OPPO release spring new R15 will be officially on sale April 1

OPPO product manager Wang Wei introduced in media communication at the heart of R15-Series adhere to the fundamental early 2018 to seek a breakthrough in the four dimensions of media communication at the meeting, explained the thinking of the current OPPO industry, and announced its full-year development direction。 OPPO believes that China's smart phone market has entered a "post-smartphone era", presents three characteristics: First, T-type pattern has been set。 Second, technological innovation based on core needs of users of slowing consumer replacement power shortage。 Third, global competition is inevitable。
  Wu Qiang, vice president of OPPO said: "The next smart phone era, OPPO biggest opponent is yourself, it requires us to change with the times, the courage to break through。 2018, OPPO from four dimensions to carry out gradual breakthrough, which were challenging, but we are confident。 "According to IDC data, OPPO achieved 12% sales growth in 2017 compared to 2016, to further consolidate the fourth global market position。
Thanks to the stable development of early heart OPPO brand stick, that allow consumers to create a surprise product, which is the OPPO development of the "fundamental"。
Adhering to the "fundamental" basis, 2018 more OPPO seek a breakthrough from the scientific and technological innovation, brand promotion, market distribution and product concept of four dimensions。   OPPO will further enhance the strength of technological innovation, the "research" and "development" simultaneously, at the same time strengthening the product development of cutting-edge technology to explore。
To this end, OPPO Academy to be set up, speed up the layout of key technologies。
2018 OPPO will also continue to promote the brand upgrade, and strive to become a global technology brands belong to young。 At the same time, OPPO also will continue to cherish the empty cup mentality, we have entered a deep each and are about to enter the market。 It also requires OPPO building products globally competitive and provide localized optimization experience。
  In an era of change in the mobile phone industry, OPPO's "gradient" of the road has been opened。
R15 release both OPPO the broader perspective of interpretation of the latest product innovation, but also the OPPO brand itself at the beginning of change under the "post-smartphone" era, OPPO will be the world's fourth-largest smartphone brand as a new starting point, sailing。