The difference between crunches and sit-ups sit-ups to do this the right time

The difference between crunches and sit-ups and what crunches are a way, the two look similar, silly people do not know the score。
So, what is the difference between crunches and sit-ups are following it on with small series went to see the difference between crunches and sit-ups right。
Crunches crunches and sit-ups is the difference between the operation of the knee to sit flat and can activity to the muscles of the neck, the chest, the hip joint, the lower back, abdomen and calf。
Do sit-ups in the process, often due to wrong position, forced position or speed, easily lead to damage to the neck and compression strain, the lower back or spine, so many people when practicing the abdominal muscles, abdominal volume will replace the supine sit。
Crunches crunches up rate lower than the small, is regarded as semi-supine to sit, only the main exercise abdominal muscles。
Crunches to sit by a flat, the entire lower back will be off the ground。 Crunches only slightly rolled upper body, still attached to the back surface。 The best time to sit-ups sit-up exercise is the best time of the night, about two hours after dinner time is good, this time most of the food had been digested, the body does not feel particularly tired, under appropriate exercise, there help consume excess calories a day。 Sit-up exercise in the morning is best not to do, especially early in the morning, is very recommended to do sit-ups, this time, the body still in the adaptation phase, suddenly sports, is not very appropriate, but the strength is relatively weaker, less effective at night。 The main role of the benefits of sit-ups sit-ups is to strengthen abdominal muscle strength。 Done right, sit-ups can enhance the elasticity of the abdominal muscles, but also can receive the protection of the back and improve posture effects。
And the difference between the volume of abdominal crunches 1.It can exercise the abdominal muscles, the muscles tighten, you can stretch the ligaments, spine, strengthen the muscles, strengthen our。
2.It can stimulate blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and promote in vivo chemical, physiological reaction, such that some chronic prevention and mitigation。 3.Sit-ups abdominal muscles through exercise, increase muscle exercise, so as to reduce excess abdominal fat, waist to create the perfect beauty who。 4.Sit-ups also help people maintain a pleasant mood, reduce depression disease rates, and promote people。 Summary: The difference between crunches and sit-ups These are the small series to introduce more sports information so stay tuned 6681 health network。