Professor Yang Li Yan NPC dialogue: hot block chain is inevitable, higher than artificial intelligence dimension

After entering 2018, to discuss the block chain continues to heat up, several major events in the industry related to public concern。
For example, three o'clock sleepless block chain micro-channel community chiefs night talk block chain, and Chen Wei Xing Zhu Xiaohu circle of friends "mutual dislike", "Zhu Xiaohu Wang Feng Ten Questions" live dialogue, and even representatives of every major issue during the two sessions of the blocks chain view other related topics, both for the high temperature block chain Tim hot fire。 The evening of March 7, the block chain block chain field by the inspector and region 31 co-sponsored the first live broadcast of the share "block chain 50" and started a dialogue with the depth of field of the investor's block chain, to once again field block chain launched a new wave of topics。
The guests talk to WeMediaCEO Li Yan and large data block chain and regulatory technology laboratory director Yang Renmin University of China, made many aspects of block chain analysis of current developments in the field, changes, pain points, and regulatory environment and Interpretation。 The following is the sort of conversation: hot block chain is inevitable, artificial intelligence dimension higher than the block chain because of its broad application prospects to attract the attention of people, many of them have a lot of "speculators" in the hope with blocks chain concept flourishes。
Li Yan: At present, there is a phenomenon of large block chain or problem: in fact, most people are to watch, go with the flow, and some people may even block chain do not know anything, ordinary users may not care about。 Really allows users care about is relevant to their lives things, such as wealth management, investment block chains such as project financial management can become a fly?How do you see this thing?Yang: trust transfer block chain as a tool, to achieve credible accounting between strangers under the premise of no centralized node, which offers great opportunities for other aspects of financial transactions and economic life。 Some people have called block chain is greater than the artificial intelligence technology, this sentence is not unreasonable。
From the point of view dimension, artificial intelligence is more important is to address productivity, but more block chain is to solve the relations of production, it is higher than the AI block chain dimensions, and therefore more widespread impact on the national economy and society, as well as personal and attack。
In a sense, the block chain also help rebuild the system of rules of conduct and the law。 So, fire up the block chain is inevitable。 Yang said: I am from the second half of 2014 began to study the block chain and financial crowdfunding, I always believe that block chain will certainly change our future。
Today, the beginning of the outbreak has begun。
Development block chain, like mobile phones also remain in the current era of black and white screen, block chain technology continues upgrading, relevant technical innovation and application of innovation after another, in constant change。 Li Yan: Do you think the current development block chain of how to stage of development?Yang: development block chain, I summarized in three stages:.Bit 0 is credits, 2.0 is the Ethernet Square, 3.0 is the block chain, began gradually applied to all possible scenarios, including financial, energy, electronics as evidence, agriculture, health care, etc.,。 At present, already at 3.Stage 0。 However, from a technical point of view, now 3.Still in the initial stage 0。 Li Yan: It's like the phone is still stuck in the era of black and white screen, the current application is hard landing, even if reluctantly landed, people may not have any value。 Development block chain pain points there are mainly four blocks chain this technology has been proposed a few years ago, but really fire up, in large part because speculators blitz。 In front of the crazy capital market, a variety of issues related to the endless block chain, there are a number of investors directed at the block chain of ICO project was a scam and pyramid schemes。
Li Yan: Because of the lack of rules and supervision, often have become something of a test of humanity。
Do you think there are areas which block chain development need to address the pain points?Yang: block chain still in its infancy, the development of related pain point has not yet been solved, mainly in four aspects: first, the legal and regulatory still lagging behind。 Compared with foreign advanced countries, the lack of digital currency to define and manage its specialized legal transactions and trading platform, at the same time, the current provisions of the "Securities Act" it is difficult to solve the problem of digital currency。
Second, the technology is not mature enough, speed and efficiency is still relatively low, it is difficult to carry out a large-scale transactions and Scenarios。
Third, the block chain and digital currency will be a major area of development of our country, the future may also be part of comprehensive national strength, but the standards and rules have not formed a consensus greater difficulties still exist。 Fourth, the block chain related to lack of personnel, and all kinds of academic research in this area is scarce, the lack of research strength, which is the current pain points。
Flawed domestic regulatory legal regulation, can learn from Japan at present, is also popular block chain to criminals or undesirable speculation and so take advantage of, to all walks of life with no small shock, in this context, countries around the world regulatory policies are followed。
Li Yan: the emergence of new industries will always be a lot of chaos, what do you think the major problems existing in supervision?In policy terms, which countries can be learned?Yang: A Case Study of virtual tokens。 Virtual tokens as something new, legal regulation is relatively backward, you need to take special legislative regulatory measures for the virtual token, foreign countries have emerged a number of related research, some countries have also been converted to legislative practice, but there are still some legal the lack of regulation。 In our law only virtual tokens purely as a virtual commodity, and thus the lack of appropriate anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing regulations, there are some legal flaws。
For example, Japan has a digital currency worldwide legal and regulatory forefront, especially to build a communication mechanism to promote discussion and benign regulatory legislation with political research, we can learn much。
Refused virtual currency trading, does not mean that Li Yan refused Innovation: How do you see the problem block chain circle currency speculation?And what is recommended in this policy?Yang: For currency speculation circle situation, governance in this area is a systems engineering。 First, the law must first。
For example, to detailed provisions out what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not allowed。 Secondly, legal regulation must also be running through them, carefully examine whether such acts legal compliance。
Finally, the law punishing have to keep up, for disrupting the market economic order, will not be tolerated。 Specifically, I propose to learn from outside experience, especially Advice from anti-money laundering Financial Action Task Group (FATF) and other international organizations, specifically the nature of the various coins will be incorporated into the system of legal supervision。
For the money commodity, and only allowed to trade in the market place has a license to ensure that the transaction risk control。
For all kinds of tokens issued by ICO, it should clarify its legal nature of property securities currency shall apply the "Securities Act" its supervision, its issuance and trading of standardized processes, control of。
Block chain as a technology tool, in fact, there is no direct financial and legal risks, and the current shut down the virtual currency trading platform, ban Bitcoin trading platform and develop the current block chain does not conflict。
Risk monitoring and management, innovation does not mean that we reject。 In the premise of risk control, the state encourages the development and application of innovative technology block chain, especially in conjunction with the application of various industries。
Not advance value system block chain protection of the "authenticity" carried interest in the block, the two sides can not be trusted to protect the security between the interests of financial transactions。
Therefore it can be used for financial transactions, bond trading, lending and other network business model, can avoid cumbersome authentication, transaction settlement process and reduce costs of financial transactions。
The hash value of the block-tested, time stamps and other strictly defined order of the blocks, block information can not be guaranteed tampering and counterfeiting。
Block chain technology can be used as a certificate issued by government agencies, licenses, permits, and even can be used as proof of personally identifiable information, such as the realization of elections, and democratic discussion, with a very wide range of applications。
I personally think that embrace regulation, industry self-regulation, consumer protection is fundamental to the development of important experience and financial innovation。
Li Yan: Do you think the block chain will bring change to our lives what ways?The real benefit the livelihood?Yang: block chain technique can be applied to various fields。 For example, can be applied to the agricultural sector, so that every egg, every produce more tricky, or penetrated into every aspect of our consumer entertainment and learning, so that relevant information and conduct more credible efficient and convenient。
All in all, the block chain will make our lives better。 (Source: Artesyn Technologies)。