Russia's effort to build a variety of sophisticated weapons debut asymmetric strategic advantage

  Compared with conventional weapons subsonic or supersonic, hypersonic weapon has a fast striking speed, high altitude, strong penetration ability and other advantages, as new conventional rapid precision strike weapons, achieve standoff precision strike sensitive targets。
Hypersonic weapons technology as a strategic advantage in future in the field of aerospace, its great military value has been widely recognized, each military power to compete in the field of hypersonic technologies become more intense。   Russia in 2018?In the 2025 national armament program development and deployment of hypersonic weapons as one of the major priorities。 Putin demonstrated in the 2018 State of the Union in paragraph 6 of sophisticated weapons and equipment, there are two hypersonic weapons – more than 20 flight speed of Mach boost glide hypersonic aircraft and air-launched hypersonic missile named "dagger" in。
  Putin said that Russia has made in the development of new hypersonic boost glide weapons a real technological breakthrough, and has been successfully tested, adding that this type of weapon "like a meteorite," can maneuver in the atmosphere。
At present, Russia has major boost in research of hypersonic glide vehicle to -71 to -74 and two aircraft, the State of the Union report to show a hypersonic aircraft should be one of them。
  Yu -71 aircraft flight speed of more than ten thousand kilometers / hour, its unique flight trajectory different from ordinary warhead, can take advantage of its shape high lift to drag ratio after re-entry, a hypersonic glide at high altitudes, converting ballistic flight pattern similar to cruise flight mode, that is, after being propelled to an altitude of more than tens of kilometers warhead inertial flight outside the atmosphere, after re-entry aerodynamic lift do not rely on power long-distance jumping, gliding maneuvers or install ramjet be there dynamic maneuvers, when to target over 30 kilometers, power-seeker for terminal guidance, dive close to the target and complete the attack。   It is a combination of ballistic missile flight with the advantages of the new concept of missiles, Russia test-fired for the first time in December 2011, and in 2013?2017 equipped to carry out tests on the Russian multi-ballistic missile plans 2020? Between 2025 deployment。 June 2016, Russia carried out 74 test aircraft jade。
The design flight speed of up to Mach 12, equipped with means and bait stations active / passive electronic warfare, capable of multi-directional autonomous maneuver to evade anti-missile radar system, greatly increasing the difficulty of interception。
  Putin's State of the Union report to show another hypersonic weapons are Russia's new study of the "dagger" air-launched hypersonic missile。 According to Putin introduced, this type of weapon was successfully tested by the end of 2017, now with combat capability, from December 1, 2017, flight test and simultaneously combat duty tasks in the Southern Command。   "Dagger" air-launched hypersonic missiles can be mounted on the MiG-31 warplanes hit targets accurately, speeds up to Mach 10, a range of 2000 km。 According to the Russian released images show, the missile Resembling known as "anti-missile killer," said the "Iskander" tactical missile, and therefore part of Russia and the United States military experts believe that the missile or the "Iskander "missile improvement from。   Using a variety of penetration of missile technology to create a strategic "big kill" because of its long range ballistic missile, fast, and can carry warheads of mass destruction, etc., become the focus of each race to develop military power。
Russia's conventional military forces in the current circumstances significantly behind the United States and other NATO countries, more reliance on strategic missile forces。 Putin's State of the Union that the United States continue to develop anti-missile interception capabilities would undermine the value of nuclear disarmament agreement, Russia needs to be addressed through the development of a new generation of strategic weapons, improved penetration technology。
Putin referred to Russia in recent years is a new generation of strategic weapons developed by the latest RS-28 "Sarmat" ballistic missile。
  "Sarmat" Russian Makeyev State Missile Center developed a new liquid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile。 The missile launch weight of 100 tons, a range of over 10,000 kilometers, and can carry 10?15 minutes warhead。 With the rapid development of anti-missile weapons in the "missile missile hit the" future war, the success of ballistic missile defense system to break each other to become the key to effective implementation of attack。 Russia in recent years to increase the penetration of ballistic missile technology research and application efforts, working from the technical level to enhance missile penetration capability, "Sarmat" missile technology combines the orbit maneuver, sub MIRV technology and bait。 It's another technical advantage is that you can freely choose the best trajectory, either the traditional way to bypass the northern hemisphere, but also to bypass the southern hemisphere targets, avoiding US anti-missile system deployment powerhouse, thereby increasing the difficulty of the US missile defense system to intercept。
  In addition to conventional warheads, "Sarmat" can also carry hypersonic warheads, as early as the end of September 2016, on the Russian side had "Sarmat" missiles to carry warheads of hypersonic test -71 successfully hit Kura testing ground in Kamchatka target missile is located。   Accelerate the development of laser weapons, one of the highlights future change the rules of war Putin laser weapons is the State of the Union report。
Laser weapon system according to operational use, can be divided into strategic and tactical laser weapons, laser weapons。 Launch caliber combat units from the point of view of the optical system and laser weapons, Russia announced that the show should be a strategic laser weapon system。
  Putin said that Russia's progress on laser weapons is not simply a "concept or plan," adding that "for combat laser weapon system" was to start in mid-2017 delivery unit。
However, the Russian side has not yet revealed the specific code and the use of this type of research and development of laser weapons。
  Putin said in the report, "I do want to give more details, but now the right time。 It is clear is that, with this section weapons systems, Russia's defense capability will be doubled。
"According to the Russian" motherland arsenal, "editor in chief, military expert Victor Mora Hough Sharansky said the State of the Union show the main laser weapons will be used to perform air defense missile defense battle。
  Russia's 2018 State of the Union report in paragraph 4 above-mentioned basic weapon system after repeated tests or the armed forces。
In addition, Putin also demonstrated the new Russian nuclear-powered unmanned submersible research and nuclear-powered cruise missile。 According to Fox News quoted US military sources said the expert, these two weapons, is still in the research phase, not yet entered combat deployment。 Although the Russian side said the unmanned submersible nuclear power and nuclear-powered cruise missile research and development work has made some progress, but its development is still faced with many technical, financial and other, forming a complete deployment of troops from a real fighting is still a long way to go。
  Focus on the real threat, adhere to the "asymmetric" the development of principles for a long time, missile defense and penetration has been a focus of Russia and the US military strategy game and compete。 In recent years, the United States to consolidate strategic advantage, stepping up to build the core of the United States, Asia and Europe for the two wings, the global anti-missile network covering most parts of the world, in an attempt to offset Russia's strategic deterrent capability, ensure US strategic offensive and defensive forces of absolute Advantage。   US pressing harder and harder to face the situation, Russia outdone, focused on building a reasonable allocation of power, deterrence and offensive and defensive combat system。
From Russia show six new weapons systems is not difficult to see that Russia uphold the principle of the development of weapons systems "asymmetric", focusing on technological breakthroughs, quality win; follow the "perfect offensive force, the development of defense capabilities, strengthen strategic containment," the general construction ideas, focusing on both offensive and defensive, and strengthen the overall construction of strategic containment system, to maintain strategic nuclear deterrence capability as a long-term policy of military construction, clenched hands of cards, maintain strategic focus, to become a United States pursue unilateralism and hegemonism in the world extremely important constraints。
  Secretary Kerry。