Women: Eat five kinds of food Sunscreen (1)

  Like weight loss, are the cause of most of his life, appeared to be the summer, if you want to look a little whiter, look a little better, then work the sun is certainly not falling。
In addition to sunscreen and Cream can help us resist ultraviolet rays other than, in fact, in life there are a lot of protection from the sun is also a good natural food。Then the sun will introduce five kinds of food for everyone, for your reference。
  1, also known as the kiwi, kiwi can provide a person a day requirement of vitamin?Twice, so MM people a day to eat a kiwi fruit has been able to get enough vitamin C, and whitening。
As well as excellent resistance to oxidation, is the fruit of beauty products saint。
  Amino acids having a physiological activity of the skin 2, in addition to watermelon watermelon juice is rich in vitamin C, as well as citrulline, arginine, malic acid, phosphoric acid, etc., these components of nutrition and skin whitening effects are good。Also because of the high content of watermelon lycopene, may reduce UV damage to the skin, so that the organization with the help of lycopene is more rapid healing, relieve pain sun, with the。  3, melon summer sun, the sun is inevitable, melon suggest that you eat, and in particular to chewing melon seeds, melon seeds as oleic acid, can inhibit melanin deposition in vivo activity of a moisturizing cosmetic, and melon seeds and citrulline proteins contained more moisturizes the skin, but also to inhibit the formation of melanin。
  4, soy isoflavones in soy is a phytoestrogen, can replace part of the role of hormones that help fight aging, but it also has antioxidant capacity, women maintain luster and delicate skin indispensable foods。  5, nuts On the skin, eat the fat may be an "angel", it may be "the devil", the key to see what kind of oil you eat。Most nuts vegetable oils rich in vitamin E, antioxidant and can help eliminate free radicals。
In addition, if you usually eat white rice, white bread, it is recommended that they give up, change it to eat whole grains!Because "eat more coarse, finer skin"。