2018 Best Global Business Environment Ranking in Luxembourg topped

Tencent securities FRANCISCO March 16, according to US financial media CNBC reported that in a survey of 21,000 global conducted, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Panama ranks "open for business" the first country。
Luxembourg (ranked first) and Switzerland (second) did well in the generous tax environment and other aspects of government transparency, Panama cheap manufacturing and its reputation as a tax haven that it ranked third。
However, in practice the transparency of government in this regard, in the survey, Central American countries have been near the bottom。
2018 rankings of the world's best countries WPP's BAV Consulting, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the "US News and World Report" Working Together to complete。
In the United States, "Open for Business" category ranked No. 43, while Britain ranked No. 20。
The two countries in this list are considered to be relatively bureaucratic, but the British government transparency in terms of doing better than the United States。
People were also asked to rank the country's overall level, including cultural heritage, quality of life and entrepreneurship。
Switzerland topped the list, followed by Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, the United States came in eighth place。 Contact list March 3, 2017 compared to a decline in ranking, this is a mixed blessing for Britain's results。 WPP chief executive David – Ross (DavidRoth) said the UK has felt the impact of Europe's retreat。 Ross said in an emailed statement: "Although the UK has a strong global presence in the fields of business, cultural influence and so on, but it still needs to pay attention to maintain their attractiveness on the world stage."。 WPP reports that Britain is open for business due to a lower degree slipped。 Britain has a more relaxed travel policy, is that people want to live in the country。 Including the United States, China, the EU's trading partners, including the perception of the "British brand" is positive, the entrepreneurial spirit of Europeans ranked fourth in the world。 Respondents were also asked to rank the political and business leaders。 Canadian Prime Minister Justin – Rudo topped the list, followed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President micronaire。 US President Donald – Trump (Donald Trump) is the least popular, followed by Philippine President Rodrigo – Dutt Stewart (RodrigoDuterte) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (VladimirPutin)。
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) is the most popular business leaders, followed by the real Mark – Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and Tesla (Waters pull) and co-founder of SpaceX's Andy Herron – Musk (ElonMusk)。 JP Morgan Chase () CEO Dimon (JamieDimon) the least popular, followed by the CEO of LVMH Group, Bernard – Arnault (BernardArnault) and steel magnate Lakshmi – Mittal (LakshmiMittal)。 WPP's BAV Consulting is an online survey of 21,117 people from 36 countries in the period July 2017 to September。
More than 6,000 respondents was "well-informed elite", nearly 6,500 people are business decision makers。