How do teach your children early childhood oral ulcers mouth ulcers remedies

Children believe how many people do for mouth ulcers are very fear, because although it is not a serious illness, but it is very uncomfortable, then how do children with mouth ulcers and night network to see early childhood oral ulcers how to do it introduced!Early childhood oral ulcers how to do 1, children from mouth ulcers, we must first find from mouth ulcers site, the site can help find after oral ulcer treatment。
2, should try to eat liquid food to the child, to alleviate the pain, but also conducive to the healing of the ulcer。3, keep your mouth young children, health, adhere to regular brushing, mouthwash, bath。
4, eat less fried food, avoid mucosal injury。
Give children to eat foods rich in riboflavin, such as animal liver, spinach, carrots, cabbage, etc.。
5, to ensure adequate sleep time。As shown in Figure 6, the greater concern for young children, and more children and talk, to distract him, to the child create a relaxed, pleasant living environment。Children oral ulcer prevention 1, always pay a lot of attention to children's oral health, but also to the child to brush our teeth every day。2 oral ulcers how do children, young children do not rub the mouth with a finger or cloth, so as not to cause damage and infection。
3, to reduce friction and irritation of the oral mucosa, do not eat too hot food。There is, pay attention to nutritional balance, increased intake of fruits and vegetables, and minerals in order to add a variety of。
4 weekdays daily life to the law, so that children stool。
5, who are able to feed young children eat soft digestible food。Meanwhile, the hot autumn weather can also eat lotus seeds, lotus, lilies and other internal heat food。Oral ulcer prevention is very effective。