All love is a spiritual world

After several autumn, more and more of the past pale。This season is still clouds mood, I Thinking again, I when, and why, why people make a practice of love。Later I learned that love is a spiritual process, which it all, the love is a spiritual practice。We just blooming decorated stained mortal world, go in a hurry, forget to return。    Most likely to be abandoned by time, it is forgotten memories to the road。In fact, this mortal world has no memory, you come to me are just a meet by chance, but people like the past hidden in the corner of the heart, a new green pot Chen after the insertion of March, in the years of the oven, cook hum cliffs, poetry the old days, so there will be memories。We have forgotten, this original teapot is filled with a pot of water, colorless and tasteless。    Everyone has a past, really, nothing had it not。Akiba will wind falling, water will be separated from the ferry。Some people leave, some people will come。Always looking for that ever met ever meet, but after ebb and flow, they are so easy to become a stranger。Fleeting clearly still secure, mountains and vegetation is still intact, but who can live up to watch。    When met, I do not know the situation plays, but could one to the deep, gratuitous love with this sentence。Say love capricious, difficult to speculate people。But love is love, life story is inherently the same, and will always be difficult to give beautiful encounter and encounter。Still time goes by, we are easy to grow old, already past speechless。I want no distractions for some time, so that the passage of time in the ordinary, so for years without seeking, in the watery Love, so that life is like water calm, placid。    They say, meet a song, a song without words。Authors do not need to, not to compose music, all the ups and downs of the story is still uncertain, but somewhere should be a causal loop。If one of these days, the mountain water to make the poor, but also as blank leaves。Who will be willing to indulge met yesterday ferry, unwilling to awake。But the flowers still bloom, the moon still bright, but the city had promised vows more thin in wasting time, the final thing of the past。    Some people say, inadvertently flowers, the flowers ruthless world of all sentient beings will become the past。This world is like the world is too blurred, mountains and rivers will eventually permanent tent。Walking through the Red fireworks inside, can inhabit any place, any normalization people are passing, but we have to wait for the end-result is that people are willing to accompany you to see the flower Shangju。You do not have to meet, they can meet the bald。    Maybe we all want a heart and soul, but love to the depths, unspeakable Bale。In fact, we were all wrong, love needs a touch of spend, guarding each other of the end of time。Never mind out of the window when the flowers bloom fall, do not ask exiled boat drifting to where the horizon。Guarding the rest of the time, years in order to safe and sound。    Give me a pot of tea, soak the Lonely past。Autumn still so cool people, but we had learned forgotten, had traveled once is true, after the sad feelings are joy, are no longer important。Handle into the dye cream Lin drunk autumn, clear as clear mountain stream, we expect, it is nestled in the old in this。If Enron fine, clear, bright and clean, if youthful day long, do not panic do not disturb。    Time more and more haggard, more and more cold cup of tea。The original two really did not spend not tired, day and month the two do not meet, butterflies and flowers really have nothing to do。Some people give up some feelings no taste, casual; some people it into his backpack on the shoulders, loose ends, looking for another good feeling in this light feelings。Just believe that sentence, have origin, was destined to destroy; destined to destroy, there origin。Perhaps this is the reason can not figure love, all that is over the edge of a word, it is unclear the fate of Wu。    I do not know how much has gone through the spring and autumn, when someone asked about the depth of years, they did not know how far you can never, will not be able to measure how much longer the Red Road。We are accustomed to wandering, put down the luggage will be able to settle, pack you can continue to walk。Some people say that it does not bear lonely lonely, lonely, after all, may be temporary。A homeless person, who can not afford years of grinding。We eventually tired and need an ordinary person, hear you say all these years through several processes of the landscape and a dash of vicissitudes。    In time the green, And sings a song。As warm years, how can we not crazy Chiai a。Even if suddenly vanished, even though scarred, nor regret ever so crazy to pay。Said the young do not know real depression, but who can do when young indifferent Ming, not sad not happy。Just in time coastline, the time quietly in the old, we all like bland, tasteless water really, but a twist of discretion drink。    Some roads to be given in their hour of any personnel can not travel。Only tried to see Chunhuaqiuyue, after a gloomy person, and understand worldly。In the heart of the earth to find a deserted Villas, and the people who love kind Ju repair fence in front of the window, let's settle down linger in this world is drawing near, enduring incense。To exile has long been the heart of a home, it is so simple。Those who do not need to say in the past, the moment of fleeting companionship, do not worry over today, tomorrow where they are heading。    Love is really very simple, but always arouses worries。In fact, all know that love is illusory, but you can reach out and touch。Among many world what love is, straight people Shengsixiangxu。Perhaps love is a spiritual practice, to journey through, love to read。And this journey is the joy of two people of the earth clear。    Love, really is a practice。I hit the horse came from the horizon, you rush for appointments in the Red。Yilianyoumeng not to modify it, nor to look at mountains and rivers and prosperity, but in order to do after a long-awaited reunion。When the curtain for nearly a day, do not forget that there is another person, you will always stay in the sun watching the sunset haze。Please be assured that all the love in the world, is a spiritual practice。Perhaps, you're kind of past life he was under, he is your life forged fruit。    Write: Liu Yuxuan。