foreign land.Listen, a long string of footsteps gradually approached the door to stay in mind.It looks like deja vu, in themselves.An expectation gently percussion knocker, standing in astonishment.Who is that, not in spring encounter, but meet again in the second autumn.Last fall through the tenderness, the heart happens close the door a few days ago.Chance encounter, awaken emotions, the strange streets have no open an osmanthus?    I think yes.Because the city is known to sweet-scented osmanthus, entering the city are attracted by the unique landscape, its beautiful landscape worthy of heaven.Suitable climate, no pollution of the air, and more would like his home life.Encounter in this city, I do not know a good start, or plain pass.If there is fate, so in this strange place, I think we can take root in different places flowering.If we have missed acquaintance, only to be lost in the previous memory.We encounter even a short life in the intersection, it may not completely overlap.This may be a person’s fate.I believe in fate is a man, so I believe in fate.If there is no fate, then the emotional development of the latter will not last long.People into the shallow autumn, I realize even more solitude of early autumn bring.Buddha said that because of past lives, present and future have fruit.This reincarnation perhaps destined to happen to me.