"New York Times": four years after the US high-speed rail is still no progress

In April, Amtrak Acela train a northbound into the Baltimore Washington International Airport Station。The time required to train through the Northeast Corridor shorter, but aging tracks and bridges – including Baltimore piece of 100-year old turtle speed train tunnel needs to pass – dragged down the speed of the train。  WASHINGTON – The high-speed railway is supposed to be President Obama's signature transportation projects。Although since 2009, in order to develop faster passenger trains, the Obama administration has invested nearly $ 11 billion (about 68 billion yuan), but no progress mostly related projects, the US still lags far behind Europe and China。  While Republican opposition protests slowed down the project and the community here, but the responsibility of transport policy experts and some of the members of both parties will also fail, blamed the Obama administration missteps – The Obama administration has asked Congress in July approved a further grant for the high-speed rail project nearly $ 10 billion。  Critics say the Obama administration did not directly for the $ 11 billion high-speed rail project, but mistakenly distribute funds continue to upgrade the existing Amtrak (Amtrak) Service。After the upgrade, the operating speed of Amtrak trains still not more than 110 miles (about 180 km)。At the same time, there is no money to be used directly in the Northeast Corridor transportation services, and there is most likely to develop high-speed rail in place。  Between Westley and Rhode Island Cranston on that part of 30 miles of railway, the design speed of 150 miles an Amtrak Acela Express (ACELA) in the most high-speed run 5 or 10 minutes。And between New York and Washington on crowded the corridor, average speed Acela is only 80 miles。If we can achieve it, the Acela speed boost to the level of Japan's bullet train plan would cost $ 150 billion with a time of 26 years。Japanese bullet train, the maximum speed may be over 220 miles。  Related projects deemed too expensive, and after no need, Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin Tri-State canceled the high-speed rail project, returned the funds allocated by the federal government。Gov. three places are from the Republican Party。  "The introduction of (Affordable Care Act)," "high-speed rail funding before the administration of the Obama administration the level of devastation, comparable management" Affordable Care Act Surface Transportation Board (Surface Transportation Board) of former chief Frank?。Werner (Frank?. WILNER) said。The Commission did not partisan, oversees the US rail system。  Nearly four years ago, Obama first proposed his vision for high-speed rail, describes the future of shiny bullet trains to 200 miles per hour, gallop between a far cry from the American city, carrying passengers scene。  "Over the next 25 years, our goal is to get 80 percent of Americans get on the high-speed rail," Obama said in the 2011 State of the Union speech。"This will make people's travel time, reduced to half the length of time required for the car。For part of the trip, high-speed rail will be faster than flying – without the security it。"However, with Obama's second term draws to a close, some experts say those words, but he is a fantasy。  "Built in so short a period of time to serve the 80 percent of American high-speed rail system?This concept is an absolute hype, no expert will be able to see through "in a well-known transportation newsletter as editor and publisher of Kenneth – Ao Siji (Kenneth Orski) said。"The funds dispersed throughout the country, rather than in areas suitable for the development of high-speed rail, but nothing changed。"Ao Siji also worked in the Nixon and Ford administrations。  But supporters say they are confident。  "Once the project is completed, we will see more projects started," Obama's first Minister of Transport – Ray LaHood (Ray LaHood) said。He also said that the interstate highway system took decades to build, it is expected to have the same high-speed rail。  LaHood said California appears to be most likely to succeed where the opening of high-speed rail, although repair a 520 miles long between Los Angeles and San Francisco planned high-speed rail line, has been controversial。  Although California Governor Jerry – Jerry Brown (Jerry Brown) support, but a court's decision, shelved plans to use state bond finance this investment of US $ 68 billion project。According to the lawsuit to make a judgment, however, on July 31, was overturned an appeals court。But opponents still raise voices to veto the project requirements。At the same time, polls show public support for the project are diminishing。  However, California has begun construction of the track, and held a tender to find a vendor for manufacturing trains。The state's carbon emissions cap and trade program will inject funds this new high-speed rail project。Carbon emissions cap and trade program requires companies to pay for the excess pollution。  "In many years, the Golden Gate Bridge bogged down in hundreds of lawsuits," the California High Speed Rail Authority (California High Speed Rail Authority) executive director Jeff – Morales (Jeff Morales) said。"We have not encountered so much。"But California Republican congressman, is responsible for railway affairs, chairman of the House Transportation subcommittee Jeff – Denham (Jeff Denham) said the state government should not be involved in railway affairs。"High-speed rail might be a good idea; I just think it should allow the private sector to decide," he said.。He went on to say, proposed projects in Texas and Florida are better model。  However, transportation experts say, even in California, Florida and Texas projects are successful, the United States and China is not likely to have, or as the European high-speed rail system。  University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), Professor of Civil Engineering?William – Ybbs (C. William IBB trumpet), said high-speed rail project a success state, population density, and oil prices are higher usage of public transport, car ownership percentage of the population is also lower。"As a result, the opening of high-speed rail in most parts of the United States is simply unreasonable," he said.。"Geography is not the same, not the same as other factors too。"However, the US High Speed Rail Association (U.S. High Speed Rail Association), head of Andy – Kunz (Andikunzi) believe that the United States would eventually build a high-speed rail system, connecting together the entire country。"The gasoline prices, the road becomes congested for several years to achieve," he said.。"There will be this day, because we will have no choice。"Translation: Chen Yiting (Source: New York Times Chinese network)