Huai Hong brushed you Ruqierzhi

Spring breeze blew, with a touch of Huai Hong swaying branches lightly in the air, ray ray of fragrance spread in the ancient capital。  And you walk in the walls of the root, fingers touching the mottled ancient blue wall, count the little bit of time, looked up, dense acacia trees already lingering in my head, elegant fragrance of Sophora japonica light hidden in the leaves in the gap , clusters of white flawless, white people can not seem to close, there is a trace of fear of dust contamination that its white body, one after another, a string, all goo Duzhaoxiaozui, like waiting for a pleasant kiss。  Since when do not know, you've lived in my heart, like a wall, like this old blue, has become the witness of history; or elegant as this blossoming of Sophora japonica, from Boyhood will take root in my heart。No matter how the vicissitudes of things, as all the precious memories forever。  I remember that day, I stood at the window overlooking your direction, ears listening to the voice of hope in my heart kind of, you tell me, you'll go north, and I make。  You came, marching in April endings, smiling in flowers filled trails, all in an instant bustling expect, as this season。  Like in this season, guarding you drink a cup of tea in a cozy corner, chatting our favorite topic, savor the flavor of life。In fact, this time to me is a luxury for you。  Petals in the wind falling, and you fall in my palm。I have always believed that our fate is a long wait, many years to miss only the most primitive attitude waiting for you, waiting for you in the dust together。  The fragrance of deep feelings, not every year open Sophora japonica, only to meet the millennium long wait。Flowers can not resist the spring, people can not resist this meet。  I deliberately look in the sun shorten your shadow, I think huge things I can not have you weak figure I can hold a while pregnant。  Time may very shallow, I can not hugged your shadow in the sun, my heart will be the breeding ground for an indescribable melancholy of。  All the way, you pass through the dust, docked in my Heart Lake。Drying up all the moisture in my mind, this season, I saw the April sun, very bright。  Hee wearing crowd, you are my eyes free of direction, all kinds of clothing, a clean white is my eternal watch。You smile with your eyes all the bleak relieved my mind, this season, and as I Huai aromatic incense, fresh and elegant, smile bloom。  You, or so look like, years of vicissitudes written on the forehead, I was watching it silently to every distressed, and rub it into the bones are engraved in my heart。  All along, like a beautiful love story to interpret, even if just a vain illusion, then, folded text in innumerable twists and turns your shadow, but want to narrow the fear approached, ambiguous put you on my surroundings。  I was so fond of this season when the meet with you, clear sky, the breeze, Huaihua fragrance, often this season, my heart filled with excitement, always exciting to。Occasionally, think of your smile, flushed cheeks, mouth not help more than a hint of happiness smile。  Sky, a pure, accompanied by strands of breeze, floated bursts Huai Hong, we walked under the trees, walking in each other's heart。…..