US oil closed up 0.6% higher third consecutive day

Tencent securities FRANCISCO February 27 morning news, according to market watchers US financial website reported that crude oil futures prices closed higher Monday, extending last week's trend last week because of Libya's oil fields a moratorium on the production, and the US crude oil inventories unexpectedly declined。
New York Mercantile Exchange, April delivery of West Texas Intermediate crude oil (WTI) futures rose 36 cents to $ a barrel, or%, the third consecutive trading day closing higher。 In the overall transaction last week, WTI futures price has risen by about%; but so far in this month's trading, the contract is still fallen by about 1%。
Meanwhile, on London's ICE Futures Europe Brent for April delivery crude oil futures prices rose 19 cents to close at $ a barrel, or% after the overall transaction last week has risen%。
Matt Smith, head of commodities research ClipperData's (Matt Smith) said, is scheduled for Wednesday release of US crude oil inventory report "is likely to provide some support for oil prices, because the decline in the net import situation, crude oil inventories will continue to decline。 "Earlier, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced last Thursday reported that as of February 16 the week crude oil inventories fell 1.6 million barrels, more than the end of the previous week rising trend, when coupled with the rise in crude oil inventories US crude oil production growth has led to oil prices under pressure。 Brokerage firm PVMOilAssociatesLtd.Analyst 史蒂芬布伦 Knox (StephenBrennock) pointed out: "the total US commercial crude oil inventories fell to a five-year average the following, this is the first time since nearly four years。
"In the past two weeks, the price of crude oil has risen by more than 7 percent after it earlier this month suffered a cumulative increase of more than 12% of the selling, as investors for a substantial increase in US shale oil production was worry。
At the same time, Libya's national oil company on Friday announced that exports south of the country EL- feel oilfields suffered a force majeure, this daily output of 60,000 barrels of oil have been closed。 In other energy trading New York Mercantile Exchange, March delivery RBOB gasoline futures rose 1 percent, to close at US dollars per gallon; March delivery heating oil futures rose%, to close at US $ per gallon。
At the same time, natural gas futures for March delivery rose%, to close at US dollars per million British thermal units, the contract expired after the close on Monday; April-month contract has now become a contract, the contract rose% , to close at US dollars per million British thermal units。