Do a good loser woman

You are Yimiyangguang, had warm shines into my life, this relationship was terminated in the end, I want to tell you。……….. Inscription // yearning of the heart, just to make the point that reality can not be given the luxury, those who simply want to have, but can not meet the requirements of the heart of things。Do not stop picky not want the best, the most wanted is waiting。Love is not good people, paid a valuable loyalty, to win the praise of others, it is difficult to avoid the need to smile after receipt of regret。Seek to find life sentinel, like a wavering Libra, to and fro Lingling disorderly。Not high demand, there is no pairing symmetry, good or bad is too difficult to accept。Plan to launch their own equations, there is no definite answer to the thinking of opinion, like no grasp of children, waiting for the outcome of a right or wrong symbols come clean。    Outrageous committed too many continuity errors, admit defeat sophistry to hide his embarrassed look, like a not afford to lose a pawn, just abruptly into the next layout。He stumbled take a long time, stumbled vast wandered off their self-esteem, to accompany out past the GAO, give it the original inert, tireless in return uneasy。Nothing in the end, wrapped in their own mess slowly healing, once licked too much pain, every tear are printed your name。Perhaps only lose the whole world, to try to start in another world。Perhaps only let you severely injured, you can resist the brutal invasion。Pain that you give all my chips, lost over, will be willing to let you go。    Out of a person, even more difficult than out of a joy stick, so once, if not happy I love you still insist。After healing the brokenhearted How long is a course of treatment, but also how many courses to continue away from the sick。This process of pain, in addition to their Who knows。However, there is no obligation for themselves sharing another unpleasant person, but invisible carrying my misfortune, a casual look, in a word, all broke each other's hearts。This was after the injury hurt this time, with the excuse to get you to forgive others。Maybe you just inadvertently, lost my intention to give you all, I am sorry for you is a last resort。You did not love me, I just can not love again。    Fa, I can not let go the illusion of love, the feelings can not be separated for my burns, seems accustomed to this after being hurt forgotten, until remove all preparedness will no longer be colic。Helpless gradually show his strong, attractive therapy for use in the process wear a disguise forget。Crowd, night, your shadow is no longer so presumptuous。I can always alone, but not lonely life for you。It will be for you, take good care of you I have been very precious。I'm tired of you put aside all unnecessary later, when Happy Thanksgiving with you and you later turn。Thank those scars somewhere destined comes, let me know and love a person loses a person is so painful to know that a person will lose in exchange for a calm but also forgotten。    A feeling, let a grown woman, but also allows a woman gets older, grew up in the mind, is the vicissitudes of age。A premature aging of suspense, having gone through unharmed, a lingering sense of tolerance at the edge of love and pain or hate。Another method of determining the beginning of the chess game, you do not know win or lose, at least I want to see。The other option, will continue to be a failure of the mental and physical abuses, corrosion, penetration is sad, fall off and he took this the right to happiness。Let it go!Win back their own share of the GAO, a good hold, never to lose out, do not take any longer to challenge the self-betrayal of the original have, but do not let the free betray a habit in your life。    Long time no drying out of the heart, is a good warm sun and soft, So this is love after storm。On this walk into a Shortcut, away from those vows, away from those sweet, too far away from those fairy tale love story。After the fireworks beautiful bloom always disappear, the earth after the rain always dry, and always wound healing after injury, to love a man is not his own, or to give up。Do not change those facts can not be changed, do not touch those should not touch reality。Others did not say not to speculate on the answer in silence, if it is good, the other will naturally tell you。    If your betrayal for the sake of others, I can not give you happiness。Well, thank you!So I broke the responsible。