Leg exercises, how to properly protect the legs of health (1)

  Leg associated with many important points people to the body, so it is very important leg health, daily life, we can easily complete their own home some of the legs, not only good for health, but also have a perfect leg-type, and avoid some of the joint diseases。This article will explain some of today's leg massage and exercises。  Due to the nature of sedentary work, many people will have the leg joint pain and, therefore, to understand some simple leg is necessary, following on to know about it。  How to properly protect the health of leg twisted knee feet parallel to the side, the knees slightly to squat, hands on his knees, turning in a circle all around the knee。
Xianxiang turn left, turn right, turn 20 each。  Pull toes sitting, legs straight, bow, body bent forward, hands to pull the toes 20?30 times。You can exercise waist and legs, strengthen leg muscles, prevent foot fatigue and weakness。
  The palm rub rub soles of the feet, and then to rub soles of the feet, according to the situation and the number of times you can customize your own, doing so can have ney, down virtual fire and other functions, but also can prevent dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms。  Rejection leg or a hand on tree buttresses, first leg swinging forward, the upturned toes forward and then swinging back, the toe forced back, foot pointed, legs straight and also。
  Rejection legs, upper body upright, legs thrown dozens of times each exchange。This method can prevent paraplegia, lower limb weakness or numbness, leg cramps。
  The leg rest to the leg stretched on the chairs, the legs Bengzhi slowly, then try to close the toe of the head, legs do turns。
This action do five minutes。
  Squat abdomen breath Inhale, slowly squat down, then slowly stood up, eyes should look straight ahead, let freely relaxed flexion of the thigh, insist on doing this action 5 minutes。  Dengjiao lying in bed, his hands clinging to the back of the head, a heel kick by rapid movement to slow, this action do five minutes。
  Kneading calf to the calf side clamping two hands, rotation Roudong Roudong every 20 times, and then for the other leg Roudong。
This method can clear the blood, strengthen the leg strength。
  Dry legs with both hands to hold the side of the thigh, hard massage slightly downwardly from the thigh, ankle until。Then, back massage from ankle to thigh。
  In the same way and then the other leg massage, repeated several times。
This method allows joint flexibility, and enhance walking ability, can prevent lower limb edema and muscle atrophy。