Foxconn reproduction fast time to market: Ningde era line up only updated April Prospectus

   After Foxconn to "Lightning can" become a model on the market, A shares are listed on a new round of agitation。
  March 13, Beijing News reporter saw at the official website of the Commission, Ningde era has been updated prospectus of the company in March 12。
This new energy industry giant, or is accelerating its public markets。
  In the previous mid-November 2017, the Commission's official website hung out Ningde era IPO prospectus, six years after the establishment had emerged as the giant of the era in Ningde intended impact of GEM。
General market estimates, if the listing is successful, the market value of body mass Ningde far more than 100 billion times the。
  An investor who had told the Beijing News reporter, "is the first company listed on the pre-prospectus disclosure, which marks the official start of business line, we said a year or two is the line up of this process, before then going on will, companies will do a pre-disclosed in the prospectus update, often trial will be held a month later, that is, will enter the stage。 "Ningde era official website screenshot, the company claimed to be 'the rise of Chinese power lithium'。
  Wen | Beijing News reporter Zhao Yibo global sales of the first battery giant IPO progress far beyond the "normal speed" According to reports, Ningde era is a leading global provider of power battery systems, focusing on new energy vehicle battery power system, energy storage system R & D, production and sales, is committed to providing first-class solutions for the global new energy applications。
  Prospectus shows that in 2015 and 2017 in 2016, the era of Ningde battery power system sales were, and。
  According to statistics GGII, Ningde era battery power system sales for three consecutive years ranked the top three, in mid-2017 sales ranked first in the world in the global battery business。   Ningde era prospectus said that in terms of domestic brands, and in the company Yutong Group ,, BAIC, Geely Group, Fu Automobile Group, the Vehicle Group, Dongfeng Group and Changan Group and other vehicle industries leading enterprises maintain long-term strategic cooperation; in international brand customers, the company has entered the supply system BMW, Volkswagen and other world-class automobile companies, but also one of the few powered battery solutions for the international automotive brand suppliers。
  Earlier on March 8, the Commission announced that, starting Foxconn agreed。
From February 1 declaration IPO material to be too March 8, Foxconn only 36 days, 20 days to remove only holidays。
  Public information, accessible from the queue before the IPO to be over-period of 700 days。
Foxconn to become a history of new shares issued fastest growing companies。 After Foxconn, Ningde era line up just four months after the release of the updated prospectus, which can follow the progress of the listing。   On the market a lot of voices that Foxconn IPO "Lightning" I would go, showing the attitude of the regulators support the new economic enterprises IPO。   In the government work report this year, clearly support the public financing of high-quality innovative companies。 Recently, the Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang on "how capital markets services New Economy" in an interview made it clear that the Commission supports the national strategy, "four new" industry, focusing on support for new technologies, new industries, new formats, new model innovative, leading-type, demonstration enterprises。
  Many of the media reports, Ningde era were identified as worthy of a new energy or battery industry giants。
There are agencies that era Ningde update the prospectus, IPO or will enter the green channel, the pattern of change in the global battery starting point。   However, there are voices that era Ningde update this prospectus may be just a normal operation, that is, the performance data is updated in mid-2017。
  The updated prospectus Ningde era show, 2015 2016, operating income in mid-2017, respectively billion, billion, billion, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company, respectively billion, billion, billion, performance continues to erupt。
  Last year, net profit, gross margin decreased non-recurring gains and losses contribute to the performance, however, in terms better reflect the deduction of non-profit business performance, the performance is not optimistic era Ningde。
  Prospectus shows that the last three years, net profit after deduction of non Ningde era are the billion and one hundred million yuan billion, which means that in 2017 fell by about 16%。   Beijing News reporter noted that in mid-2017, the era of Ningde main product gross margin fell sharply。   According to the prospectus disclosure, reporting period, gross profit margin was% and% and%。   Ningde era, said in mid-2017, affected battery capacity for rapid promotion and new energy car allowance policy adjustment, the price decline battery power system increases, resulting in gross margin decline。
  Ningde era's most important product – battery power system, for example, gross profit margin during the reporting period%% and% respectively, showing first and then decreased feature。
  Ningde Times said the report period, the average selling price of battery power system tends to decline from 2015 yuan / WH down to 2017 yuan / WH, the cumulative decline in%。   While the gross margin fell, Ningde age in the last year through the sale of assets in non-recurring gains and losses learned a lot。   Ningde era prospectus, the net non-recurring items in 2015 and 2016 respectively, the company in mid-2017 million, million and ten thousand yuan。
Net non-recurring gains and losses rose sharply last year, and accounted for a higher proportion of net profit。   In this regard, Ningde Times said, mainly because the company will hold 23% of the Pride transfer all shares, gains on the disposal of confirmation。   Public information display, in April 2017, the era of Ningde Pride will be held 23% of the shares transferred to the East Seiko, the transfer price yuan / share, Pride 100% stake in the final transaction price of 4.75 billion yuan, corresponding to 23% of the shares value of 1.0925 billion yuan。   Pride Pride refers to the Beijing New Energy Battery Technology Co., Ltd.。
According to the official website, which is mainly engaged in battery pack design, development, production, sales and services, was founded in November 2009, the world's first battery module fully automated production line put into operation when the annual gigawatts in 2010 ( 1)。
  Pride in the official website said, with the development of the automobile industry, operating results in recent years Pride continuous rapid growth in 2016 sales revenue of about 4.8 billion yuan。
As of September 23, 2017, Pride cumulative output of pure electric vehicle battery systems 100,000 sets。