Her rain

Rain crack loneliness, silence awakened, inspired boredom and Invite morale, erode your heart quietly。Look out the window, a place of tears streaming non-stop, all over the world are so gloomy light, so poke with the mood to open ourselves, polished pain potholes, you and I went into full estate。    Said leading edge again, but no, not far, not。You wiped out in the rain I walk in the traces, or I do not remember this piece of wetland wandered how many times you?Dragon King to say a few nice words, so he quietly sneaked back to the sea, to close the rain, to close these secluded and quiet fear of the dark。But you cried and begged to heaven, let the rain drown my affection。    Keep trees swaying in the wind, a rain, a summer rain, autumn is also the winter rain, giving the thirsty world perfusion cultural atmosphere。I remember I would like for you to write a poem, written in the cool colors air colorful, I softened the umbrella in the rain for you, gently stroking your shoulders, but will be able to smile speaks slowly Ye Hao walked the streets, alleys or, Song Ye Hao, Ye Hao Ming Dynasty。That's my hope, my immeasurable merit。    Now you see it?I'm not going to bright lights and the rain stopped, I will not wait until the end of time and who to。But you do not forget, that if I had a lighter in Harry Potter, I'm already ready waiting for you, waiting for you to come sometime, through fish dragon dance, the moon came out, came a a street lamp in front, looking at me with open arms for you, right lighters to ignite the magic, like a dazzling fireworks light up if the fire。Beating those bright sparks fly from all my heart out。    Do not try, do not sigh。Why not go out the window, out of the shelter, comfortable pouring rain, to accept God's gift, Chunhuaqiuyue Know, after the storm the night comes, Swiss animal brain of gold sales。I ask you all enjoy it, I said I enjoy。If not rain, if not you, where I have so much love to express, there are so many cigarettes to smoke, there are so many intersection to wait。There is fear, there is escape, and losing。If rain falls, my love has been non-stop, let the Earth rotate a bit slower, I hold your hand, to board Noah's Ark, climb the walls of the polar Song of Ice and Fire, leaving me and you。    And the love of singing, drunken fight than ten kilo, rain ah, ah tears, tell。I sang the mountains, flowers bloom on, I drank the water, the fish Yuet。SOMEONELIKEYOU, SOMEONELIKEME。I can not find the reason, can not pick up the phone and call you, who like me。You are raining over there, you also want to hear what my song?TAKEASADSONG, TOMAKEYOUBETTER。Or you do not like me, and seemingly addicted to deliberately wait until the sun is shining?You have to brilliant, it is brilliant。I ran to the middle of the group of people praying for rain, beat the fetish priests lie, snatched the sword in his hand, what 急急如律令 are shit。I like people to sunlight, it is sunny skies。After those unwanted rain, unnecessary water, have to find a hidden corner and hide her happy, then all into my stomach。Then you have to see the bamboo shoots after the rain, with ru, there Sizhu。Are the results you want。    Rain hurry, hurry people, there is a Lethal between Heng Fa Chuen, Ching Ming when I go, you are not in。But the rain stopped, the temperature not miss the cup of wine, you can not ask, can not drink。