Foreign media attention to China's colleges and universities offer courses encourage students to be more healthy diet

Reference News Network October 18 reported that foreign media that China is a university introduced a motion to reduce fat class, designed for students overweight, to address the obesity crisis, Chinese young people to make a force。
According to the British "Times" website reported on October 16, consider this a college course, your results are not as voluminous reading books or staying in the library, but because of walking and eating vegetables in the park and score。 Reported that such strict measures have been a Chinese university admission, the university introduced a motion to reduce fat class。 The door at the Nanjing Agricultural University courses only for body mass index of more than 28 (overweight) and body fat rate of more than 30% of students。 Students weight loss results accounted for 60% of their credits。 If they lose 7% of initial body weight will automatically get out。
Reported that this course is the latest move against China and colleges generally poor condition of youth。 Due to the limited opportunities for outdoor activities and temptations of computer games, Chinese young people gain weight, health condition triggered fears。
Report notes that, in order to encourage students to be more healthy, prestigious Tsinghua University students returned to the past can not swim 50 meters shall graduation requirements。
The Nanjing Agricultural College students also find themselves being fat: 13 percent of the freshman and sophomore students are now overweight。
Pilot Courses success after weight loss, physical education teachers Zhouquan Fu allowed to promote this course。 Jiangsu TV report quoted the message as saying when the course commenced this fall, there are more than 50 students signed after measuring their height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure and lung function later, almost everyone qualifying。
One student said happily: "I'll never get through the normal physical education test。
I'm willing to go on a diet。 "According to reports, the teacher asked the students in the class do sit-ups, crank support, tablet support and other training。 They wanted to go to a day on the treadmill jogging, climbing stairs more, greenway jog, walk in the park and other outdoor work。
It reported that the students were also asked to record in detail their diet and calorie intake。
They can put meals upload pictures to get an information platform and two dieticians advice。
(Compiler / Hu Shen -) Editor: Fei Fan。