"Unicorn" concept could create small hot out of the independent market | technology stocks

  Recent market for cloud computing, biotechnology and other industries IPO is likely to accelerate new four categories of messages are responded positively, related stocks are gaining attention in the market of funds。
  Analysts said last week and then to promote the spread of millet A + H shares listed on the secondary market is showing great enthusiasm to embrace new economic enterprises from the backdoor return to Foxconn IPO fast-paced, but also frequently to exchange new economic enterprises an olive branch。 It is foreseeable that the future of new industries, "Big Mac" or "unicorn" landing a shares through an IPO or M & A will become a trend。
For the secondary market, "unicorn" listing is also expected to support the formation of the leading listed technology company's valuation and boosted。 The company truly international competitiveness and capability has not been fully reflected in the valuation, is also expected to adopt a richer valuation method to measure the overall value of the company。
  The concept "unicorn" hot so far this year, the market for a discussion of "unicorn" and the new economy of which have never been stopped。 Following the formal completion of three hundred sixty A-share listed action, Foxconn Internet industry prepare landing A shares on the occasion on Thursday, valued at billions of dollars of millet, is expected to A shares and Hong Kong-listed A-share market rumors quickly stir, millet detonated chain stocks。 Millet stocks, the daily limit for two consecutive days following the daily limit ,, March 1, March 2 rally pause。
  The offensive launched by the millet concept also set off a long time no technology stocks daily limit tide。
According to statistics, the day the two cities a total of 73 stocks daily limit, no limit a。
73 and 57 limit in the stock contain AI, cloud, large data, biomedical concepts。
On Friday, the collective outbreak related stocks again。
Clouds from technology stocks, sealing plate。
Ningde era stocks drawing board, ants gold dress stocks quickly pulled up, the impact of trading, with the rise。
With the concept of the recent small hit stocks rebound, related to "Unicorn" concept of software, cloud computing, big data and so many stocks have been breaking the previous high。
At the same time, due to the strong performance concepts related sectors there have been funds focused on clear trend。 The flow of funds from the main view for nearly a week, 28 SW level industry only computer, defense industry, leisure services 3 sector net capital inflows, the main computer to plate billion in net inflows far more than the same net inflow of national defense and recreational services sector topped the list。
  In this regard, some analysts believe that the computer industry, for example, taking into account the valuation and performance factors, it is no lack of stable and growing market of pre-victimizes varieties, now has a short-term and long-term investment opportunities。
Considering that most industry annual report will be published in April, or March will be a rare window of investment during the year。 Meanwhile, in the catalyst for the recent concepts, the computer industry stocks as a supplier of hardware and software products will also benefit from a comprehensive。   Prior to return for three hundred sixty A shares listed on the Internet as well as Foxconn industry news, the secondary market have also responded positively, related stocks are gaining attention in the market of funds。
  November 7, 2017, after three hundred and sixty of Jiangnan Jiajie backdoor resume trading, the stock began a sustained "a" word limit plates, the final share price rose nearly 7-8 times。
February 9, 2018, Foxconn Industrial Co., Ltd. in the Internet SFC pre-disclosure prospectus related stocks were also there have been a good performance。 The disk, February 12 Foxconn stocks almost across the board gains across the board, followed by part of the stocks also appear eye-catching performance。   From three hundred sixty backdoor return to Foxconn IPO fast-paced advance and then came last week millet A + H shares listed on the secondary market is showing great enthusiasm to embrace the new economy enterprises, and exchanges are also frequently cast to the new economic enterprises the olive branch。
It is foreseeable that the future of new industries, "Big Mac" or "unicorn" landing a shares through an IPO or M & A will become a trend。   Increasing investment opportunities "unicorn" concept, originally proposed by the founder of the Seed Fund CowboyVentures AileenLee in 2013, refers to those start-ups with fast pace of development, scarce, investors and other attributes of the goal。
Standard entrepreneurship decade or so, companies valued at more than $ 1 billion。 Among them, valued at more than $ 10 billion company is called super "unicorn"。
  The above standards, millet is not only a "unicorn" business, and is a super "unicorn" Enterprise。 It is estimated that millet underlying assets valued at $ 54 billion after the listing conservatively estimated market value of $ 100 billion。
As a result, millet also will likely become Alibaba since 2014, the United States market, the size of the largest publicly traded technology companies。
As of last Friday, the market value of about billion Baidu, Alibaba market value of about billion, Tencent market capitalization of one trillion Hong Kong dollars, worth about Jingdong billion dollars, that is to say, the market value of millet after the listing is likely to exceed Baidu and Jingdong, to become second only to Tencent, Ali is China's third largest technology stocks。
