Knight has hurt the weakest link in a!Really want to write continuously three miserable word

  Beijing on March 14, today the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road to 129-107 victory over the Phoenix Suns, but small – Larry Nance injury retreat to Cleveland this victory more than a hint of discord。
  The field in the first half, small Nance issued the first battle 13 minutes, 2 vote 1 2 points 2 rebounds and 1 blocked shots, leading the Cavaliers with the first round of the advantages gained, also 68-52 lead into the second half。   Section 11 minutes 09 seconds, a small Nance pick LeBron – James pass, to empty succeeded, leading the Cavaliers up 20 points, everything seems so smooth。
But then little Nance raid fast-break basket, but was Dragan – Bender kissing arrived, fly ball fan。 After nine seconds, it was John Nance small – Holland replaced。   Soon after came the news: Small Nance right leg muscle strain, the Knights out of caution's sake, do not let him continue to play in this field。   Inferred from the wording, the small Nance should be no serious injuries, but this is not the first time his injury was "frozen" after joining Knight。 March 4 loss to the Nuggets, small and after Nance was in collision opponents knee injury, although he was spoiling for a fight afterwards, he was been on the bench press。 As a result, the Knights of caution, in exchange for a small Nance after two days of piston scored 22 points and 15 rebounds outstanding performance。
  Knight so cautious for a reason。 Since joining, small Nance gradually firmly secured inside a starter, and with positive running on both ends have become a big help knight, and for the Cavaliers, the weak inside it, now you can not really rely on the people too much。
Knight's cautious hope that today, nearly a week ago can be like a piston as an all-powerful and inspired little Nance。 (Demons)。