Another hammer falls and information management!"Gold ban" painted red line: The Internet agency ban!

Recently issued by the central bank to regulate the Internet under the draft in the gold business requirements, the Internet gold business, the Internet agency shall not provide any form of gold account services。This will financial institutions, Internet and investors are what kind of impact?  May 8, the central bank announced the "internet gold business Interim Measures (draft)", May 11 is the last day on which the Internet platform gold, the gold of these products can still buy regular feedback and sell。  Faction round gold purse vice president, he said the draft came out, the user reaction is relatively large, but the company also explains the idea of regulation to customers, gold accounts is to protect the safety of their money, in fact, is a good thing the last two days of platform data is quite normal。  Investors Ms. Lee said that if all of a sudden not to sell, I am sure you will be concentrated to recover, this may be some risk。Internet gold trading is very convenient, but if you can come look at the bank, it is a better。  The draft, a number of market participants concerned by the red line: In addition to the Internet agency shall not provide any form of gold account services, including gold may not provide clearing, settlement, delivery and other services; transfer services may not provide gold products; the agents of the products may not be transferred to other institutions for secondary agent or multi-stage; not withstand the lack of capacity of investors to sell gold products and other risk。  Experts explained that the central bank Internet agency referred to in the document "shall not provide any form of gold account services" does not prohibit doing business, but for the gold account opening authority, return management authority qualified financial institutions, major Internet platform can meet If the condition of the consignment。Companies say they are doing business restructuring。  Gold, vice president of the Faction round wallet introduction, and will open up bank accounts do, the stock would be a natural digestive process, if too eager to put business sale, may cause users to panic。  Experts said that the current Internet platform to launch a number of gold products and gold do not have a real basis, there have been some fraud and scams, the major platform for business restructuring should be carried out as soon as possible。  Financial Law Research Institute, Central University of Finance Huang Zhen said, now such a specification, but also to remind consumers that if the platform does not have the qualifications and licenses, to take business for rectification of the program as soon as possible, so that the original orderly exit of customers, the transition period the arrangement is critical, not let them panicked, which may arise run。