  For the A-share market, participate in the new economy companies to help optimize the industrial structure A shares, to enhance market quality。 The current wave of market is still the traditional industry heavyweights as the leading industrial structure partial tradition。
Statistics show that the current A-share market listed companies in nearly 3500, the number of high-quality listed companies on behalf of the new economy is not that great。
From the industry distribution of listed companies point of view, is still the financial, real estate, industrial and raw materials industry, "leading role", while the body mass of relatively thin new economic sector。
  Earlier Tianfeng Securities had said that the current size of the company of the leading technology industry is small, industry concentration greater room for improvement。
In order to compare the two countries, the United States market capitalization TOP13 market capitalization accounted for the proportion of industry market capitalization close to 80%, while China is less than 50%。 Concentration of low technology industry mainly in the faucet body mass of small capitalization TOP3。
Tech stocks leading the market value of the company is concentrated in the $ 50 billion or even more than $ 100 billion range (50-100 billion dollars in market capitalization range of companies a total of 12, valuing the company at more than $ 100 billion have 17), while the A-share technology market capitalization of listed companies and more concentrated in the below $ 10 billion, market capitalization of more than $ 50 billion is only a。 Our industry leading technology companies need to further develop and expand。   Analysts said tech stocks leading the subject A successful entry into the market, will give the introduction of new A shares subject related industries, reinvigorate, will undoubtedly change the current order inherent in the TMT industry, a number of recent years after a "shuffle" can not be achieved industry upgrade TMT listed companies will be gradually eliminated by the market。
Those industry reshuffle the company has withstood the leading companies in particular, must face this new challenge。 It is foreseeable that the future of the industry will further accelerate the pace of survival of the fittest, industry leaders will also be more intense battle。
  Technology leader is expected to benefit in the context of the two cities last week to adjust the pressure of the GEM week rose to a percent, while the Shanghai Composite Index over the same period have seen a decline%。 Created out of a small independent market, while hot concept of "unicorn" contributed to the differentiation index also see investors re-ignite the enthusiasm to do more and more technology stocks。
  At present, the scientific and technological progress has become the most important factor in increasing productivity and efficiency。 Since last year, technology stocks swept global equity markets, as the world's most crowded trade representative Fang (in Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) come out on top in the performance of the equity portfolio performance in the world's major assets, technology companies and investors to show favor, it is the main reason the stock rose Fang。 According to statistics, in 2017, the global market value of TOP10 companies, as there are seven technology companies, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Ali, Tencent, etc.。 By the end of 2017, tech stocks in the US stock market capitalization accounted%。
In mid-2017 the first three quarters, net profit contribution to the technology sector stocks accounted for 25%。
Meanwhile difficult to find, the leading technology companies in the technology industry is becoming a global leader, the United States, for example, stocks in FAAMG up to the (in Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google) market capitalization weight from less than 2% in 2009 2017%。 Similarly, Tencent and Alibaba has become a market capitalization of listed companies TOP2 China, Tencent in Hong Kong stock market capitalization in total market value accounted%。
  (HK 06030) pointed out that worldwide technology industry leader favored by the context, globally competitive advantage will continue to strengthen science and technology leader, lack of competitiveness will be further disadvantaged companies or discount。
For a stock market, such as biotechnology, cloud computing and other fields "unicorn" IPO speed, will attract more funds, and lack of competitiveness or disadvantaged companies will therefore face further liquidity pressures and discounts。 In addition, the "unicorn" listing is also expected to support the formation and to boost science and technology leading listed company's valuation。 The company truly international competitiveness and capability has not been fully reflected in the valuation, will also be richer valuation method adopted to measure the overall value of the company。
  At present, the "unicorn" of the overall investment return of 7 times, valued at more than $ 10 billion of "unicorn" return on investment up to 10 times。
It CBInsights estimated that in order to grow as a "unicorn" company takes an average of six years, at least $ 95 million in financing to help them grow。
  Market participants pointed out that, in fact, the Mainland of China does not lack a global leader in the science and technology enterprises, a lot of good subject, but many Internet companies listed in Hong Kong or the United States, the lack of good investment targets, is obtained after three hundred sixty high premium and now "horn the key reason beast "hot concepts。
For investors, the new economic enterprises to stay, is to have the most potential for growth and future economic prospects of the sector to stay, it will also mean the creation of more investment opportunities。