Global anxiously waiting for next Monday China's GDP: 6 large investment banks forecast

Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK 16 pm news, in China's rapid economic downturn and after the collapse triggered a global market turmoil, global investors keen to see Chinese economy showed signs of stabilization A shares。Monday China will announce Q3 GDP data, economists are expected to fall below 7 percent, a Bloomberg survey showed that the average predictive value of 6.8%, the lowest growth rate since the financial crisis。China's GDP growth rate is below the major investment banks forecast for China's GDP in the third quarter。  Merrill Lynch (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) predictive value: 6.7% Merrill Lynch, said: "We expect GDP growth of 7% in the third quarter from the second quarter fell 6.7%, reflecting the turmoil in the stock market during the real economy face greater downward pressure。From the industry point of view, GDP slowdown was mainly due to the stock market decline may lead to slowdown in the financial sector and industrial output slowed down, while increasing the value of real estate may rise slightly。We believe that private investment demand is very weak, due to the gloomy economic outlook and financial market turmoil, the industry continues to the inventory。"Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) forecast value: 6.8% Goldman Sachs said: "We expect third quarter GDP growth of 6.8%, slightly less than 7%, may still be declared as 'about 7%' growth target is consistent with the government。"ANZ Bank (ANZ) predictive value: 6.4% ANZ said: "The weakness in economic activity in China appears to have been continued to September。We expect 7% from the first half of the third quarter GDP slowed to 6.4%。"Nomura (Nomura) prediction values: 6.7% Nomura, said: "We maintain the growth rate of the third quarter 6.7%, 6 4 quarter growth.4% expected in 2016 may slow further to 5.8%。Due to the bleak growth prospects, we continue to forecast China's central government will introduce a modest fiscal stimulus, monetary easing will continue in the fourth quarter may drop quasi once, in 2016 RRR four times (each 50 basis points), while 2016 will be cut interest rates twice (25 basis points)。"Barclay (Barclay) prediction values: 6.5% of Barclays, said: "In the moderate official PMI and PMI new fiscal, trade data was mixed after the announcement, we believe that weak external demand could lead to China's economy bottomed out in the third quarter。"ING Group (ING) predictive value: 6.5% of ING Group, said: "We are 6.5% of the predicted value is lower than the average market expectations, mainly on the grounds that July-August turmoil in financial markets could have serious impact on economic activity。We expect Q4 GDP growth will rise to 6.7%。"(Tony compilation)