So eat dates, make your life rosy!(1)

  As the saying goes, "One day to eat three dates, young never grows old."。
Jujube most prominent feature is the high vitamin content。Chinese medicine believes that jujube can Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing fluid。Fresh vitamin content richer; but sometimes it makes, you can not often buy and eat more likely to harm the digestive function。  Dried dates, although vitamin content decreased, but increased iron content, more easily absorbed and its nutrients, more suitable diet, diet practices introduced several jujube here。
  Jujube flood damage, Liver detoxification experiments show that daily drinking water jujube to the liver function of poor people, for one week can increase human serum protein, and nearly reach the efficacy of liver detoxification。  Reminder: a brew details of dates it determines the level of effectiveness。
Dates leathery skin bad digestion, if the entire infusion teeth, it is difficult to complete dissolution of the active ingredient, it is best to break apart and then brew。  Also note that the dates should not brew fresh or boiling。This is because of its very high content of vitamin C ^, with hot boiled bubble will seriously undermine dimension?。  Jujube tea, red dates qi nursing throat after Chaohei tea drink, to treat cold stomach, stomach pain。
If you then add the dried longan, it is the blood and qi of tea, for teachers, salespersons and other persons using high frequency voice。
  Reminder: jujube healthy, but not the more the better。Medium-sized dates, a food better not more than 15, excessive consumption detrimental to the digestive function, cause hyperacidity and bloating。
  Jujube soup, cough lungs Shen Yu Tang as a "side will effect" describes the dates with the soup, sugar and white fungus, can cough lungs。  Tremella jujube soup: Material: Tremella: 20 g (about half a flower), dates: 20, sugar: 60 g (component may be added or subtracted according to everyone's taste) Method: The hair open fungus on the water, pluck pedicle head, torn into small pieces, and dates, rock sugar into the pot together, add water bowls 6, the fire to boil, switch to gentle heat and cook for half an hour, you can turn off。
  Jujube boiled eggs, blood and beauty add brown sugar, longan boil water with red dates, longan time to date rotten cotton, beat eggs; continuing low heat Wu cooked eggs。
Red dates, longan and brown sugar has a blood effect, cook the eggs are nutritious。
  Menstrual blood program: a nutritious and delicious cinnamon beef, not only the solution of Chan Chong, also sent packing dysmenorrhea!The material is very simple, cinnamon 4 grams, 250 grams of beef, seasoning is usually home with ginger, salt, rice wine, monosodium glutamate and onions。
  Cinnamon washed, cut into 2 cm long and 1 cm wide, beef cut into pieces, into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, as usual, like stew, sauce was added to it to Dunshu!Want more bright colors, you can add a little carrot and wolfberry。
  Jujube porridge, sedative sleep aids Chinese speaking, women have manic anxiety, restlessness and other symptoms, available amount lily, lotus seeds with red dates conditioning。
If the cook and millet, red dates can better utilize tranquilizing。
  Suanzaorentang: Take three money mashed Semen, decoction, taken one hour before going to bed every night。Semen can inhibit the central nervous system, we have a more constant sedation。For upset caused by blood deficiency does not sleep or palpitations effect Anyou Liang。
  Paojiu dates, dates patency during immersion, nutrient-rich organic matter easier dissolution in wine。
For maintaining patency has some effect。
  Reminder: dried red dates vary in size, though not very different in nutritional and therapeutic efficacy, but recommended on taste, use a large number of dates when soaked in water to make tea, especially the Xinjiang production of red dates, sweet taste, the best almost half its torn then; porridge, sparkling wine and so on can be chosen at random。