"Egg pain" is a kind of disease!Time may not hold more than gold!

Current Location: text "boring" is a kind of disease!Time may not hold more than gold!2018-3-1414: 31: 44 Source: Introduction: In recent years, "egg pain" is the word usage is high: Whenever unreasonable, is not satisfactory, even if idle fast enough, can Shaoshang "boring" to describe。 But if a little boy in earnest, pointing the balls to say "pain" may not be a joke to fool the past……It is a reversal of testicular?When this occurs judge testicular torsion, testicle and scrotum will be acute pain, there may be lower abdomen and groin radiating pain, with or without nausea, vomiting or fever, there will always be checked scrotum swelling and tenderness。 But very often, the symptoms tend to not act Typically, when the children's parents told scrotal pain even if it is just, parents can not be ignored。
Should communicate with children, asked whether there had been pulling slapstick, stumble or strenuous exercise, if any, should be highly suspected testicular torsion, be sure to promptly to a regular hospital。 Even if there is pain and relieve itself of the potential, it is not better omen。 Gold 6 hours, the best time to rescue testicular torsion is an acute injury, early detection and early treatment is fundamental, golden treatment period is six hours。 Timely treatment who came irreversible necrosis, twisted due to surgical spermatic testes reset has not occurred, security and peace。 However, if the delay in treatment, the testicles are usually black, are still unable to recover after the lifting twist, this time can do is cut the sick side of the testicle necrosis。
Testicular sperm place, when after testicular necrosis, can only produce sperm on the other side of the testis, so that, regardless of the sperm quality and quantity will decline, affecting male fertility, and even lead to infertility。 Doctors do not want to become "demolition egg" experts, because they and their parents think is the same, do not want their children to have problems in the future, "Life" and "strangers"。 So, we have to pay attention to male children burst "boring", once the suspect happens to be the first time for treatment。