Cameron re-election to pave the way for the British ushered in seven years the highest salary increase

Remittance Network March 17 hearing – British Prime Minister David Cameron (Cameron) Tuesday (March 17) that the British minimum wage will increase by 3% to 6 per hour.70 pounds, the largest increase since 2008, real wages。In the May 7 UK election, Mr Cameron as its performance in order to strengthen the economy。  Effective from October this year, new regulations from。And on Wednesday (March 18), the current British government will announce the final budget tenure, and the demands of voters。The British general election, people's living standards and economic capacity is expected to be a key election issue。  Cameron announced last month that recommended by a government commission proposed。His coalition partner and the Conservative – Liberal Democrat leader issued a statement along with Craig (Nick Clegg)。  Two leader praised the move will help increase the minimum wage to counter criticism of the Labor Party, the Labor Party criticized the government ignored the five years of living standards being squeezed。Labor advocates to 2020, the minimum wage should be increased to £ 8 per hour。  The government also raised the minimum wage by 20% of apprentices to 3 per hour.30 pounds, an increase of more than 2 recommended by the Commission.6% much higher, but also the employer immediately attracted criticism。