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What is the meaning, I believe we all know that 24 solar terms, came in the first twenty-four solar terms of the beginning of spring is the beginning of spring it represents spring has arrived, then what is the meaning of the beginning of spring with the beginning of spring and small series to see what is the meaning of We introduce!What is the meaning of the beginning of spring beginning of spring, one of the twenty-four solar terms。
Solar terms beginning of spring。
Each year when the sun reaches longitude 315 degrees February 4th or 5th for the beginning of spring。
"Yue Ling seventy-two waiting Annals": "Festival of the first month, Li, also Jianshi……With autumn and winter。 "Ancient 'four established', refers to the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons begin, its agricultural meaning 'spring planting, summer, autumn, winter provisions', outlines the whole process of production agriculture and climate relations Yellow River。 China is a vast, complicated geographical conditions, the climate are significant differences between the seasons vary in length, therefore, the "four vertical", been able to reflect the characteristics of the Yellow River climate with four distinct seasons, the "up" specific climatic significance is not significant, can not be applied country。
Soil thawed from the beginning of spring start date of the Yellow River; the beginning of spring first candidate should be "Dongfeng thaw", the two are basically the same, but as a sign of the beginning of spring, the premature loss。 China on climate science, start date divide very stable at above 10 ℃ every five days with daily average temperature for the start of spring, meaning it does not match with the beginning of spring middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River。 What is the meaning of the beginning of the beginning of spring beginning of spring, the only truly enter into the spring in South China。
However, this classification method more realistic。 After the beginning of spring temperatures rise, spring busy season in most parts of the country are starting to。 The beginning of spring in ancient China of fifteen days is divided into three candidates: "Dongfeng thaw a candidate, two candidates insect sting began vibrating, three candidates Zhi negative ice fish," said Dongfeng send warm, the earth began to thaw。 Five days after the beginning of spring, sting of insects living in the cave slowly waking up, another five days, the river ice began to melt, the fish start to swim on the water, this time on the water there is no complete dissolution of ice sheets, as It is negative with a fish floating in the water。