Low blood sugar will suddenly "tipped" You do that and it never seen!

  Mentioned, it is no stranger to many people and even symptoms of low blood sugar, low blood sugar but about the "truth", but you may not really understand。 In fact, sugar is glucose in the blood, which can provide energy for people's daily metabolic activity。 For healthy adults, hypoglycemia refers to fasting glucose concentration ≤ / L, while for diabetic patients, fasting blood glucose levels ≤ / L can be diagnosed as hypoglycemia。
So, what harm hypoglycemia?How should we prevent it?  How to prevent?  First, to ensure regular diet, do regular, quantitative。
For diabetic patients, to go and can carry a piece of candy, a piece of chocolate or cookies, if symptoms occur, can be mitigated by way of eating these foods。   Secondly, for patients taking hypoglycemic drugs, if there eating less, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., may, subject to monitoring of blood glucose, according to medical advice appropriate to reduce the dose of drug。
  In addition, able to do so, it would be best regular monitoring of blood glucose levels and fasting blood glucose 2 hours after a meal, and once every three months to review the glycated hemoglobin。
  How should we do it when symptoms appear?  1, if you own the emergence of symptoms, but conscious, able to eat, should be immediately oral syrup, or eat a little chocolate, cakes, cookies, breads and other desserts。   2, if there was someone around symptoms, but it has been unconscious, you should immediately call 120 emergency calls。 In general, the doctor will be for the patient injection or infusion of glucose depending on the patient's。
  3. For patients with coma, it is best to the hospital for examination, such as head CT examination, in order to rule out acute cerebrovascular disease and other diseases。
  These are symptoms of a small series to introduce, we believe after reading these symptoms also have to have a whole new understanding, so we must pay attention to their eating habits in life, try not picky eaters, a full range of food supplements nutrition。