What are the principles of acupuncture to lose weight with acupuncture to lose weight you know

What is the principle of acupuncture weight loss acupuncture mention I am sure you are not very strange, this is a very commonly used in Chinese medicine among health care approach, but talk about acupuncture to lose weight, I am afraid a lot of people still do not understand it。 Following small for everyone to talk about acupuncture weight loss is what principle, take you through acupuncture to lose weight!Acupuncture weight loss principles of acupuncture to lose weight is by stimulating the meridians and acupoints to adjust the hypothalamic – pituitary – adrenal cortex and sympathetic – adrenal medulla function of the two systems, accelerate the basal metabolic rate, thereby increasing the fat cycle, the production of heat, so that the accumulation of fat consumption out; and then adjust, improve, improve the body's own balance。
Acupuncture weight loss through the rousing, stimulating acupoints, meridians to adjust, to strengthen the spleen and kidney function, help upright, but also through the meridians to clear the role of stagnation in the body get rid of the evil, not only can get the overall effect of weight loss, but also to eliminate localized fat to reach local weight loss goals。
First: effective in promoting weight loss through acupuncture after obesity lipid metabolism of lipid peroxide in the body is higher than normal, the main point of acupuncture open up the body weight loss, lipid peroxide content can body by lowering, accelerating fat metabolism, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss。 Second: acupuncture patients can correct the abnormal appetite is when you can by regulating our nervous system, to a certain extent to live above inhibit the secretion of gastric acid in the human body, the secretion of gastric acid to reduce the large number of, let her inability to achieve a purpose, at the same time people have the desire not hungry, so that you can reduce people's food intake, while controlling the amount of food to achieve the purpose of weight loss diet。 After acupuncture over human emptying of the stomach will gradually weaken, the body of food will be very slow to evacuate, when after a long time without human stomach emptying, stomach full of food would have been in a state, the stomach is not empty, then people will not feel they have the feeling of hunger。 This time they will actually feel very full, will not want to eat some of the food。
Third: The effect is effectively regulate high incidence of endocrine disorders endocrine disorders obesity, and why women gave birth to a child will get fat, not only is excess nutrients, as well as after the baby break her endocrine balance, cause weight gain, woman when the menopause, endocrine disorders also caused weight gain。 When using the adjusted weight loss acupuncture "hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex" and "sympathetic adrenal cortex" two systems endocrine disorders can be corrected, and accelerate fat metabolism, thus achieve the purpose of weight loss。
What is the principle of acupuncture weight loss acupuncture weight loss common points (a) song pool elbow 90 degrees elbow stripes and head outside inch。
Piercing 1?Inch。 Acupuncture weight loss common points function: heat and dampness。 Between the (two) branch channel radius and ulna, wrist 3 inches。 Piercing?1 inch。 Acupuncture weight loss common points function: qi laxative, promote metabolism。
(C) the stripes on the 2 inch off the wrist, between the tendon and the flexor carpi radialis tendon, piercing?1 inch。 Acupuncture weight loss common points function: qi and stomach, heat and dampness, Anshen, Heweijiangni。
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